Are SwaggerSouls And HeyImBee Dating In 2023? Relationship

A mysterious puzzle at the center of the gaming and YouTube worlds has caught everyone’s attention as  SwaggerSouls and HeyImBee are shrouded in secrecy, keeping admirers in rapt expectation.

Their electric collaborations have rocked the internet landscape, leaving viewers clamoring for more.

The exact nature of their relationship continues to be a mystery as the shadows get darker under the alias Eric Vivian Matthews; SwaggerSouls, a maestro of humor and charm, commands hordes of followers on Twitter and Instagram.

HeyImBee, Bianca’s name, has earned a reputation through VRChat and gaming escapades.

She proudly wears the label of Misfit, an exclusive club of YouTube legends. As both SwaggerSouls and HeyImBee have chosen the road of concealment, keeping their private lives shrouded in darkness, the appeal of their friendship resides in its incomprehensible depth.

The persistent whispers, hinting at a secret story, have engulfed their devoted followers in a never-ending tornado of anticipation.

With each passing second, the curiosity tightens, leaving fans perched on the brink of doom and waiting impatiently for that shocking revelation that might end the mystery once and for all.

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Are SwaggerSouls And HeyImBee Dating In 2023?

In 2023, there is still no information on the romantic state of well-known content artists SwaggerSouls and HeyImBee.

Fans are curious about them, but none has formally acknowledged or disputed their relationship. Several fascinating instances have fanned the rumors about their connection.

One significant occurrence in 2018 was when HeyImBee shared an Instagram picture of herself wearing a shirt with the phrase “body reveal of swagger souls.”

This first confused some, but it was eventually made clear that it was a joke.

In 2019, SwaggerSouls replied to a question on Twitter regarding his connection with HeyImBee with the straightforward “no comment,” which some people took as a subliminal confirmation of their relationship, although kept quiet.

Together, they appeared in the 2020 video “DATING HEYIMBEE IN VRCHAT,” in which they acted out a virtual date in VRChat.

SwaggerSouls And HeyImBee
SwaggerSouls And HeyImBee have not confirmed their relationship (Image Source: Twitter)

The persistent speculations about their intimate relationship were made worse by this video.

Furthermore, in 2022, HeyImBee published a video titled “Double date with Swagger Souls, border & notorious,” She and SwaggerSouls were shown having fun with pals, yet their relationship status remained a secret.

Numerous fans have begun to speculate that SwaggerSouls and HeyImBee are dating due to these instances, their frequent in-person and online encounters, and their apparent compatibility.

However, it’s critical to understand that there isn’t any verifiable proof to prove their position as a couple. The rumors will continue as long as no one addresses the subject directly.


Only time will tell if they decide to share the truth about their relationship, or the rumors will never cease.

SwaggerSouls and HeyImBee Relationship

SwaggerSouls and HeyImBee, two prominent figures in the gaming and YouTube community, have cultivated a friendship that spans many years.

They have also collaborated on several videos throughout this period, further strengthening the strong relationship that entertained their followers.

However, rumors about the nature of their connection have been persistently circulating in the rumor mill.

Although there have been many allegations of a romantic relationship between them, neither HeyImBee, also known as Bianca in real life, nor SwaggerSouls, whose actual name is Eric Vivian Matthews, have decided to confirm or deny these claims openly.

This intentional attempt to keep their private lives shrouded in secrecy has only piqued their interest more.

SwaggerSouls And HeyImBee
SwaggerSouls And HeyImBee relationship has gained huge buzz on social media (Image Source: Instagram)

With his clever banter and distinctive style, Eric Matthews, well-known for his amusing gaming content and has a sizable following on social networking sites like Instagram and Twitter, has won the hearts of many.

In the meanwhile, Bianca, an Australian native who was born on September 22, 1993, has developed a devoted following through her VRChat and gaming videos.

She is also a respected part of the Misfits, a well-known YouTuber group for its collaborative output.

Fans have been in the dark about the couple’s relationship despite the continued mystery surrounding it since neither SwaggerSouls nor HeyImBee have publicly confirmed their connection.

The rumors about their personal lives continue as time passes, leaving their devoted following eagerly expecting any information they might choose to divulge.

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