Arrested Man Saves Cop Choking On Gum, Dashcam Footage

The ‘Arrested Man Saves Cop Choking On Gum’ video from 2021 caught the mainstream headline, as people loved the act of kindness that saved the cop’s life.

In February 2021, a series of viral videos on TikTok showed a handcuffed man saving a choking police officer’s life.

The videos checked the humanity of people who were just arrested by the police by giving them a condition that the cop is choking on gum.

However, there are strong reasons to doubt that this is a genuine video of a handcuffed man saving a choking police officer.

It is more likely a staged video created as a sort of “morality play,” asking the viewer to ponder what they would do in a similar situation.

So, what is the reality behind ‘arrested man saves cop choking on gum’? Let’s delve further into the case and explore the facts.

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Arrested Man Saves Cop Choking On Gum

The viral video, which supposedly showed a handcuffed man saving a choking police officer’s life, went viral on TikTok in February 2021.

However, it’s important to note that this video is not a real-life incident but a scripted performance, and it is pretty evident from the series of similar actions by the same officer.

There have been incidents when an arrested man saved the officer’s life struggling in front of him, but the case we’re currently discussing was just a social experiment.

The video was part of a three-part series posted by the user @kd_k97 on TikTok.

The first part showed an initial confrontation involving a man being stopped and handcuffed.

The second part depicts the handcuffed man saving the life of the police officer who starts to choke.

The third part shows the man retrieving the cuffs after saving the officer’s life, preparing to be arrested again before the officer decides to reward his good deed and let him go.

There were several indications that this video was staged. For instance, the video did not originate from a police department, a news article, or any other official source.

Arrested Man Saves Cop Choking On Gum
The heartwarming incident of the arrested man saving a cop caught people’s attention. (Source: YouTube)

Instead, it first went viral on TikTok. Additionally, users on social media noted that the officer’s costume didn’t seem authentic.

The video was produced by Rick Lax Productions, a creator of fictional short videos.

When the ‘arrested man saves cop choking on gum’ video was initially posted on Facebook, it featured a disclaimer stating it was scripted for entertainment purposes only.

The video is of the “social dilemma” genre of skit videos featuring dramatic, funny, or awkward situations and pranks.

So, to answer the heating question of 2021, the ‘arrested man saves cop choking on gum’ video was a social experiment and not a real incident.

But besides the case, there is also a Facebook video that showcases a different incident when an arrested man asks to help the choking police officer.

The video looks more real than the TikTok video posted in 2021, but there is no evidence to suggest that the video is not fake.

Still, the simple act of kindness has won the hearts of millions of viewers who came across it.

Con Saving Cop On Dashcam Footage

While the arrested man saving a cop choking on gum wasn’t a real-life incident, there have been several cases when cons’ heroic save stunned the internet.

The real-life incident that mirrors the Con Saving Cop social experiment involves a former convict named John Lally who saved a Houston police officer.

John once found himself in the middle of a shooting between a carjacking suspect and multiple Houston police officers on November 11, 2023.

Arrested Man Saves Cop Choking On Gum
A similar incident occurred when a con saved the life of a cop choking due to an attack. (Source: ABC News)

Moreover, the 2016 incident of an inmate saving a deputy in Florida who collapsed during a work detail also caught the headlines.

Again, in 2017, a suspect in Texas helped an officer who was having a seizure and called for help instead of fleeing.

These incidents highlight the potential for compassion and humanity, even in unexpected circumstances.

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