Arthur Gunn- American Idol Runner-Up

Who is Arthur Gunn?

Dibesh Pokharel, aka Arthur Gunn, narrated his dream journey from the country of hopes to the land of opportunities. He was just one of many immigrants in the country, but American Idol (AI) put him on the map. His stage name is Arthur Gunn.
American Idol’s 18th season saw him reach the finals, but he also won so many hearts worldwide. Arthur’s voice was heard loud and clear because of the AI family.
Audiences predicted he would be one of the finalists when his audition video appeared on the internet. However, in his hometown of Kathmandu, Nepal, the young lad made everyone proud, including his supporters.

Arthur Gunn singing song Girl from the north country
Arthur Gunn singing song Girl from the north country

He is currently a heartthrob due to his 24-year-old reality show fame. However, among the other celebrities, he stands out due to his distinctive voice and choice of songs. His songs have influenced artists like Bob Dylan, Robert Johnson, and Bukka White.

Quick facts

Stage nameArthur Gunn
BirthplaceKathmandu, Nepal
Current residence       Wichita, Kansas
Date of birth 26 years old
ParentsDatram and Maiya Pokharel
Marital statusUnmarried
SiblingsRupa, Rubi, and Supriya Pokharel
EducationNot Available


Arthur Gunn was born in Nepal, a small country in Asia.
On October 24, 1997, he was born in Kathmandu, the capital. Dibesh Pokharel was the name his parents gave him, and for a considerable period, he was known as Dibesh Pokharel.
He goes by the name Pokharel.
Who would have thought that a boy from a country where English is not the native language would make his name on the most popular reality show?
All the members of the Pokharel family loved and cared for Arthur as a child.
Datram Pokharel is the only son of Maiya and Datram Pokharel. Since he was the only brother to his three sisters: Rubi, Rupa, and Supriya, he was always surrounded by affection.

Arthur Gunn with his mom and dad during a live air telecast of American Idol

At his school back in his hometown, Arthur learned English very young. Additionally, Arthur had a great love of music since childhood.
The role played by his mother in cultivating his interest in music was significant. He even received his first guitar from her as a gift. He’s one lucky kid!
As the years passed, Arthur watched international reality shows online. American Idol was one of his favorite shows to watch online.
Thanks to the internet, let’s take a few seconds to thank it. He watched the show online during his teen years, and we saw him on the show in 2020.

Arthur Gunn personality

This incredible artist is a fascinating human being, so it is no wonder you are curious about him as a person.
Dibesh Pokharel, aka Arthur Gunn, seems a bit of an introvert. During his singing, he shows many emotions and does not talk much.
He grew up in a Nepalese family. But, compared to his childhood home, he’s a very different person today.
Everywhere you look, you can find cultures that differ.
He doesn’t reveal much about himself to the public. However, we hope to learn more about him as time goes on.
A creative and optimistic individual, Arthur is. In addition to his love of nature, his love of the sea is as remarkable as admirable.
Photographs are Arthur’s favorite way of capturing the moments in life. His attraction to the world is mostly a creative one. He likes the quiet side of things.

the journey from Nepal to Wichita, Kansas.

Arthur’s sisters moved to Wichita, Kansas, in 2008, leaving the 11-year-old in Nepal as he was still studying there.

Away from his family, Arthur completed his academics in Nepal and moved to Wichita in 2014. After him, his parents migrated to Wichita, Kansas, and his whole family started living there.

Wichita was where Arthur found bluegrass and country music exciting. Starting from there, his interest in those genres of music grew.

He explored different ideas and tastes of music and made new musician friends. It was just the start for the optimistic Arthur.

He then gave several street performances at the street corners of San Franciso, Los Angeles, New York, and spent a summer performing on the Ocean City, Maryland.

His songs and music choice came from the inspiration and influences of various legendary artists: Bob Dylan, Bukka White, Robert Johnson, Howlin’ Wolf, Sonny Boy Williamson, Led Zeppelin/Jimmy Page, Joe Cocker, Mississippi John Hurt, and John Lee Hooker.

Pokharel to Arthur for the World

The journey from Dibesh Pokharel to Arthur Gunn did not come to recognition overnight. It took him a lot of courage, talent, hard work, and determination to reach this level.

Starting as a hobby, Arthur began singing at a very early age. But moving to the USA made him turn his hobby into his passion. From singing at the coffee houses and pubs to traveling and doing street shows, Arthur gradually realized what music could bring to him.

In 2018, he released his first recorded album, “Grahan” (eclipse in English). The collection consisted of eight songs, all in the Nepali language. One of the songs from the album, “Nyano Ghar” (Warm Home), received immense appreciation. From kids to adults back in Nepal, know the lyrics to this song.

As we can see, a lot of his popularity came after his appearance on the American Idol stage. His subscribers on YouTube grew from 70,000 in February 2020 to 230,000 in April 2020 after American Idol.

Additionally, being the runner-up in the show is like the cherry on the cake. We are sure that the record companies must be trying to sign the new talent as soon as possible.

Saying that Arthur Gunn, from American Idol, is at the very start of immense fame won’t be an understatement. In the future, we are likely to hear many good songs from him: the songs that will remind us of how great of an artist he is.

American Idol Journey

Arthur Gun is a Nepalese immigrant in the USA who was the first runner-up in the 18th season of American Idol. Passing him, Just Sam bagged the title as the season winner. But, he, Arthur Gunn, nonetheless, became the winner of hearts.

Arthur Gunn

From the moment the audience heard him singing at the American Idol stage, they knew he had something that could take him to the top. On top of that, even the judges were awed after listening to him sing.

One of the judges, Lionel Richie, even told that Arthur reminded him of the memorable Bob Marley.

Upon being persuaded by his friends, Arthur took part in an online audition for American Idol in 2019. Impressed by his online performance, the AI franchise invited him for the in-person audition in Wichita in September.

He auditioned with the song “Have You Ever Seen the Rain” by Creedence Clearwater Revival. This song alone was enough to make the judges, Katy Perry, Luke Bryant, and Lionel Richie see the rising star’s potential.

Episodes after episodes, Arthur started impressing the judges and the millions of fans watching him from every corner of the world. He was no longer an unknown person. American Idol made him a known name overnight.

The audition was just the start.

Hollywood week and Hawaiian showcase were two more stages from where he fascinated everyone even more.

Although the ongoing COVID-19 crisis hampered the show’s schedule, Arthur and other contestants continued competing for the win from their homes.

The producers ensured all the twenty contestants had access to the necessary equipment.

The show was aired online. Viewers still had the chance to enjoy the performance of their secret contestants.

Arthur made everyone proud of his home at the finale live when he secured a place in the top 5. He ended his journey on the American Idol with his final song, “Have You Ever Seen the Rain?” once again.

Just Sam became the winner, with Arthur being the first runner-up.

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The secret behind his stage name

Many of Arthur’s friends still know him from his original name, Dibesh Pokharel. He chose the name Arthur Gunn only after his seriousness in music started taking shape.

Dibesh embraced his stage name, Arthur Gunn, around 2018 when he recorded his original songs. The name has so far been favorable for him.

The story behind choosing this name relates to his love for art and creativity. Arthur, a massive fan of art, had not realized the deeper meaning behind his stage name until later.

He chose it as a quick name that he gathered from several dimensions.

Arthur Gunn comprises “Art,” “Hur,” and “Gunn,” where art is all about creation, “Hur” comes from the biblical name that means hole, and Gunn resembles battle.

In short, the name Arthur Gunn signifies” a creative struggle.”

No wonder the name suits the singer in every way.

His love life

Are you wondering who could have taken the heart of the star who has won millions of hearts?

Well, well, friends and fans, Dibesh seems to have a vacant place in his heart at the moment. We assume that the singing superstar is single right now.

It could be a relief to anyone who could have heartbreak if Arthur was in a relationship.

Having said all of that, the actual information about Arthur’s love life has not made it to the public yet. So, we could be wrong in assuming that Arthur Gunn could be single at the moment. But whatever the case is, the young man has not yet brought his dating life into the light.

What is Arthur’s net worth?

No factual information about Arthur Gunn’s income, assets, and net worth is in the public eye. His personal information regarding these instances is under review.

The American Idol’s fame will play a significant role in giving him fame and fortune in the days to come.

Arthur Gunn social media presence

Like any other young person in today’s day and age, Arthur Gunn spends time on social media. He is on Instagram as well as Twitter.

His official Instagram account with over 318K followers is a treat for his followers. The pictures landing on his profile are enough to prove his creative side of his. He has impressive photography skill which is visible in his photographs. After American Idol, Arthur took the platform to connect to his fans.

Slightly lesser than Instagram, Arthur has over 28K followers on his Twitter handle. It makes it clear that Arthur’s fans are generally youth globally.

You can follow him: Instagram (arthur_gunn), Twitter (ArthurGunn122), and YouTube.

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