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Ashley Jade Stern bio, family, career & net worth

Who is Ashley Jade Stern?

Ashley Jade Stern is the youngest daughter of Howard Stern and Alison Berns. 

She is the youngest member of the famous Stern family. But a lot of people do not know much about her.

Ashley grew up in the spotlight of her celebrity parents and some interesting events within her family that include divorce and a broken home.

Despite the hardships she had to go through after her parent’s divorce, Ashley has now successfully built her career and name on television rather than staying in her famous parent’s shadow. 

Since the couple’s separation, the Stern sisters have decided to lead lives of their own.

Ashley Stern has been doing great on her own. She is thriving and heading towards a great future.

Ashley, however, has successfully maintained to keep her low profile as she did not decide to enter the big screen. Instead, she has consciously stayed away from the public eye.

Quick facts

Full NameAshley Jade Stern
BirthdateJanuary 24, 1993
Age29 years old
Sun SignAquarius
TraitsPositive: honest, curious, and creative

Negative: sensitive, rebellious, absent-minded
BirthplaceOld Westbury, Long Island, New York
ParentsHoward Allan Stern (father)

Alison Berns (mother)
Grand ParentsBen Stern (grandfather)

Ray Stern (grandmother)
SiblingsDeborah Jennifer Stern

Emily Beth Stern
Marital StatusSingle
ProfessionActress, Singer
Net Worth$300,000

Ashley Jade Stern interesting Facts

1. Ashley’s Parents divorced in 2001

Ashley Jade’s parents, Howard Stern and Alison Berns, divorced in 2001. Alison decided to leave Howard as he was a workaholic and had zero time for family.

Her parents had an ugly fight for the custody of their daughters.

2. Ashley Jade Stern is very close to her father

Ashley is the youngest daughter of the radio and television star Howard Stern.  Her parents divorced when she was only eight years old. 

However, Ashley Jade is still very close to her father. They can be seen going to dinners and basketball matches together. 

3. Ashley’s older sisters share different career paths

Ashley has two older sisters, Emily Beth Stern and Deborah Jennifer Stern. Ashley pursued a career in acting just like her eldest sister, Emily, a singer and actress. 

However, her other sister, Deborah Stern, also wanted to be an actress. Later, she left acting and opened her consultancy ‘Deborah Stern Partners.’

4. She is not so close to her stepmother

Ashley’s father married Beth Ostrosky in 2008. 

Ashley and Beth don’t hate each other but aren’t that close either. They are rarely seen together in outings and events. 

5. Ashley has appeared in few films and TV shows

Ashley being a daughter of celebrities, has not reached the level of success as her parents. 

There were rumors that she had appeared in movies like ‘When I was Twelve’ and ‘About a Girl. However, those are untrue as the actual cast of the film was another actress named Ashley Thewlis.

6. She is often confused with actress and singer Ashley Thewlis

Ashley Jade Stern is often confused with Ashley Thewlis. She is the actual cast of the movies like ‘When I was Twelve’ and ‘About a Girl. She also has several albums, including the one confused with Ashley Jade, ‘Dreaming.’

Ashley Jade Stern childhood and early life

Ashley Jade Stern was born on January 24, 1993, in Old Westbury, in Long Island, New York, fifteen years after her parent’s marriage.

She is the third and youngest daughter of her family, among sisters Emily Beth Stern (born May 7, 1983) and Deborah Jennifer Stern (born May 9, 1986).

Emily Stern Deborah Stern Ashley Stern
The Stern Sisters: Emily Stern, Deborah Jennifer Stern, and Ashley Jade Stern

Her father, Howard Allan Stern, is a radio and television personality. He is famous for hosting his show, The Howard Stern Show.

Ashley’s mother, Alison Berns, is an actress who was famous during the late 90s. She is best known for her part in the movie Private Parts. 

Ashley was only eight years old when her parents, Howard Stern and Alison Berns, decided to quit. The divorce was excruciating and ugly for all the Stern family members, especially the daughters.

Ex-wife Alison Bern and Howard Stern
Ex-wife Alison Bern and Howard Stern

Because of this, her custody was often the talk of the town at the time. However, the court eventually decided that she was to live with her mother, Alison.

However, Ashley’s father, Howard Stern, also fought to take full custody of her and her sisters. 

Howard Stern went on to marry another beautiful actress, Beth Ostrosky, in 2008. Unfortunately, the couple does not have any kids together.

Howard Stern and wife Beth Stern
Howard Stern and his wife, Beth Stern

Ashley and her sisters had a happy and peaceful life before the divorce. However, the event had a hard impact on the young mind of an eight-year-old Ashley and her sisters. 

Despite all the crazy events occurring so early in Ashley’s life, she successfully grew strong and independent. 

Personality traits

Ashley Jade Stern is an astonishing beauty with lovely blonde hair and a pair of bright blue eyes. The 27-year-old was born under the star sign Aquarius.

Like every Aquarius, Ashley is intelligent, visionary, and very ambitious.

She is an intellectual being with a deep appreciation for whatever she puts her hands on. Whether it’s music or acting, she gives her best.

Ashley’s ethics and hard work make her good at what she does. 

She never falls short on spreading positivity to her surroundings, be it with her family or friends. She is always smiling and seems very cheerful.

Ashley Jade Stern education

While it is obvious that Ashley and her sister had proper early education and later progressed into college, there is no official information about where she did her schooling. 

It may be because her father, Howard, liked to keep information about her daughters private to give them a normal and peaceful childhood.

Ashley Jade Stern family

Ashely Stern sisters

Ashley Jade Stern is the youngest daughter among three sisters.

Ashley’s father, Howard Stern, an American radio and television personality and author gained much fame after his radio show ‘The Howard Stern Show.’

The show got popular after it was nationally syndicated on terrestrial radio from 1986 to 2005.

Deborah Jennifer Stern father Howard Stern
Deborah Jennifer Stern father Howard Stern on his famous Howard Stern Show

Between 1990 and 2004, the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) fined the owners of radio station licenses that carried ‘The Howard Stern Show’ a fine of $2. Million for its indecent content. 

Ashley’s mother, Alison Berns, pursued her degree in Liberal Arts at Boston University, where she met with Howard Stern. As a result, she was offered a role in Stern’s student film.

The couple quickly fell in love and later got married. She is also an actor and appeared in numerous tv series in the 1980s and 1990s. She quit her entertainment career to work as a teacher.

Emily Beth Stern is the oldest of the Stern sisters. She has pursued a successful career as an actress and a singer. 

Emily graduated with a degree in theatre from New York University’s Tisch School of the Arts. 

Ashley’s other sister Deborah Stern started her career as an actress. She has appeared in an episode of a TV show called ‘Parker Lewis Can’t Lose.’

She has received a degree in Humanitarian Services. She also has a Ph.D. in reading, writing, and literacy from the University of Pennsylvania.

She also runs her consultancy ‘Deborah Stern Partners’ and has things going well for her.

Ashley Jade Stern

Ashley Jade Stern family crisis

Ashley, in her childhood, had to go through some tough times. She had to be a part of a broken home when her parents halted their union in 2001. 

Ashley’s father was a workaholic, while her mother wanted to start a job on her own.

Although the family was not doing well, Ashley’s father, Howard, had begun to make a name and fortune for himself.

But the conflict between her parents did not settle for some time, which ultimately led to a messy divorce.

After the event, Ashley was in the custody of her mother and stepfather David Scott Simon as her mother remarried on 23rd November 2001.

Ashley Jade Stern relationship, marriage and boyfriend

There is only a limited amount of information about Ashley’s love life as she is very discrete and protective of her privacy. 

However, she was seen with a boy at the marriage ceremony of her sister Debra. Unfortunately, we know very little about this person as Ashley has not revealed his name or in a relationship.

There was a rumor of Ashley being a lesbian following the leak of suggestive photos viral on social media.

Her father, Howard, corrected the impression of his daughter being bisexual on a few of his radio shows.

However, Ashley has not given any official statements of her being bisexual.

Relationship between Ashley and her stepmom Beth Stern

Ashley’s father, Howard Stern, married Beth Ostrosky Stern in Newyork in 2008 after seven years of dating.

Some sources suggest that Ashley’s relationship with her stepmother was not cordial rather mild. They are rarely found together or speak about each other in public.

They are never seen together in outings or at any events in the same camera frame. 

It may be true that most of Stern’s family events are kept confidential from the public eyes. But we can surely know that there is no lost love between Ashley and her sisters concerning their stepmother.

The two families have kept their distance from each other. Ashley, along with her sisters, is clearly on the side of their mother.

Ashley Jade Stern marriage rumors

There are some rumors of Ashley being married. She was seen attending her sister’s wedding with a young man, whose identity does not reveal yet. However, the sisters seemed happy during the ceremony.

Her Career

Ashley Jade Stern wanted to pursue acting just like her parents and sisters. There were rumors that she had appeared in movies like ‘When I was Twelve’ and ‘About a Girl. However, those are untrue as the actual cast of the film was another actress named Ashley Thewlis.

The names of the movies she has worked on are unknown, but we’re sure that she made her mark in the industry because of her charisma and talent.

Ashley Jade Stern net worth and social status

Ashley Jade Stern is doing quite well in both her acting and singing careers.

It could be an influence of her father, Howard Stern, as he is a very supportive and loving father who always has her back. Howard Stern’s net worth is estimated to be around $650 million. 

Ashley is reported to have an estimated net worth of $300,000, which she accumulated through her series of showbiz contracts and some support from her family. 

Ashley is a private person and doesn’t let the media continuously keep an eye on her. She doesn’t seem to be active officially on social media like Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter.

We hope to see her being active on social media someday. In addition, Ashley has a lot to offer in both the acting and singing fields, which we look forward to.


What does Ashley Stern do for a living?

Ashley Jade Stern is an actress. However, it has been reported that she has played in few Hollywood movies.

She is also a great singer. 

What is Ashley Jade Stern’s net worth?

Ashley Jade Stern has an estimated net worth of $300,000 which she has accumulated from her career as an actress and a singer.

What is her father’s net worth?

Ashley Stern’s father, Howard Stern, has a net worth of a whopping $650 million. He gas accumulated this large amount after working for years as an American radio and television personality.

Howard is also an actor and a producer.

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