Pep Guardiola is ‘more than happy with Jack Grealish’s performances, despite the forward failing to score or assist this season thus far.

The England international, signed for £100,000 in 2021, fell short of fans’ lofty expectations after moving to Etihad Stadium. During last season, Grealish scored four goals in 38 appearances across all competitions.

The press asked Pep Guardiola about Grealish’s disappointing form. However, the manager quickly defended his player while lamenting the performance of other players against Dortmund.

Pep Guardiola defined his satisfaction with what Grealish does.

 Pep Guardiola says, “Now it’s just a question of time to get back a little bit of his momentum that he had at the beginning of the season.”

As he explained, “In the last game, he was the only one up front who made aggressive runs one against one. But he didn’t have his teammates in the box to make assists, so we left him isolated. When he went against the full-back, only Erling [Haaland] was there. [Ilkay] Gundogan was not there, Kevin [De Bruyne] was not there, and they should have been. In the first half, we didn’t make any movements to help the players with the ball and give him possibilities to make it easier.”

Pep Guardiola, defending Grealish, also said Man City did not acquire him for his assists and goals.

“We didn’t sign him for his goals or assists,” Guardiola continued. ”It was another reason, and when he plays, he plays. I want [him] to make goals, and I want assists, and he does, too”.

“But it’s not about that, and it’s about his contribution without the ball and what he can produce for the other ones and the many things he can do. He’s such a nice guy; in the games when he didn’t play, he is the first to help the team, and in the training sessions, he’s always there.”

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