Audrey Shook: A Real Life Fairytale- Audrey Shook’s Bio

Who is Audrey Shook?

Audrey Shook is a YouTuber who runs the channel “A Real Life Fairytale – Audrey Shook”. She rose to fame in 2015 for adopting a six-year-old Chinese girl named Lucy who had down syndrome.

Lucy, who spent the majority of her life in a Chinese orphanage, met her adoptive parents, Audrey Shook and Brent Shook at George H.W. Bush Intercontinental Airport in Houston, Texas.

Audrey Shook and Brent Shook also have five biological children together and the couple has three other children that they adopted from China.

Audrey Shook Biography
Audrey Shook Biography

Quick Facts

Full NameAudrey Shook
Currently residingThe Woodlands, Texas, USA
Hair ColorLight Brown
Eyes ColorBrown
Marital statusMarried
SpouseBrent Shook (Husband)
Children5 biological kids
3 adopted kids
Net WorthUnder review

Audrey Shook Adoption

Audrey Shook and her husband, Brent Shook adopted a six-year-old Chinese girl with down syndrome in 2015. The girl was named Lucy and she spent almost all her life in a Chinese orphanage for special needs children after being left in front of a police station by her biological mom when she was just four months old.

Along with Lucy, several other special needs children from China got reunited with their new families at George H.W. Bush Intercontinental Airport in Houston, Texas. Meeting her daughter Lucy for the first time, Audrey Shook emotionally greeted her adoptive daughter saying,

‘Hi! Hi! I’m a momma.”

After this, Lucy lovingly called Audrey “momma” which helped the mother-daughter duo build an instant connection with each other. The Shook couple, who already share five biological children, had always wanted to adopt a child from China.

Audrey Shook with her adoptive daughter, Lucy and Eloise Mei
Audrey Shook with her adoptive daughter, Lucy and Eloise Mei

However, as they built their family together, they had to put on their adoption plans on hold for a couple of years. The Shook couple finally decided to adopt after they came across a video of Lucy singing and playing.

It was love at first sight for the Shook couple and they instantly decided to adopt Lucy. They were able to connect with Lucy with the help of Austin-based Great Wall China Adoption.

Great Wall China Adoption is an adoption agency in Texas that aims to help special needs orphans from China find their permanent families. The agency first asks the host family to take care of the orphans for four weeks after which they decide whether or not to let the family adopt the child.

Shannon Philips who works at the Great Wall China Adoption shared,

“These are the kids that are unwanted, they are the kid’s nobody else wants, they’ve been sitting on lists for their entire life or sitting in an orphanage”.

Talking about her decision to adopt Lucy, Audrey said,

“I’ve always loved kids with special needs, especially kids with down syndrome.”

Additionally, Brent said to KHOU:

“We felt called to embrace somebody that needed a family and be their forever family. We don’t see it as we are going to help her, we see it as she’s going to help us with our lives.”

Lucy’s adoptive parents were visibly very emotional as they held little Lucy in their arms. Additionally, Brent and Audrey’s five biological children were also present at the airport to welcome their new sister into their lives.

Audrey Shook Youtube

For people wishing to get to know more about Audrey Shook and her family, Audrey also has a YouTube channel named “A Real Life Fairytale – Audrey Shook”. The channel with over 9k subscribers has a total of 86 videos to date and over 2 million lifetime views.

Audrey and Brent Shook document their daily lives through the channel and share the journey of the Shook family from turning into a family of seven to a family of ten. In addition, the Shook couple hopes to provide viewers with a raw insight into what goes into adopting children and giving them a forever home.

Joined on August 27, 2013, Audrey Shook and her husband have uploaded many popular videos on their channel including “HAWAIIAN VACATION!!!”, “Kids Christmas Party 2019!!!!”, “Family Camp 2019”, and “Adventures in Hunan”. Their last video was uploaded in 2021.

Audrey Shook and Brent Shook

Audrey Shook and Brent Shook met each other for the first time in high school. Brent was 17 and Audrey was 15 when they first met.

Audrey Shook and Brent Shook Wedding Photo
Audrey Shook and Brent Shook Wedding Photo

They soon began dating. Their relationship got serious and the lovebirds started talking about adoption since Audrey had always wanted to adopt a child from China.

Soon after, the couple exchanged wedding vows and began living in The Woodlands, a suburb of Houston. They welcomed five children together and although they were still keen on adopting, due to the pressure of having five young children, the time never seemed right.

Although Brent and Audrey had looked to adopt early on in their marriage, the plan never came to fruition. After almost ten years, the couple finally decided to take the plunge and adopt a child from China.

In 2015, Brent received an email from an adoption agency asking if the couple would like to host a special needs child from China for four weeks. After seeing a video of Lucy singing and playing, the Shooks decided to adopt Lucy who was abandoned in China at four weeks old in front of a police station.

After adopting Lucy, Audrey and Brent decided to adopt another special needs child from China named Henry. They later also adopted another child named Eloise Mei.

In 2019, Audrey gave birth to a girl named Penelope Jane. She has shared the stories of Lucy, Henry, and Eloise Mei’s adoption on her YouTube channel and has also uploaded a video documenting the birth of Penelope.

Audrey Shook and Brent Shook with their kids
Audrey Shook and Brent Shook with their kids

Net Worth

Details about Audrey Shook’s net worth are currently unavailable. The Texas native however seems to lead a fairly comfortable life judging by the videos she shares on her YouTube channel.

Likewise, Audrey and her husband, Brent make a good earning from their YouTube channel which in turn supplements their income and also helps the couple provide for their eight children.

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