Augusta Osedion Instagram: What Happened To The Nigerian Influencer?

Augusta Osedion instagram: The Nigerian influencer Augusta faced something terrible after getting into a heated argument with her boyfriend.

Augusta Osedion was an Instagram influencer who captivated the hearts of many through her engaging content on social media.

She mostly shared beauty, fashion and lifestyle videos and pictures, which was the most fascinating thing about her.

Due to her charming personality and fashion sense, Augusta garnered a significant audience.

She inspired many young girls to live their dream life by advising them to focus on what they love to do.

Moreover, Osedion also had a boyfriend named Benjamin Best, mostly known as Killaboi, in his online presence.

Recently, something terrible happened after Augusta and her boyfriend fought, altering their lives forever.

The case related to the Instagram star and her boyfriend is all over social media, shocking people.

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Augusta Osedion Instagram: What Happened To Her?

Augusta Osedion, a renowned Nigerian social media influencer, sadly lost her life in a heated argument with her boyfriend, Benjamin Best.

Osedion, 21, was an enthusiastic undergraduate at Lead University in Ibadan, Oyo State.

She had a strong internet presence, with a sizable following on her social media sites.

Despite this, her life was cut short by the one who was supposed to protect her.

Augusta made a panicked phone call to her mother, Onwabhagbe Cordelia, on July 11, 2023, to report a heated dispute with her lover, Benjamin.

Augusta Osedion Instagram
Her boyfriend brutally killed Augusta Osedion during their fight. (Source: Money Central)

Despite her mother’s best efforts to help, the couple continued to fight.

The situation deteriorated when Augusta’s mother lost communication with her daughter and her boyfriend.

Cordelia was terrified and sought out Augusta’s roommate, who guided her to Benjamin’s home at Oral Estate, Ajah.

The discovery upon arrival was nothing short of a horrific nightmare. Augusta’s Mercedes Benz C30 was parked outside, but the apartment was locked.

This resulted in the eventual breaking. Augusta’s lifeless body was discovered in a pool of blood, with traces of violence and struggle visible on her body.

The fact that her female genitalia had been damaged added a horrific aspect to the story.

A note presumed to be from Benjamin was discovered and treated as evidence in addition to the crime scene.

Benjamin appeared to have admitted to his acts in a now-deleted Instagram post, admitting to erroneously stabbing Augusta during their fight.

What Happened To Augusta Osedion Killer? Killaboi Update

Benjamin Best Nnanyereugo, known as Killaboi, was caught in Sierra Leone on October 20, 2023, marking a fundamental breakthrough in the high-profile case.

Killaboi had been on the run since July 13, 2023, when he was accused of murdering his lover, Augusta Onuwabhagbe Osedion.

According to reports, he made considerable efforts to avoid capture, including changing his name to Kanu Princeton Samuel and buying $25,000 for a Sierra Leonean passport under his new identity.

His arrest occurred at a nightclub in Freetown, Sierra Leone, where he was in the company of some women.

Augusta Osedion Instagram
The authorities have arrested Augusta’s killer. (Source: Twitter)

Although Nigerian police have not officially confirmed his arrest, a photo of him in handcuffs is already making the rounds on social media.

This arrest is thought to result from a collaboration between Nigerian police and Interpol.

The Nigerian police, who had been under increasing pressure to apprehend the offender, are greatly relieved by Nnanyereugo’s arrest.

It also provides closure to Augusta Osedion’s family and friends, who have worked relentlessly to seek justice for her sad death.

This arrest is a significant step forward in a case that has sparked great public interest.

Furthermore, it demonstrates the determination of law enforcement and the international community to ensure that justice is served in cases of such horrible acts.

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