Austin Russell Parents: Michael Russell And Shannon Cleye

Who are Michael Russell and Shannon Cleye, Austin Russell Parents? The world’s first self-made billionaire has captured the eyes of many with his philosophical and yet controversial standings. 

Austin Russell is a young American entrepreneur who made his fortune in the autonomous vehicle industry.

He is widely known fr the founder and CEO of Luminar Technologies.

The company develops and manufactures lidar sensors and perception software for autonomous vehicles.

Despite dropping out of Stanford University, he has built a successful company that Forbes and other media outlets have recognized.

However, his family background, including his proud parents, always avoided the limelight. 

Continue reading as we shed light on the plutocrat’s roots.

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Austin Russell Parents: Father Michael Russell

Austin was born on March 14, 1995, in Orange County, California, United States.

Russell’s parents are Michael Russell and Shannon Cleye. However, nothing much is known about them.

Talking about his father, Michael Russell is a commercial real estate broker.

Despite being born into a well-to-do family, Austin Russell dropped out of Stanford University to focus on building his company, Luminar Technologies.

Moreover, it is unclear whether Michael Russell and Shannon Cleye have Instagram accounts or are active on other social media platforms,

Nonetheless, it is known that Michael Russell and Shannon Cleye are very proud of their son’s success as an entrepreneur.

Austin Russell Parents
With no social media, Russell does not share any photos with his parents. (Source: DailyMail)

They have supported Austin Russell throughout his journey, from his early days at Luminar Technologies to his recent success as the youngest billionaire in the world.

Luminar Technologies develops and manufactures lidar sensors and perception software for autonomous vehicles.

In December 2020, Luminar Technologies went public in a SPAC merger, making Austin Russell the youngest billionaire in the world at the age of 25, with a 35% stake in the company and a valuation of $2.4 billion. 

Austin Russell’s success in the autonomous vehicle industry has earned him a spot on Forbes’ 30 Under 30 list in the Manufacturing and Industry category. 

Austin Russell Mother, Shannon Cleye

Similarly, Austin’s mother, Shannon Cleye, is a former model who occasionally dabbled in public speaking.

Michael and Shannon are very proud of their son’s success as one of the youngest entrepreneurs in the world.

It is not uncommon for parents of successful individuals to maintain a low profile and lead a private life away from the public eye.

The same applies to Austin Russell’s parents, Michael Russell and Shannon Cleye.

It is unclear whether they have any social media accounts, including Instagram, as they have not made them publicly visible.

As a result, their current whereabouts remain unknown.

Austin Russell Parents
Recently, Austin said: ‘College is not for everyone. It’s the traditional approach around what you do and what you should do. (Source: Moneyweek)

They have undoubtedly played a crucial role in shaping Austin Russell’s character and instilling the values and principles that have helped him achieve his goals.

In conclusion, they have been a source of support and inspiration for their son, Austin Russell, throughout his entrepreneurial journey.

Similarly, despite his incredible success, Austin Russell also has no social media handles.

He has never prioritized social media. Instead, he has always been concerned with growing his empire and being a better version of himself.

Moreover, it seems like he has invested most of his time and effort into creating cutting-edge technology for autonomous vehicles, and the results of his labor are astounding.

Nevertheless, there is no information online about his siblings, youth, or parents’ early years.

We shall update the site if we gain new information regarding the multimillionaire’s family background.

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