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Bee movie Memes

Bee Movie is a 2007 computer-animated comedy produced by DreamWorks Animations. This animation is all about the adventures of Barry B. Benson, a disillusioned bee who leaves his hive and goes on a journey in search of a new career. Barry is featured as a talking bee who fights to reclaim sovereignty from humans.

The movie shows a human girl falling in love with the bee. Then the odd couple sues the human race for stealing honey from bees around the world. What’s more weird about the story? They won the case, and the honey was returned to the bees. The movie was released on November 2, 2007, but didn’t make it big at the box office back then and was rated two stars.

The film grossed USD 287 million worldwide. Similarly, it was met with a disappointing performance and lukewarm reception in the United States. In fact, as of 2016, Bee Movie is DreamWorks Animation’s third lowest-grossing computer-animated film.

However, ten years later, this movie is meme material and universally loved. This happened when someone posted the opening quote of this movie on the microblogging site Tumblr in 2011. Then all of a sudden, the Internet exploded with absurd Bee Movie memes on December 4, 2012. Then it wasn’t long before the children’s movie turned into adult memes.

Similarly, on July 29, 2016, Seinfeld posted a tweet asking if there was any interest in a sequel to the film, which garnered more than 47,000 likes. Then, on November 28, BuzzFeed published an article about various Bee Movie memes.

So, today we have brought together some of the funniest Bee Movie memes for you. Do read and enjoy!

Wow! This really is un-BEE-lievable!

Bee movie memes
Bee movie memes

Yes, and please leave now. The bee is not to be disturbed.

Bee movie memes
The bee is not to be disturbed.

After all, you believed people who pointed out that for just a few dollars less than the iPhone X, you can buy 203 DVD copies of Bee Movie. So it was worth your money, right?

Bee movie memes collection
Bee movie meme collection

Be smart. If you want to get your money’s worth, it’s important to pick something that will last you longer. I’m sure you have made your choice.

funny meme collection for you to share

This opening quote of the Bee Movie never gets old. This is a gold meme material.

Bee movie memes

Interested Boys vs. girls memes?

Guys be aware. Our Barry bee has already proved this theory to be true!

Bee movie memes
Bee movie memes collection for your laughter

It’s nothing harmful—just a goofy picture of Barry. But, you see, I just have this strange connection to a kids’ movie!

Bee movie memes
Funny collection of Bee movie memes

If old people being treated this way for eating honey isn’t dark, I don’t know what is.

Bee movie memes
Hilarious collection of Bee movie memes

Seriously why is Ken made to be the character everybody dislikes? All he did was treat bees like most of us tend to. Let’s be honest, wouldn’t all of us react the same way as Ken, if we heard our girlfriend say that she’s helping a bee sue the human race?

Bee movie memes
Bee movie memes from the Internet

Bee Movie was released as a children’s movie. However, there are many instances where we feel that if children should really be watching this movie!

Bee movie memes

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Well, just a fan who can’t live without Bee Movies!

Bee movie memes
Crazy Bee movie memes made for you.

The movie has meanings much more darker than we think.

Bee movie memes
Bee movie memes from the Internet.

Well, we have to agree. The sexual tension portrayed between these cross-species lovers is bizarre!

Bee movie memes
Bee movie memes created for you

We hope the bee liked the movie. We would love to know the part he enjoyed the most.

Bee movie memes
Bee movie memes for the fans to share

The bee feels bad for you to all the single souls out there!

Bee movie memes
How pathetic must you bee?

Well, nothing weird here. Just a kid movie turned into an adult meme.

Just a kid movie turn into an adult meme.
Just a kid movie turned into an adult meme.
Bee movie memes

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Do you?

Bee movie memes

Even we get confused if this really is a children’s movie! What a racist comment!

Bee movie memes

We can’t help but notice how the Samsung assistant girl looks so much like the Bee Movie girl.

Bee movie memes
Same person, I just changed my mind.

This joke about plastic flowers feels so out of place. This indeed is a vaguely offensive joke.

Bee movie memes

Nice one!

Bee movie memes
Is this another bee joke?

Too much weirdness to handle!

Bee movie memes
I can’t do this.

Hard to believe, but true!

Bee movie memes
Hard but true.

Now that’s what I’m talking about!

Bee movie memes

At the end, this was what the movie was all about!

Funny meme collection
Funny meme collection

And you still believe her!

Funny meme collection
Funny Bee movie meme collection

I guess this is every girl’s dream man.

Funny meme collection
Get a man who can do both.

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Those eyes!

Funny meme collection
Bee meme ideas to share

She is your type!

Funny meme collection
She likes Jazz.

A friend in need is a friend indeed!

Funny meme collection
The Bee movie without Vanessa

I would spend my every living second with you!

meme collection for you
Bee movie in its 3 seconds

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Just appreciating the beauty!

meme collection for you
Memes collection for you for your laughter.

Wait, what?!

cute meme collection for you

Hence proved.

Bee movie memes
Bee movie memes ideas for you

If you mean it, prove it!

Bee movie memes
Bee movie memes collected for you

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It doesn’t matter. They are just some distant relatives!

Bee movie memes
They are just distant relatives.

When Bee Movie is life!

Bee movie memes

Yeah, like bees!

Bee movie memes
Bee movie memes collection for the fans

Exactly what I wanted!

Bee movie memes
Collection of Bee movie memes

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