Bernd Hufnagl Wikipedia And Alter: How Old Is Neurobiologist?

Bernd Hufnagl Wikipedia has been an intriguing topic for the fans of the neurologist. The Austrian native has been private about his life, mainly his age.

Bernd is widely popular as the CEO and Managing Partner of Benefit GmbH. He has been with Benefit since December 2002. 

Talking about Benefit, it’s a business that specializes in creating business, leadership, and employment strategies that follow the logic of the brain.

In addition to doing research, Bernd Hufnagl has been actively involved in advocating for brain-friendly workplaces and sharing his knowledge through lectures and seminars.

Bernd’s exposure and reputation in his field have caught the eyes of many. His admirers are now looking up to Bernd Hufnagl Wikipedia on the internet. 

We’ve covered crucial information available about the neurobiologist. Continue reading to explore more about him along with his accomplishments as a doctor. 

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Bernd Hufnagl Wikipedia

Dr. Hufnagl is a teacher professionally. He has been a long-time lecturer at the University of Vienna and has worked for ten years at the Department of Neurology at Vienna General Hospital as well as the University of Vienna’s Center for Brain Research. 

With a love for neurobiology, brain research, and behavioral biology, Bernd studied biology and medicine. 

With a foundation in biology and medicine, Bernd Hufnagl has concentrated on behavioral biology, brain research, and neurobiology in particular.

Bernd Hufnagl wikipedia
Dr. Hufnagl talking about the importance of daydreaming. (Source: YouTube)

Hufnagl made crucial contributions to academia as a lecturer at the Management Center Innsbruck (MCI) and the University of Vienna.

Moreover, the neuro specialist has spent more than a decade performing brain research at the Vienna General Hospital’s Department of Neurology and the University of Vienna.

Apart from that, also as an author, he has produced a number of works that explores the brain and human relation to it and offer helpful insights for maximizing productivity and well-being in the contemporary workplace.

His books, Brain Traps: Working in a World of Constant Distraction and “Working in a Brain-Friendly Way in the World of Multitasking” have been well-reviewed and appreciated by the readers.

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Bernd Hufnagl Alter – How Old Is The Neurobiologist?

Bernd Hufnagl is supposedly in his mid-forties. With his private life out of the internet and less exposure to social media, his actual date of birth is unknown.

He has committed more than 15 years of his life to professional consulting, implementing, and managing health programs for companies worldwide.

Nonetheless, with an emphasis on neurobiology, brain research, and behavioral biology, he has done a lot of studies on the brain, particularly on emotions and memory.

Bernd Hufnagl Wikipedia
Bernd Hufnagl’s expertise in occupational health management has allowed him to provide valuable guidance (Source: Kurier)

His captivating lectures and aptitude for relating complex ideas to everyday life have made his knowledge and enthusiasm for his topic clear.

Undoubtedly, in the domains of neuroscience, brain research, and behavioral biology, Bernd Hufnagl is a highly competent and informed expert. 

As already mentioned, most of Bernd’s professional life is available. However, there is not much regarding his partner or wife, and even family.

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