While filming one of the show’s intimate scenes with her “One Tree Hill” co-star James Lafferty, Bethany Joy Lenz revealed that she had “romantic” dreams about him.

In addition, Haley James Scott and Nathan Scott’s characters were married nearly during the nine seasons of the hit teen drama.

Her time spent pretending to be in a relationship with Lafferty has influenced her “unconsciously,” said the “Drama Queens” co-host. According to the actress, this can make boundaries “confusing” for some.

“As the show went on, the more time we spent together, I mean, I would totally have a romantic dream about him and wake up and be like, ‘oh wow, that was interesting,'” she said on the podcast.

Lenz didn’t know (due to their four-year age difference) that Lafferty might have “personal, romantic feelings” for Lenz.

But the “Grey’s Anatomy” star believes her dreams about Lafferty were unavoidable. “On set, we’ve been kissing all day. We’re like making out and being all lovey-dovey, “She stated. “Of course, it’ll find its way into your subconscious.”

According to Lenz, she and Lafferty “never, ever” got together when the cameras weren’t rolling, “and that’s honestly probably what kept the chemistry alive on-screen for so long, too.”

Despite the series finale of “One Tree Hill,” which aired in 2012, Nathan and Haley (or “Naley,” as fans affectionately called them) ended up happily married parents.