Big Brother: Meet Becky Burgess Husband Patrick Durst, Kids And Family

Becky Burgess husband is Patrick Durst, to whom she got married at an event in Colorado. In this article, we will discuss Becky Burgess kids and family.

Becky was well known for her friendship with John McGuire and her story about being hit by a train. Burgess’s game began to disintegrate after she was appointed Head of Household.

Becky’s plan backfired when Vanessa was able to garner enough votes to keep her, and her pawn Shelli Poole was ousted.

Liz Nolan, who was left unprotected, triumphed ahead of Household and opted to pursue Becky as a significant competition danger. Becky was ousted by a 6-0 vote, finishing ninth and becoming the jury’s third member.

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Big Brother: Meet Becky Burgess Husband Patrick Durst

On July 10, Becky married Patrick Durst and adopted his surname. She then posted a fantastic shot of herself and Patrick on a ski lift at Arapahoe Basin Ski Area.

“7.10.21 The day I married my best friend,” Becky captioned the lovely shot below.

Becky Burgess Husband
Becky Burgess is happily married to Patrick Durst. (Source- monsters and critic )

Julia Nolan also shared several images from her trip to Colorado, including some with her sister, Liz, and others with wedding guests.

Some photographs included BB17 cast members, Jeff Weldon and Jackie Ibarra. Those images are included in Julia’s recent Instagram post, linked below.

Becky Burgess Kids

Becky and Patrick have been happily married for two years, but unlike many of their friends and relatives, they do not yet have children.

While their friends and relatives frequently enquire about their plans to start a family, Becky and Patrick have opted to take their time and enjoy their life together before embarking on motherhood.

They value the importance of laying a solid basis for their relationship, advancing their jobs, and following their dreams.

Despite societal pressure, they remain firm in their decision, knowing that when the time comes, they will start on the magnificent path of becoming parents.

For now, they enjoy the freedom of spending quality time together, traveling, and cherishing their bond.

Becky and Patrick recognize that each person’s journey is unique and that there is no one-size-fits-all strategy for family creation.

The absence of children does not affect their love and fulfillment in each other’s company.

They are dedicated to building a solid foundation in their marriage, believing it will eventually make them better parents when the time comes.

Becky Burgess Family

The Burgess family is well-known for fostering efforts, including providing many children with a supportive home.

The Burgess family is known for keeping their private issues quiet and out of the public eye. They can maintain a sense of normalcy and avoid unneeded media attention.

Although nothing is known about the family, it is evident that they choose to remain anonymous.

Despite their desire to keep their relationship quiet, Burgess’ developing success in the music industry has earned him exposure and a growing fan base.

Becky Burgess
Becky Burgess’s family values their privacy. (Source-paramount plus )

Despite protecting their seclusion, it is clear that the Rebecca family values their privacy and prefers to keep family matters secret.

Her distinct style and compelling performances have elevated her to a trending topic contestant on the television reality show Big Brother.

While specifics of Rebecca’s parents are unknown, their commitment to fostering children demonstrates their compassion and selflessness.

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