Bowie Tsang Husband 2023: Is She Married To Vic Zhou?

Bowie Tsang Husband: The particular topic has taken up the internet. Join us as we delve into the topic in an attempt to find out the truth.

Bowie Tsang Po Yee is a television personality who will be 51 years old in 2024, born on February 21, 1973.

Tsang Po has established herself as a Taiwanese television host, singer, actress and writer.

Bowie Tsang Po Yee is also recognized by her nickname Ah-Po.

The multi-talented Taiwanese personality has a bachelor’s degree in sociology, which she got in 1995 from National Taiwan University.

After returning to Hong Kong, Tsang Po worked different jobs behind the camera, such as product assistant, script supervisor, etc.

Initially, her father did not support Tsang’s will to build her career in the entertainment field.

Later, in 2013, Tsang won the Golden Bell Award for Best Entertainment Program Host.

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is Bowie Tsang Husband Vic Zhou? 2023 Update

The world’s entertainment industry is always entire of new topics to discuss.

Recently, people have been wanting and looking for light to shed on Bowie Tsang’s husband.

Bowie has been thought to be secretly married to the Vietnamese actor Vic Zhou.

Bowie Tsang Husband
Bowie Tsang is rumored to have been married to Vic Zhou. (Source: Instagram)

The topic is not a new one, as it first rose to gossip in the year 2012.

The rumors then stated that the Taiwanese actor Vic Zhou got Bowie Tsang pregnant and married secretly in Macau.

After almost a decade of the rumor, the news holds no credible sources claiming it to be true.

There happens to be no sources confirming the news, which has made it hard to infer anything.

Although Bowie happens to be at a marriageable age, she is probably unmarried and single for now.

It is her own choice to decide what she wants to do and when she wants to get married.

As her dedicated followers, waiting for the concerned personality’s official announcement is better than delving and speculating.

If, in the future, Bowie Tsang decides to tie the knot, she will share it with her dedicated followers as she is always seen sharing her life updates with her followers on her Instagram handle.

Bowie Tsang past relationship explained

Bowie Tsang being single at this age has put her into many rumored romantic entanglements.

The Taiwanese television personality was once rumored to be in a love triangle with other television personalities, Mickey Huang and Dee Hsu.

Years ago, in a late-night show, Bowie appeared, made a guest appearance, and spoke up about the controversy surrounding herself and two other television personalities.

Bowie Tsang was then accused of being the reason behind Mickey and Dee’s breakup.

Bowie Tsang Past
Bowie Tsang was allegedly the reason behind Mickey and Dee’s splitting. (Source: Instagram)

However, in that show, Bowie cleared that she would have never come in between a couple and be the reason behind their splitting.

Bowie also added that she would only be with someone if they had already ended their past relationship unless being lied about the breakup. Until that day, she believed that’s what happened.

The host also asked if Bowie and Dee had some bad terms going on between them, to which she answered, we have both moved on in our lives and are doing pretty good with our lives.

Bowie also mentioned that being 40 plus and unmarried is not a big deal for her, and she doesn’t want to follow what society wants and is willing to do whatever her heart wants and desires in the future.

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