• The actress revealed how she landed a job with Bloomingdale’s after “Boy Meets World” finished.
  • “I was really good at wrapping presents,” Fishel recalled while rewatching “Pod Meets World.”
  • Her intention was not to reveal to customers who recognized her that she was, in fact, Topanga Lawrence.

“Boy Meets World” actress Danielle Fishel revealed she had an incredible job after leaving TGIF — wrapping presents at Bloomingdale’s store in Newport Beach, California, while going to college around 2009.

“I liked to wrap presents,” she recalled on Monday’s podcast “Pod Meets World.”

At about 34:00 in the episode, Fishel, Rider Strong, Friedle, and Marty York (a guest star on “Boy Meets World” episodes) talked about actors locked down for taking jobs outside Hollywood.

Afterward, Fishel revealed how she landed a new job after the ABC show ended.

According to Fishel, she went to Bloomingdale’s to buy a set of wine glasses for a former “Boy Meets World” co-star’s wedding gift the next day. She requested it is gift-wrapped, but when she went to pick it up, the woman told her it wouldn’t be ready until the next day. Even though it was hours before the store was supposed to close, Fishel said the woman told her the register had been closed because the store had been slow, and the woman refused to re-open the register.

Actress and director said she told an employee, “I have no problem wrapping it. Can you give me the materials, and I’ll wrap it right here?” She then proceeded to “sit down on the floor in Bloomingdale’s customer service department” to wrap the gift herself.

The manager came back and saw what Fishel was doing eventually. After chastising his employee for not wrapping the gift, he complimented Fishel’s wrapping expertise.

“He looks at me, and he goes, ‘that’s actually really good,'” she said, adding, “Thanks, I love to wrap presents.”

The “Girl Meets World” star received a card from the manager. As a result of thinking about it, she decided to fill out the application. She was hired and even worked with the girl who refused to wrap her gift, who ended up being “very nice.”

Fishel said that although she had just intended to work at the store for the holiday season, she ended up extending her stay and found she was “really good” at customer service and wrapping gifts.

“I had a woman lunge across the counter at me. It was incredible,” Fishel recalled.

Fishel was recognized by customers occasionally, but she played coy about confirming who she was. For example, in response to customers’ questions about whether she looked like the girl on “Boy Meets World,” her response was “yes.”

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Danielle Fishel says she worked as a gift wrapper.