Will Friedle, Danielle Fishel, and Rider Strong, all stars of Boy Meets World, have discussed their “horribly uncomfortable” kissing experiences on the latest episode of their podcast, “Pod Meets World.”

As part of this episode, the cast recapped season one, episode 7, “Grandma was a Rolling Stone.” Friedle revealed in the episode that he had kissed for the first time on the show.

However, instead of looking back on the episode fondly, Friedle and his costars chose to talk about the “creepy” feelings they experienced while filming the successful series.

A scene involving Friedle, who was 17 years old at the time, featured kissing Keri Russell, who played Mr. Feeny’s niece in this episode. As Friedle described the awkward moment on set, “Everyone is just staring at you.”

As the resident playboy of the show for over a decade, both Friedle and Strong have admitted that they kissed various girls.

Friedle recalled, “When I was about 18, and it was a girl a week — Rider, we both went through this, where it’s like: ‘That is your partner, and you are going to kiss!’ [So] I started asking, ‘How would you like to do this?’ because it is creepy.”

As Friedle explained, “It was hugely uncomfortable. Everyone talks about that, like, ‘oh man, you got to kiss all these girls, and you got to do all this,’ and it is not awesome. You might think it is, but it is ….. uncomfortable to do in front of an audience.”

Totally agreeing, Strong said, “I love the idea. That never existed, and now it’s become pretty standard on set, and I love it. I have never worked with one personally, but I totally think that it is a necessary role” continuing, “because you can not just trust that a director or a producer is going to have the experience or the delicate tone that is required of that situation.”

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