During the episode of the “Boy Meets World” rewatch podcast, “Pod Meets World,” that aired Monday, Danielle Fishel and cohosts Will Friedle and Rider Strong discussed the significant “pay disparity.” In the course of discussions, she mentioned that she was being paid less than her male costars.

During the discussion between the hosts and their guest Lauren Lapkus, Fishel mentioned that the pay disparity continued throughout the early seasons of TGIF, even though she became a series regular.

She said, “The excuse that was used was that, ‘Well, we didn’t know you were gonna be on the show.”‘

Initially, Fishel’s role in season one of the show as Topanga Lawrence, Cory Matthews’ (Ben Savage) eventual love interest and wife, was just a small guest role during the season. Fishel was about 12 years old at the time of the filming.

In season one, producers and creator Michael Jacobs saw potential in Topanga’s role in the series and extended it with another season.

Despite the fact that Strong and Fishel shared the same agent at the time, Fishel said she and her team were given the same excuse as late as season three.

As Friedle points out, Fishel’s pay was significantly lower even when the show was “clearly building Cory and Topanga as a thing.”

There is no doubt that Cory’s romance with Topanga started in an episode of the show she appears in, titled “Cory’s Alternative Friends,” when Topanga kisses him for the first time. Since Fishel has become a regular on the show, she slowly gained at least her friendship with Shawn (Strong).

In her character’s ending, Fishel recalls her team’s struggle to get her paid relatively, “I had to threaten to not show up to a table read.”