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Brandi Harvey- Bio, net worth, family and career

Who is Brandi Harvey?

How frequently do you see a beauty and brain combination? How about a kind Heart and tough personality? Not often, huh? Well, let’s learn about Brandi Harvey, who meets the characters stated above.

Brandi Harvey childhood

A native of West Virginia, Brandi is an American executive and a renowned activist for black women. She has founded an organization that works for the welfare and personality building of young people. Her father had moved to Ohio, and being her birthplace, she loves the city as her hometown.

Steve Harvey is a well-known actor, comedian, host, and beloved producer of the sitcom “The Steve Harvey show that aired on the WB. He has won Daytime Emmy Awards, Marconi Award, and NAACP Image Award multiple times, which shows the love his fans shower on him.

Brandi was born as the eldest child to Steve Harvey from his first wife, Marcia Harvey, on August 20, 1982 (age turning 39 this August). She has six siblings: Karli Harvey, Broderick Harvey Jr., Lori Harvey, Morgan Harvey, Jason Harvey, and Wynton Harvey.

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Brandi Harvey with her twin sister

Wynton is a famous photographer. Morgan is a graduate from Culinary Institute of America in Baking and Pastry and works as a reputed chef, hosts classes, and shares her recipes in famous shows like The Steve Harvey Show.

As a dad, Steve is a role model to Brandi. He has crossed the difficult road of life in different professions –a boxer, cleaner, autoworker, insurance salesman, carpet cleaner, mailman, a homeless man, and then finally, a world-famous millionaire stand-up comedian.

Karli Harvey, born in the United States, is her twin sister, who looks very much like her. Broderick was then born by Marcia a few years later.

Her grandparents are Eloise Vera Harvey and Jesse Harvey. They were coal miners by profession.

Her parents separated in 1994, after 12 years of her birth. As hard it could be to a child, Brandi sure grew up beautiful. A considerable part of her life has been spent among her relatives in Atlanta, Georgia. Steve later married Mary Shackelford in 1996.

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Who is Lori Harvey, and what does she do?

Lori Harvey is the stepsister of Brandi. She is fifteen years younger than Brandi. However, she entered the fashion industry as a fresh face. This natural beauty started her modeling at the age of 3 and has signed top modeling agencies in LA to date.

Brandi’sBrandi’s uncle Terry Harvey ( who is a businessman by profession) and aunts Mona Harvey (Who is a lawyer and member of the property administration unit), and Pauline Harvey are the other charming people in her life that keep up her bright spirit.

Though her parents separated when she was very young, Brandi is a beloved child who grew up surrounded by her relatives. Terry, Mona, and Pauline often appear alongside Steve in multiple frames.

Brandi studied for her bachelor’s degree in Arts from the Ohio state university from 2002 to 2005. Soon after completing her degree, she joined the welfare organizations and collected experience, which helped her later.

Brandi Harvey personality traits

A total fitness icon with smooth, shiny, dark skin, fully fine-braided hair, hourglass body figure, and incredible tone of speech is what defines Brandi’sBrandi’s looks. She is more into casuals but rocks the floor when it comes to dressing up.

Brandi is more comfortable with large rings and ear tops that fit her oval face and distinguished cheeks. Her notable smile is worth mentioning every time she appears in a frame. Baseball hats, floaters, and tropical hats often appear in her pictures while she loves to flaunt her hiking suit with a pair of headsets.

Brandi is a motivator, and a strong spirited personality who believes in “action speak louder.” She believes in fighting for what is right and taking a chance with where you genuinely believe it’s worth the risk. All her thoughts reflect in her book, which was one of the best sellers.

Brandi throws in any color and sweeps people off their feet. A true fashionista per se. However, she is introverted.

Full NameBrandi Harvey
Nickname Brandi
Date of birthAugust 20, 1982
Sun SignLeo
Lucky number1, 4, 9.
Lucky matchAquarius and Sagittarius
Lucky colorOrange, red
Nationality Afro-American
Ethnicity Mixed Black
Religion Christian
Hobby Hiking, traveling, and partying.
Eye colorBlack
Hair colorBlack and curly
Marital statusSingle
Favorite starSteve Harvey

As Brandi is a perfect Leo –a high-spirited fire sign, represented by a lion, they generally have a lively, theatrical, passionate style and love to enjoy the spotlight and celebrate themselves. Just like how she claimed that being fired from her dad freed her to find herself.

Is Brandi Harvey married?

The answer to that question would be “no.” However, secretive as Brandi is, she has not even revealed any romantic relationships with anyone ever to the public.

Brandi Harvey road to fame

Though Brandi is primarily known for being a family member to famous Steve Harvey, Brandi herself is a brand. She is one of the few star kids who can establish themselves out of their parent’s stardom and shadows.

Brandi’s experience working for organizations Young, Fit and Fly, Steve and Marjorie Harvey Foundation, as a wellness coach and public speaker, has helped her achieve the necessary expertise. Being the daughter of a famous media personality added perks to her popularity as an author.

Brandi Harvey pic from her Italy trip

Brandi is the founder of “beyond her,” which has become an active wellness brand for women of color. The writer of the best seller book “breakthrough,” Brandi is a motivational speaker who wishes to change the narrative and insert herself to create a space to show the beautiful side of being a black woman.

Her works separately, get out of the boat of mediocrity and walk on water, had made an impression about black women and how the stereotypical definitions cannot limit them. Brandi wanted to share powerful stories of healing, mental and physical health.

Brandi has launched wellness initiatives, mentoring programs for young men and girls, and won an NPC amateur bodybuilding contest. She also appeared on the front page of Premae Magazine.
Brandi’s Brandi’s appearance in her father’s self-titled syndicated talk show from 2016 to 2017 has also added more fame to her name.

She owns a net worth of USD 5 million.

Brandi Harvey controversies

Though her father Steve has always been on the hit list of controversies, Brandi has hardly controversy through his rough career and multiple failed marriages. She is more on the brighter side, who carefully exploits the already established media exposure on her part.

Lately, her father has been sharing about his family time, and this misses Brandi. He claims that his cooking skills attribute to the upbringing he received and his schooling. She is, however, seen in multiple programs, many pictures, and events together.

Brandi Harvey charity

An influence to the fashion world, and legendary founder of beyond her.com, a fantastic host and twin talker, Brandi has 148k followers on her Instagram account. Mostly she is a fitness freak and a fashion legend, total femme fatale style of a lady who fills her account posts with fitting vibes.

During Sundays, her Twin talk is a particular hit that makes her more famous as she works with her sister and co-host Karli Raymond (After her sister got married in 2015). Brandi’s Twitter account also mentions the program, followed by more than 7k.

All the shows she attended after the book was mostly focused on therapies and mental health, some or the other way. You can easily notice commitment toward physical and mental health in the media.

Though all of her organizations are welfare-based, Brandi has not directly donated to any charity event. She has done many welfares works through her organization, though. All her fans wish her the best for her future endeavors and exciting therapies.