Kelly Clarkson’s ex-husband Brandon Blackstock has moved out of the singer’s Montana ranch two years after their split, Us Weekly reports. Their report states,

“The music manager wanted to fight the order, but was eventually talked out of it,”.

Though his departure is one Clarkson has been rooting for, sources say Brandon Blackstock “is always asking for more and being a constant thorn in her side.”

The property has been a major point of contention in the divorce proceedings following the filing in June 2020. Previously, Blackstock stated that he wanted to become a full-time rancher and leave the entertainment industry.

As the sole owner of the Montana ranch (which she bought), the “Miss Independent” singer wanted to sell it, but her ex-husband claimed he needed it for his business.

While the legal battle continued, a judge ruled that Blackstock would be responsible for the costs of maintaining the ranch ($81,000 per month). In December, Clarkson failed to evict her ex from the property. In the month following, the Grammy winner agreed to give the talent manager 5.12 percent of the land, or $908,800 of its $17,750,000 value.

In March, a financial settlement was reached. A Los Angeles Superior Court judge ruled that Blackstock could only stay at the ranch until June 1. His ex was ordered to pay him $12,500 monthly rent, but Clarkson pays him more. According to legal documents, Clarkson will pay Blackstock $115,000 in spousal support each month until January 2024.

Blackstock also receives $45,601 a month in child support from Clarkson. Their children, River Blackstock and Remington Blackstock live with her, and their dad visits them once a month while he is in Montana.

Kelly Clarkson's Montana ranch
Kelly Clarkson’s Montana ranch

If he moved to another state, the custody agreement would be reevaluated.
According to the source, he will spend most of the summer in Montana and have unlimited access to the ranch. He plans to travel to Los Angeles to see the kids, but it won’t be regularly.

In her daytime talk show, the American Idol alum has discussed the difficulties of divorce. In an interview with members Natalie Maines, Martie Maguire, and Emily Strayer earlier this month, she revealed that her gal pals had been a source of comfort.

Clarkson revealed,

“So, we all went through divorces. How did you each find strength? And not just music, I think it’s therapeutic. But, like, your female friendships? I feel like that has really helped me.”

They called themselves “divorce buddies.” As her divorce draws to a close, Clarkson is starting to date again. The source told,

“It’s hard for Kelly to find time for romance with her schedule, but her friends are still into setting her up.”

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