Brett Oppenheim and tattoo artist Samantha Abdul were seen dining together at a Beverly Hills restaurant on August 13.

Based on reports from a source close to Samantha that the couple met in July while on vacation in Mykonos, Greece, and instantly connected. Samantha Abdul was born in Hamburg, Germany. However, she and Oppenheim have been meeting up at various places around the world, most recently on a trip to Budapest, Hungary.

According to the source, “They have seen each other several times since they met in spite of the big distance. They enjoy each other’s company and love spending time together.”

However, the source states, “At the moment, they want to take things slow and see where it takes them.”

The source also noted that Abdul already has a child of her own, and there is no intention to have any more children in the near future. Adding, “Definitely takes a lot of pressure off the relationship. They can completely concentrate on getting to know each other.”

Before meeting Brett, Abdul had been contemplating the prospect of opening up her own tattoo shop and moving to Los Angeles. However, now that she has met Brett, she is even more determined to take this step and open her own business.