Brittany Brees: Wife of Drew Brees

Who is Brittany Brees?

Brittany Brees is a beautiful blonde married to handsome and famous NFL quarterback Drew Brees.

One can imagine that Brittany’s fame and stardom were all because of her husband. However, she has been ruling the heart of many through her philanthropic and charitable works. 

Here in this article, there are many pieces of information about Brittany’s career, family, net worth, etc. And by the end of it, you will get to know her a little better.

Brittany Brees
Brittany Brees Biography

Quick Facts

Full nameBrittany Middleton Dudhchenko
As Known AsBrittany Brees
BirthdaySeptember 18, 1976
Age46 years old
Sun signVirgo
TraitsPositive: Hard-Working, kind, and patient
Negative: Critical, stubborn, and uptight
BirthplaceSyracuse, Indiana, US
Height5 feet 9 inches or 175 cm
ParentsPeter Dudchenko (Father)
Kathleen Dudchenko (Mother)
Marital statusMarried
Spouse nameDrew Brees (Husband)
Children nameBaylen Robert Brees (Son)
Bowen Cristopher Brees (Son)
Callen Christian Brees (Son)
Rylen Judith Brees (Daughter)
Net worthUSD 4 million

Early Life and Childhood

On September 18, 1976, Brittany Brees was born in Syracuse, Indiana, USA. Furthermore, Brittany is the daughter of father Peter Dudcheko and mother Kathleen Dudchenko. 

Her birth name is Brittany Middleton Dudhchenko.

Brittany enrolled in Wawasee High School. Later in 1994, she received her graduation and went to West Lafayette.

Additionally, Britanny went to Purdue University to major in Industrial management. Eventually, she became a member of the Sigma Chi Fraternity of Purdue.

The Dudchenko family strongly believes in Christianity. They often visit the Church with their family and pray for their well-being.


Several celebrities boast about having the most romantic meet-up with their partner. But, on the other hand, Drew had the most embarrassing moment when he encountered the love of his life.

Drew Brees (Husband)

Drew Christopher Brees is a football quarterback who played for more than 20 seasons for National Football League. He is one of the most prolific passers in NFL history.

NFL Player Drew
Drew Brees

Drew is also involved in charitable work. His kindness to the needy earned him and LaDainian Tomlinson the 2006 Walter Payton Man of the Year award.

They met at a college party. Drew was 20 years old and a sophomore. Unfortunately, it seems they didn’t converse on that occasion.

Eventually, they learned about each other and started dating. 

Drew’s Purdue teammates accompanied Brittany and Drew on their first date. Brittany recalls that Drew’s friends were Gummy Bears on the screen.

After going on multiple dates, Brittany and Drew decided to take their relationship to a new level. Moreover, they knew that they wanted to be together from the beginning of their relationship.

And therefore, Drew and Brittany did not hesitate to take their relationship to the next level.

On February 8, 2003, they decided to walk down the aisle. After being together for three years, they resided in Louisiana. It was during that time that Drew joined the New Orleans Saints.

Drew is three years younger than Brittany.

NFL player Drew with his wife
Drew Brees with his wife, Brittany Brees


Brittany Brees has three sons and one daughter. 

Drew Brees once joked about having many kids and planning for Vasectomy. But then, he revealed that four kids were enough for him.

He will follow Jim Henderson’s recommendation from the New Orleans Touchdown Club. 

Brittany Brees with her family
Brittany Brees with her family

Previously Jim had suggested he get a vasectomy, and he is considering it.

Drew also elaborated that his goal is to win the game first.

After being together for over a decade, Brittany gave birth to their first child in 2009. Young Baylen Robert Brees was born who is 12 years old in 2021.

Bowen Cristopher Breeswa was born in 2010 and will be 11 years old in 2021. He is only a year later, younger than his elder brother Bayles. 

Brittany and Drew were happy to raise two kids but wanted more. Therefore in 2012, they welcomed their third baby boy Callen Christian Brees. In 2021, he will be nine years old.

After giving birth to three sons, Brittany was delighted to have a baby girl in the family, Rylen Judith Brees. She was born in August 2014 and will be seven years old in 2021.


Brittany Brees specializes in industrial management. She works with her husband and is keen on philanthropy and charitable work.

As a result, they co-founded an organization named ‘The Brees dream foundation.

In 2005, this duo assisted a local community in recovering from the damage caused by Hurricane Katrina.

Likewise, in December 2017, the Brees family teamed up with the Audubon Nature Institute in New Orlean, Louisiana.

Brittany Brees Charitable works

The Brees Dream Foundation

The Brees couple loves social work.

In 2003, the couple established The Brees Dream Foundation. The foundation strives to improve the quality of life for cancer patients.

Along with that, they provide necessary opportunities for families and children. Therefore, another focus of the institute is to provide education funds to the needy.

The couple has contributed more than USD 45 million so far. Drew and Brittany have even participated in five USO trips visiting countries such as Dubai, Kuwait, Guantanamo Bay, Okinawa, Djibouti, Afghanistan, Turkey, Germany, Iraq, and many more.

New Orleans playground for the children

One of the most significant projects of Drew and Brittany Brees was building a children’s playground.

Furthermore, architects specifically designed the playground to make it easier for physically challenged children.

The playground comprises several types of equipment that provide sensory engagement and promote the development of moto skills.

In addition, the park not only befits children but adults too. Parents and Grandparents who are mobility-challenged are encouraged to play cross-generational play.

They donated funds to build the playground.

They wanted to do something right and give more to New Orleans. Drew stated, “I think that the important element to this playground is for children of all abilities. We built it specifically with wheelchair ramps and certain things in mind to ensure that no child is excluded here. That there’s something here for every child.”


Brittany Brees and Drew Brees
Brittany Brees and Drew Brees

The friendship between Mohadi and the Brees grew when Drew wanted to invest in an expensive watch. He also donated to the Brees charitable foundation. He has also donated to the Brees charitable foundation.

A California jeweler scammed Brittany, and her husband Drew when they overpaid USD 9 million for a diamond ring.

The couple had purchased diamonds worth USD 15 million between 2012 to 2016 in the name of ‘investment diamonds” to get value over time.

The appraiser told them they had overpaid it by USD 9 million; however, the actual price of the diamond was not more than USD 3.7 million.

Later, Drew filed a case against Vahid Moradi of CJ Charles Jeweler for fraud and breaching the contract.

Brittany claims that the Vahid sold them colored diamonds.

As per Vahid’s statement, the diamonds belonged to Harry Winston, and he bought them at an auction for USD 565,000.

After a month, Vahid sold it to Brees for USD 1.6 million. Contrastly, Moradi argued that it was his right to mark up jewelry, and it was not that extreme.

The court convicted Mohadi under two leading causes of action: fraud, breach of contract, and fiduciary.

Additionally, this couple received USD 6.1 million from the case. Along with the diamonds, the couple also accused Mohadi of not returning USD 244,000.

Previously Drew had paid the sum to buy a watch. However, the player was not fond of it and asked to return.

Vahid allegedly said he converted the money into store credit.

Despite all this, he never returned the money, and Brees pressed against some charges for it too.

Brittany Brees Net worth

As of 2023, Brittany Brees’s net worth is around USD 4 million. Her husband, however, is a wealthy individual with an annual income of USD 22 million.

As of 2023, Drew Brees’s net worth is approximately USD 130 million. The couple also bought a 100-year-old mansion in their hometown of New Orleans.

According to some sources, the cost of this mansion in 2023 is estimated to be approximately USD 1.5 million.


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