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Broderick Harvey Jr.- Steve Harvey’s Son, Bio, Early Life, Family, Career, and Net Worth

Who is Broderick Harvey Jr.?

Broderick Harvey Jr. is an American entrepreneur. He owns a brand label called ‘Need Money Not Friends.’ In addition, Broderick designs the clothes, shoes, and accessories himself that are available on his website. 

Apart from his designer clothing website, Broderick Harvey Jr. also runs a photography business called ‘B. Harvey Photography, Inc.’ He opened the business around May 2009 and continues to work for the company up to date.

Broderick Harvey Jr. is also the first son of American comedian and ‘Family Feud’ host Steve Harvey. As a result, Broderick is often involved in multiple business projects run by his father. For example, in 2017, he worked as a development associate for Steve Harvey’s production company ‘East 112th Street Production.’

Broderick Harvey Jr Biography, net worth, family and career

Furthermore, he is also active in voluntary work. He continually serves at the ‘Harvey Charity Foundation.’ It is a non-profit organization developed by Steve Harvey and his third wife, Marjorie Harvey. The foundation mainly focuses on and supports youth education.

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Quick Facts

Full name:Broderick Harvey Jr.
Date of birth:April 29th, 1991
Age30 years old
Birthplace:Los Angeles, California, US
Sun sign:Taurus
Father:Steve Harvey
Mother:Marcia Harvey
Siblings:Brandi Harvey/ Karli Harvey
Stepsiblings:Wynton Harvey/Morgan Harvey/ Jason Harvey/ Lori Harvey
School:North Springs Charter High School
College:Morehouse College
Net worth:$2 million
Favorite artist:Kanye West

Broderick Harvey Jr. early life

Broderick Harvey Jr. was born in Los Angeles, California, on April 29th, 1991. He is the son of Steve Harvey from his first wife, Marcia Harvey.

Photo of Marcia harvey son of Broderick Harvey Jr

Broderick’s parents separated when Marcia was still pregnant with him in 1990. The couple faced instability in their relationship due to peer pressure of success, and fame Steve Harvey was achieving.

However, the main reason for his parent’s split was allegedly due to Steve’s infidelity. Marcia accused Steve of seeing and living with his second wife before legally ending his marriage with Marcia. The couple finalized their divorces three years after Broderick’s birth in 1994.

Broderick completed his high school at North Springs Charter High School in Sandy Springs, Georgia. North Springs is an institution mainly known for its specialization in arts and sciences.

Broderick joined Morehouse College in Atlanta, Georgia, in 2010. He graduated with a degree in Arts in 2014.

Broderick Harvey Jr in an instagram photo


Broderick Harvey Jr. comes from a blended family. His father, Steve Harvey, is an American comedian, television host, and author. Steve is famous for hosting shows like ‘The Steve Harvey Morning Show’ and ‘Family Feud.’

Steve has also hosted Miss Universe competitions. Although Broderick spent most of his childhood growing up with his mother, Marcia, he is still very close to his father.

During one of his father’s talk shows, Broderick spoke about his relationship with his father. He revealed that he was able to get to know his father only after turning 16.

He said,

“I didn’t have my dad full time in my life until I was 16. They (Steve and Marjorie Harvey) moved into Atlanta, and they wanted me to move with them. And at 16, I knew I needed that as a man. I needed that connection with him.”

Likewise, during the show, Steve talked about his mistake of not being there for his son in his earlier life. He said,

“Now I spend my entire life trying to make up for the mistake I have made as a young father.”

Today the father-son duo is closer than ever. Broderick and his father even work professionally on a variety of projects.

Steve Harvey with his son Broderick Harvey Jr in a Yatch

On the other hand, Broderick’s mother, Marcia Harvey, is a businesswoman and an author. She has reportedly authored three books. They are ‘Marcia: Eyes to the Soul,’ ‘Marcia: Poems from The Heart,’ and ‘Marcia: Thoughts from My Mind.’

After her divorce from Steve Harvey, Marcia moved to Cleveland from Los Angeles with her children and raised them herself. Broderick said that his mother was not happy due to his father’s absence in 16 years of his life when he decided to live with him in Atlanta.

Broderick stated,

“My mom was hurt when I said I wanted to go to Atlanta to live with my dad. She said, ‘Oh, why are you going? He wasn’t here for 16 years.’

Despite the divorce between his father and mother, Broderick is close to both today.

Broderick has two biological twin sisters named Brandi Harvey and Karli Harvey Raymond. He is younger than the two. Brandi and Karli are teachers and motivational speakers. They strive to inspire women and young ladies.

Broderick with his twin sisters karli and brandi harvey and mother marcia harvey

Likewise, Broderick has a half-brother from his father’s second marriage, named Wynton Harvey. Wynton is a professional photographer and a student at Savannah College of Art and Design.

Furthermore, Broderick also has three stepsiblings from his father’s third marriage with Marjorie Harvey. In addition, he has two stepsisters named Morgan and Lori Harvey.

Morgan is a baker and food blogger. She owns a blog called ‘Give Me Some Mo.’ While Lori is a professional model who works for brands like ‘Dolce and Gabbana’ and ‘Hermes.’

Similarly, Broderick also has a stepbrother named Jason Harvey. He runs a business called ‘Yevrah’ that produces women’s footwear.

After moving to Atlanta, Broderick built a close relationship with all six of his siblings. Broderick is also quite fond of his sibling’s children. He frequently posts photos of them on his Instagram account.

Broderick Harvey Jr. wife

Well, are we not all curious to learn about celebrities’ love life? Yes, we are. So ladies, if you are looking for a young dashing, handsome man to date, well then here is the good news. The creative guy, Broderick Harvey Jr, is still single. As of now, neither is he married nor has a girlfriend in his life (well, at least officially).

Broderick seems to be a family man, as his social media clearly tells you. For example, he has photos of him with his nephews on Instagram. Clearly, he is marriage material.

Broderick Harvey Jr. personality

Since Broderick Harvey Jr. was born on April 29th, his sun sign lies under Taurus. He does not like to stay in the limelight. However, Broderick has a loving and determined nature. His warmth and go-getter attitude make him quite popular among his friends and admirers.

Likewise, Broderick has dark brown eyes and black color hair. He is a US citizen.

Broderick Harvey Jr with his brother and father Steve Harvey

Broderick Harvey Jr. career

Broderick Harvey Jr. began his career by working in his father’s company in 2008. He worked closely with the social media team of the Steve Harvey radio network for four years.

Along with working for his father, Broderick also opened his venture called ‘B. Harv Photography, Inc.’ He still operates as an artist here. In 2015, Broderick worked as a ticket coordinator for ‘NuOpp Inc.’

Broderick also partnered with his friend Thabiti Stephens to establish a shoe business called ‘Steps by Stephens.’ Both Harvey and Stephens personally design the company’s products. They even donate 15% of every dollar they make to feed the homeless in Atlanta.

In 2017, Harvey started to work as a development associate for business projects in ‘East 112th Street Productions.’ This firm specializes in film and TV production. As a development associate, he worked for projects like ‘Little Big Shots, Little Big Shots: Forever Young,’ ‘Celebrity Family Feud,’ ‘Steve Harvey’s Funder dome,’ ‘BET’s Mancave,’ and ‘Family Feud South Africa and Ghana.’

Broderick and his siblings also appeared in a special edition of ‘Family Feud’ hosted by their father, Steve Harvey. During the episode, the Harvey family boys challenged the Harvey family girls.

Apart from his professional career, Broderick also actively participates in voluntary work. He does voluntary works for his father’s foundation called the ‘Harvey Charity Foundation.’

Broderick Harvey Jr. social media

Broderick Harvey Jr. has an Instagram account under the username @bharv. Broderick has more than 44 thousand followers on his Instagram account.

Most of his posts are of him traveling or modeling his products from the business he owns.

Furthermore, he also occasionally posts pictures of him spending time with his family. But, most importantly, he posts pictures of him, appreciating his nieces and nephews.

Broderick’s net worth

Broderick Harvey Jr. has earned a decent amount of money throughout the years from his clothing business. But since he has not revealed his earnings, it is not easy to calculate his net worth. However, his father’s net worth stands at around $200 million, with an annual salary of $45 million.

Currently, Broderick lives a luxurious life in Los Angeles, California. According to sources, he lives in a mansion worth $30 million with his extended family.

Is Broderick Harvey Jr married?

Broderick Harvey Jr seems to a bachelor with officially no hint of any relationship more than friendship. However, he is a good-looking chap with a career in the entertainment industry and the finances to take care of his expenses. So, he is unmarried and is focused on his career.

What does Broderick Harvey do?

Broderick is a creative entrepreneur. He has an interest in fashion, art, and entertainment. He seems to have opened a fashion store. “Need friends, not money.” It seems that the store has closed, or he didn’t start the venture due to unknown reasons. He is, however, actively involved in photography. He is also helping his father in his work.

Broderick seems to be eyeing a career in Hollywood.

How many kids does Broderick Harvey Jr have?

Well, as of now, Broderick is neither in a live-in relationship nor married to someone. He doesn’t have any kids. The speculations could have arrived because of his multiple social media posts with kids. Rest assured, the kid is not his, and he is merely uncle.