Meet Bront Palarae Wife Rozi Isma, Kids And Family

Fans are excited to meet Bront Palarae wife, Rozi Isma. Join us as we delve into his family dynamics.

Bront Palarae is a multi-talented Malaysian artist who was born on 27 September 1978. He is celebrated for his versatile roles as an actor, film director, screenwriter, and producer.

His remarkable career highlights include winning accolades for his captivating performance in the film “Belukar” (2010).

As a producer, he succeeded greatly with “One Two Jaga,” which secured six impressive awards. This includes the coveted Best Picture honor at the 30th Malaysia Film Festival.

Bront’s journey in the world of cinema started at Malaysia Film Academy in 1999. His dedication to the craft has only earned him huge recognition and loyal fans.

Further, he has solidified his position as a prominent figure in the Malaysian film industry.

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Bront Palarae Wife Rozi Isma

Meet Bront Palarae’s Wife Bront Palarae, a distinguished director in the entertainment industry.

In 2013, Malaysian artist Bront Palarae took a significant step in his personal life by marrying Rozi Isma.

Before marrying Rozi, he was married to another woman. However, the details about Bront’s prior marriage remain undisclosed.

Bront Palarae Wife
Bront Palarae is married to his school friend Rozi Isma. (Photo Source: Instagram)

Rozi Isma has spent much of her career working behind the scenes. The couple shared a journey through the entertainment world nearly 15 years before their marriage.

Bront fondly describes Rozi as his soulmate. He also mentioned that she knew him before he gained fame.

Their paths initially crossed when Bront pursued acting and Rozi pursued her niche in advertising.

Their friendship is rooted back in their school days. Further, it evolved organically as it navigated the dynamic entertainment industry.

Today, they operate Pixel Play together, which showcases their complementary skills and talents.

Rozi, a long-time friend from school, is Bront’s life partner and his creative collaborator.

Bront and Rozi had kept their wedding a secret. They had only invited their close ones to witness their joyous union.

To date, no public details about Rozi are available, including her photos.

Their marriage carries a harmonious fusion of personal affection and a shared professional journey.

Bront Palarae Kids And Family

Bront Palarae, the acclaimed Malaysian artist, holds a deep-rooted connection to his roots family.

He was born in Alor Setar, Kedah, Malaysia. The artist carries a diverse heritage.

His father is of Malaysian Siamese descent, and his mother hails from a Thai-Malay and Pathan background.

The name “Palarae” embodies this fusion of cultures, paying homage to his lineage and identity.

This cultural blend has gifted him with fluency in Thai and further adds another layer to his remarkable persona.

Family plays an important role in Bront’s life. He has one sister named Rita, and a brother, Anwar. The siblings share a close bond and relationship.

Another important facet of Bront’s life revolves around his role as a parent. He is the proud father of a kid named Adeena Imani.

Kids And Family
Bront Palarae with his daughter Adeena Imani. (Photo Source: Instagram)

The actor often shares precious moments with his daughter and family on social media.

This gives his followers a glimpse into their close-knit relationships. These beautiful posts reflect genuine love and connection, demonstrating the importance of familial bonds in his life.

Further, his dedication to children extends to his role as ambassador for UNICEF’s My Promise To Children campaign.

It’s a testament to his genuine concern for the future of children. It further emphasizes the importance of nurturing and safeguarding the younger generation for a better tomorrow.

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