Chelsea Peretti, who played Gina on Brooklyn Nine-Nine, stepped down as a regular cast member in Season 5. Gina returned for a few episodes in Season 6, but now that the show is entering its eighth and final season, fans wonder if Gina will be back. But, of course, Brooklyn Nine-Nine wouldn’t be the same without Gina, Jake’s childhood best friend and Captain Holt’s trusted assistant.

During Season 6, Gina left the precinct to become an online celebrity and drop off the show. But, as with other recurring guest stars, including Kyra Sedgwick as Madeline Wuntch (who died in Season 7) and Craig Robinson as Doug Judy (who died in Season 7), Gina Linetti may return before the show concludes.

Will Gina return for season 8 of ‘Brooklyn Nine-Nine’?

It appears that Gina will play a role in Brooklyn Nine-Nine Season 8. It’s unclear if it will be one episode, the series finale, or a handful of scenes. But, anything is better than nothing for fans who missed Gina’s snarky comments and no-nonsense attitude.

Chelsea Peretti’s IMDb profile doesn’t list any episodes of Brooklyn Nine-Nine for 2021, so the website may not always be accurate. However, if the scene in the trailer showing Gina standing at a podium belongs to Season 8, then Gina might be back.

Gina might finally be a celebrity after all. Maybe she’s running for office to affect change in her precinct. Whatever the case, Gina’s return appears to be celebrated by fans.

Chelsea Peretti thinks about how the last season of ‘Brooklyn Nine-Nine’ should go.

Chelsea spoke to IndieWire in August 2020 about the season’s plot. Based on real-life police brutality, she suggested that the writers “defund the police.”

“I know they’re working to reshape this coming season,” she said. “I’m very curious and interested to see what they do. I get what people are saying; I get their concerns. My thought was like; they should just defund the police and have everyone go into community-oriented work.”

Why is ‘Brooklyn Nine-Nine’ ending?

The history of Brooklyn Nine-Nine on TV has been rocky. After five seasons, Fox canceled the series in 2018. Soon after, NBC revived Brooklyn Nine-nine and renewed it for two more seasons, its final season being the eighth season.

The reasons behind NBC executives’ decision are hard to pinpoint, but the farewell season will at least allow fans to say goodbye.

Season 7 ratings hovered around 2 million per episode, so viewership wasn’t a concern. However, it is a long time for any show, let alone a comedy. So perhaps the cast and crew felt it was time to say goodbye to Jake Peralta and the rest of the Nine-Nine.

Eastern Time Zone viewers can watch Brooklyn Nine-Nine on Thursdays at 8:30 PM.

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