Bullet Jalosjos Parents: Father Romeo G. Jalosjos And Mother Lourna Pal

People are trying to learn about Bullet Jalosjos parents as the childhood of the politician is very interesting.

Seth Frederick “Bullet” Pal Jalosjos is a prominent figure in the Philippines, known for his roles as a businessman and politician.

Hailing from the province of Zamboanga del Norte, Jalosjos currently holds the position of mayor in the city of Dapitan.

In addition to his political endeavors, he is involved in various business ventures, including as the Chief Financial Officer of Television and Production Exponents (TAPE) Inc.

This company is responsible for producing the renowned and long-running noontime variety show, Eat Bulaga!

Coming from a local political family, Jalosjos entered the political arena by running for Board Member in Zamboanga del Norte’s First District in 2007.

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Bullet Jalosjos Parents: Father Romeo G. Jalosjos And Mother Lourna Pal

Seth Frederick “Bullet” Pal Jalosjos, an accomplished Filipino businessman and politician, comes from a family with a strong political background.

His father, Romeo G. Jalosjos, served as the former First District Congressman, showcasing the family’s longstanding involvement in public service.

Bullet’s mother Lourna Pal raised three children, all of whom have reached prominent places in their position, making her very proud of them. 

Beyond his political pursuits, Seth Jalosjos possesses a diverse range of interests and talents.

He is known for his skills as a drummer, reflecting his passion for music.

Additionally, he is an avid sports enthusiast, demonstrating his love for physical activities and competition. In line with his family’s agricultural background, he is also involved in farming.

Bullet Jalosjos father
Bullet Jalosjos’s father, Romeo, with his friends. (Source: Manila Bulletin)

Furthermore, Jalosjos has ventured into business, showcasing his entrepreneurial spirit.

Throughout his journey, Seth Jalosjos has received support and encouragement from his proud parents.

They have played an instrumental role in motivating and guiding him towards achieving his success in various endeavors.

Their belief in his abilities has undoubtedly fueled his drive and determination to excel in his political and personal pursuits.

With a strong family foundation and the backing of his parents, Seth Jalosjos continues to make a significant impact in business and politics, utilizing his diverse talents and experiences to contribute to the growth and development of his community and beyond.

Meet Bullet Jalosjos Half Brother And Sister

Growing up, Bullet had two siblings alongside him, and it seemed like he had a strong bond with them. 

His half-brother, who shares his father’s name, Romeo, is a prominent politician in the country and has gathered many followers. 

Since both of the brothers are into politics, they still meet regularly. 

His sister, Svetlana Jalosjos-de Leon, professionally known as Lana Jalosjos, is a notable Filipina singer, politician, and former TV host.

Born and raised in the Philippines, Lana Jalosjos gained recognition for her multifaceted career in the entertainment industry.

Lana Jalosjos first rose to prominence as a singer, captivating audiences with her powerful vocals and performances. Her talent and passion for music led her to become a sought-after performer in various venues and events nationwide.

Bullet Jalosjos Controversy Details

During a campaign event in Barangay Poblacion, La Libertad, Zamboanga del Norte, on April 26, 2016, Seth “Bullet” Jalosjos and his party members found themselves amidst a controversy when gunshots were fired.

Despite the attempt on his life, Jalosjos, who was seeking reelection then, managed to survive the assassination plot along with his party members.

In 2019, another controversy surrounded Jalosjos and his cousin. They were accused of kidnapping and illegally detaining Milagros Ceriales and Rosita Jalosjos.

Bullet Jalosjos parents
Bullet Jalosjos’s got mixed up into a controversy. (Source: visayas)

The alleged incident occurred at Dakak Park and Beach Resort, which the Jalosjos family owns. It was claimed that the victims were held against their will.

Subsequently, an arrest warrant was issued for Seth Jalosjos concerning this matter.

However, his camp responded by filing a motion requesting the “immediate deferment or recall of the warrant.”

These controversies have brought attention to Seth Jalosjos and have been subjects of public scrutiny.

While the incidents have raised questions and legal concerns, it is essential to note that the outcome and resolution of these controversies are subject to legal proceedings and judicial decisions.

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