Byford Dolphin Accident Bodies Photo And Video Gone Viral

Byford Dolphin Accident Bodies photo and video went viral on social media. The harrowing Byford Dolphin accident occurred in 1983.

Dolphin Drilling, a Fred Olsen Energy affiliate, operated the semi-submersible, column-stabilized drilling rig Byford Dolphin.

It drilled seasonally for numerous corporations in the North Sea areas of the United Kingdom, Denmark, and Norway. It was established in Hamilton, Bermuda.

The rig was involved in several catastrophic incidents, the most significant of which was an explosive decompression in 1983. This tragic accident killed four divers and damaged another dive tender.

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The Byford Dolphin Accident Bodies Photo And Video Gone Viral

The Byford Dolphin accident bodies and videos are going viral on social media. In the Byford Dolphin disaster, five men died in very horrific circumstances.

When a compression mechanism failed 508 feet below the surface of the North Sea, their bodies exploded in seconds.

It is stated that humans have explored more space than we have of our planet’s waters, a terrifying notion!

According to the Daily Star, it is where a small group of skillful divers live and work for weeks at a time.

Byford Dolphin Accident bodies
Byford Dolphin Accident bodies, photos, and videos go viral on social media. (Source- Reddit )

They only leave their workstation to perform crucial engineering work for oil rigs, braving the pitch black and cold water alone.

The fourth Saturation diver in the chamber, Truls Hellevik, reportedly died under the most horrific circumstances.

He was standing in front of the partially open door to the living chamber when the explosive pressure was released.

Truls Hellevik’s body is said to have been stunk out through a doorway that was so small that it tore him open and spat his internal organs onto the ground. 

The Byford Dolphin Accident: What Happened?

On November 5, 1983, the horrifying Bayford Dolphin catastrophe happened. An experienced tender named William Crammond completed half his usual tasks on board the Byford Dolphin.

Two pressurized living chambers with two divers were installed on the semi-submersible oil rig.

A set of divers were reportedly left in chamber one with safety measures.

In contrast, the second pair of divers rested in chamber two after William Crammond had just bound the diving bell to the pressurized dwelling chambers.

Regrettably, the Norwegian government took so long to accept responsibility for the deaths of five divers in 1983 while it was in charge of the Byford Dolphin.

The families of the five men slain received compensation from the Norwegian government.

According to Newsum, “The Byford Dolphin was one of the most significant oil field catastrophes in history, and it changed everything for the North Sea and commercial diving safety globally.

Then, terrible things started to happen. Under normal conditions, the living chamber doors wouldn’t be securely closed before the diving bell was separated from them.

But the diving bell fell before the chamber doors could seal, resulting in an “explosive decompression.” “It’s a death sentence,” claims Newsum. “You won’t make it,”

The Byford Dolphin Accident Autopsy Report

The four saturation divers that were inside had a much worse outcome.

According to the autopsy report, three individuals within the chamber were effectively “boiled” from the inside. All of them perished immediately.

The grimmest demise occurred to Truls Hellevik, the fourth diver. This was impossible to see from where it had been created.

Byford Dolphin Accident Bodies
Byford Dolphin Accident was one of the most horrifying incidents. (Source- Reddit )

The pressure was released when Hellevik was in front of the living chamber’s partially open door.

His internal parts were thrown onto the deck as his body was sucked out through a hole so small it was impossible to see from where it had been created.

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