Cake memes that will make you LOL and also salivate

Cake Memes

In recent years, memes have become an integral part of Internet culture. People rely on memes for their daily dose of laughter on all social media platforms today.

The Internet is currently filled with memes related to a variety of topics. A largely popular meme among the present generation of Internet users is the cake meme.

Who doesn’t like cake, right? You’ve come to the right place if you’re looking for some hilarious cake memes. We have collected some of the finest cake memes available on the internet that will not only make you laugh out loud but will also make you salivate.

Scroll below for our top picks of the best cake memes.

Cake Memes
Funny Cake Memes

All the cake lovers will surely relate to this meme. Do you love cake as well?

Cake Memes
Hilarious Cake Memes

We would never want to be a part of a prank like this. This is just inhumane.

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funny meme for you
Crazy Cake Memes

Cake trends have really come a long way. Don’t you agree?

Cake Memes
Cake Prank

Have you ever attempted to recreate a cake that you saw online? We bet the results were just as hilarious as this one.

Cake Memes

Live life with no regrets. We have a lot of respect for this cat.

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Cake Memes
Cake Memes on the internet

This cake looks quite funny. We bet it tastes amazing too.

Cake Memes
Funny Cake Memes for you

This is the perfect cake for all the meme lovers out there. Wouldn’t you like a bite?

Cake Memes
Best Cake Memes

This is the perfect cake for all your grumpy friends. Make sure to bake them something similar to brighten up their mood on their birthday.

Cake Memes
Crazy Cake Memes on the internet

Gluttony is a sin. Nevertheless, it isn’t considered a sin when you can have all the cake to yourself. We’d like to bend the rules a little bit.

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Cake Memes
Honestly i did not try.

We can clearly tell that you did not try. You didn’t have to write it on the cake.

Cake Memes
Funniest Cake Memes on the internet

Matt will definitely not be pleased when he sees the cake. Now, this is one unforgettable birthday cake.

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Cake Memes
Cake Memes images

This one tops the list of hilarious cake fails. Make sure you clarify yourself well when you’re ordering cake the next time.

Cake Memes
Cake Memes image

Honestly, if you can’t remember your partner’s age, what are you even doing being in a relationship? That’s a red flag right there.

Cake Memes
Hilarious Cake Meme on the internet

Yup, some of us hate having frilly crap on our birthday cakes. It, however, did not have to be so obvious.

Cake Memes
Cake Memes for you

This meme has us scratching our heads. Is that actually a cake? What did they actually intend to write on the cake?

Cake Memes
Cake Meme images

The worst part about this cake is that the writing on it is not even purple. This is really a major cake fail.

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Cake Memes
Best Cake Memes on the internet

Not sure if your marriage will last? Don’t worry! We’ve got just the perfect wedding cake for you.

Cake Memes
Cake Memes for your entertainment

This one is beyond hilarious. Make sure you save this meme to send to your cake meme-loving friends.

Cake Memes
Epic Cake Memes

This one is actually quite sad. Unfortunately, it’s also true for some of us.

Cake Memes
It’s cake.

Is it cake? No, it’s pi but it’s also cake.

Cake Memes
Hilarious Cake Memes for you to share

This cake hilariously sums up some of our lives. It’s also tragic at the same time.

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Cake Memes
I repeat Do not trust anyone.

This is one mantra all of us should live our lives by. Trust us! You will want to take our word for it.

Cake Memes
Everything is a cake

The guy here actually has got a point. We wholeheartedly agree with him.

Cake Memes
Cake Meme images

Have you ever seen a cake on the Internet and attempted to make one at home but ended up terribly failing? Yes, us too!

Cake Memes
Well Played! Ninja Cake

If you ever want to fool your mom that you’ve started eating your greens, this is just the cake for you. Just make sure she doesn’t cut it.

Cake Memes
Share Cake Memes

We thought that cake was the only thing that wouldn’t ever break our hearts. Turns out we were wrong!

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Cake Memes
Cake, I should make for my boyfriend.

This one is for all the girls out there. Make sure you save this one for the next time you decide to bake a cake for your boyfriend.

Cake Memes
Perfect Cake does exist.

This is not it. That’s all we can say!

Cake Memes
Oh my god, Apple Cake.

We would rather not have any birthday celebrations than to ever be pranked like this. This is just mean.

Cake Meme of the year

If you don’t want to share your birthday cake with your girlfriend, this is just the cake for you. She’ll not take even a single bite. Trust us!

And I was never asked to make a birthday cake again.
And I was never asked to make a birthday cake again.

What are the Barbie dolls doing? This meme has really ruined all our childhoods.

Spider-man Cake Memes

When you want a pretty wedding cake but your boyfriend is obsessed with Spiderman! Doesn’t this sentence perfectly sum up this cake?

I got you a cake.

Box cakes are quite underrated. However, we wouldn’t suggest using them instead of actual cakes.

Bear Grylls
Hilarious Bear Grylls

This is way too hilarious. We bet Bear Grylls loves cake too.

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Cake memes for your laughter

Normal cakes are boring. Rainbow cakes are infinitely better than every other cake out there.

Do you have diabetes? If yes, we’re really sorry for you!

Want to prank your friend on their birthday? Make sure you save this one for later use!

hilarious meme
Hilarious cake meme for you to share

Happy birthday, Emma! We’re so sorry the cake decorator disappointed you.

meme collection
Cake meme that will make you LOL

Why does the bakery always make the most ridiculous mistakes? This is one question that we seriously don’t have any answers to.

Funny meme collection
Funny Cake meme collection

Umm, we don’t think you’d want to eat that. Better safe than sorry, isn’t it?

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