Calum Ritchie Parents: Dad Pat Ritchie And Mom Shannon Ritchie

Discover the influence of Calum Ritchie parents in his hockey journey. Learn about his supportive parents and their impact on his development.

Calum Ritchie, born on January 21, 2005, is an 18-year-old Canadian ice hockey player from Brampton, Ontario.

He developed his skills playing for the Oakville Rangers in his youth.

Ritchie is a highly regarded prospect eligible for the 2023 NHL Entry Draft, with the Colorado Avalanche currently holding his rights.

Known for his exceptional hockey sense, Ritchie’s ability to read and understand the game sets him apart.

His offensive prowess is evident in his support of the puck carrier, intelligent positioning, and anticipation of gaps in coverage.

As the draft approaches, NHL teams are eager to secure this talented player with offensive skill and defensive tenacity.

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Calum Ritchie Parents: Dad Pat Ritchie And Mom Shannon Ritchie

Calum Ritchie, the talented ice hockey player, owes his passion for the sport to his parents, Pat and Shannon Ritchie.

A Vice President at Suncor, an energy company, Pat played AAA and Canadian university hockey at Wilfrid Laurier University.

His own experience in the game inspired Calum’s love for hockey.

From a young age, Calum displayed his enthusiasm for the sport.

Unlike some children, he embraced the ice and never shed a tear when his parents first put him in skates at three.

Hockey became a shared interest for Calum and his father, as they often spent time practising in their driveway when they were not at the rink.

Calum Ritchie parents
Calum Ritchie during camp training. (Image Source: Instagram)

Calum’s passion for the game extended beyond his participation. He actively followed the sport, immersing himself in every aspect.

He became well-versed in team knowledge, memorizing statistics and discussing them effortlessly.

Calum’s dedication to watching games included being an ardent fan of the Toronto Maple Leafs,

He also admired Sidney Crosby and the Pittsburgh Penguins during his upbringing.

The support and encouragement from Calum Ritchie’s parents have played a vital role in nurturing his love for hockey.

Calum Ritchie Brother Ethan Ritchie

Calum Ritchie’s older brother, Ethan Ritchie, has significantly impacted his life and development.

Calum acknowledges Ethan as a driving force behind his improvement in various aspects.

According to Calum, Ethan has always been “way stronger and faster,” which has motivated Calum to strive for improvement on and off the ice.

He has worked hard to catch up to his older brother’s abilities, emulating his day-to-day habits and pushing himself in the gym and on the ice.

Calum Ritchie brother
Ethan, left; Wrobel, centre, and Calum, right. (Image Source: The Athletic)

Ethan’s support remained instrumental during the pandemic when access to training facilities was limited.

Ferri, likely a person who provided equipment, sent Calum and Ethan gear that allowed them to work out together in their basement.

This opportunity proved invaluable, as Calum credits this equipment for helping him gain 30 pounds during quarantine.

Surprisingly, despite the lost pandemic season, Calum views it as a beneficial period for his development rather than a setback.

Ethan Ritchie’s influence and support have played a crucial role in shaping Calum Ritchie’s physical and mental journey, contributing to his growth as an athlete.

Calum Ritchie Ethnicity

Calum Ritchie’s ethnicity is not explicitly available. Without specific details about his ethnic background, it is impossible to determine his ethnicity accurately.

Based on his place of birth in Brampton, Ontario, Canada, it is reasonable to assume that Calum Ritchie has Canadian nationality.

Calum Ritchie Ethnicity
Calum Ritchie is a Canadian ice hockey player from Brampton, Ontario. (Image Source: NHL)

Given the multicultural nature of Canada, Calum Ritchie may have a mixed or specific ethnic background, reflecting the country’s rich diversity.

However, without further information, it is not possible to determine Calum Ritchie’s specific ethnicity.

It is important to respect an individual’s privacy and avoid making assumptions about their ethnic background without accurate knowledge or explicit information.

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