Cami Elliott early life, relationships, career, and net worth

Who is Cami Elliott?

Cami Elliot is a well-known celebrity. Married to Canadian actor Brennan Elliott in 2011, Cami Elliot is a homemaker. In addition, Cami Elliott is also a cancer survivor whose marriage to Brennan pushed her into the limelight.

Cami Elliott with her husband, Brennan Elliott

Quick facts

Full nameCami Elliott
Birthday24th March 1975
BirthplaceNorthern Canda
NicknamesNot available
Father’s nameUnknown
Mother’s nameUnknown
Eye Color Dark Brown
Hair ColorDark Brown
Height5 feet 5 inches
Weight60 kg
CollegeNot available
Marital statusMarried
Name of husbandBrennan Elliott
Net worthUSD 1 million

Early life, upbringing, and parents

Elliott was born to Scottish-Candian parents whose names remain undisclosed at the moment. Similarly, she was born and raised in Northern Canada. Her surname prior to marriage remains unknown.

Cami is an only child and she has no siblings. Since Cami is a single child, she was extremely pampered and every one of her needs was met by her loving parents.

Based on available information, Cami Elliott had a normal childhood and a good upbringing.


Cami was born on 24th March 1975. She was born in Canada.


Since Cami Elliott was born on 24th March, her zodiac is Aries. As an Aries, Cami is a born leader.

Likewise, she is extremely energetic and passionate. In addition, people having this zodiac are known to be bold, outgoing, intelligent, and highly ambitious.

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Nationality, religion, and ethnicity

Since Cami was born in Canada, she is a Canadian national. The celebrity is of Scottish-Candian ethnicity. Moreover, she is a follower of Christianity.

Educational background

Cami seems to be a well-educated woman. She received most of her education in Canada itself.

The celebrity spouse studied in a local high school located in Northern Canada. However, the name of her high school is unknown at the moment.

Moreover, Cami seems to have gotten her college education in Canada itself. Nevertheless, information about the name of her university and her major has not yet been disclosed.

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Height, weight, and measurements

The star wife is of average female height as she stands tall at 5 feet and 5 inches. Likewise, her weight is estimated to be 60 kilograms which are approximately about 132 pounds.

The Canadian beauty’s measurements are 34-25-34 which gives her the perfect curves and a beautiful hourglass figure. In addition, her eyes are brown in color and her hair is dark brown. She wears US size 6 shoes.

Relationships and dating history

The only relationship of Cami Elliott that the public is aware of is her linkup and eventual marriage with Canadian actor Brennan Elliott. Apart from this, information about her past boyfriends and dating history is currently unknown.

Brennan Elliott met his future wife in the 1990s. During this time, Brennan was still a struggling actor and had not yet established himself in the world of entertainment.

Cami Elliott's husband, Brennan Elliott with their kids

The two of them were introduced to each other by a mutual friend. Brennan and Cami instantly got attracted to each other and began dating. Their love blossomed and after dating each other for many years, the love birds moved in

Some years later, Brennan proposed to Cami. At this time, Brennan had been able to build quite a good acting career for himself. The love birds made their relationship official in the year 2011 when they got married in a private ceremony in presence of their closest friends and family members.

Both Brennan and Cami prefer to remain fairly low profile. As a result, photos of their wedding have not been released to the public yet.

Cami and Brennan have been leading quite a happy life with their kids at their Canadian home. There have been no reports of extramarital affairs or family disputes, which indicates that the couple is enjoying a happy marriage.

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After getting married to each other, Cami and Brennan enjoyed parenthood when they became parents to a baby boy. After his arrival, the couple was blessed with the birth of their daughter.

Apart from this, information about their children’s dates of birth has not yet been made available. Similarly, the name of their first-born son has also not been revealed yet.

It is, however, known that their youngest daughter is named Luna Elliott. The celebrity couple has been pretty quiet
when it comes to divulging the details about their kids.

Cami and Elliott probably want to maintain their kids’ privacy and wish that they lead a normal childhood. In fact, due to this very reason, neither Cami nor Brennan has released their children’s photographs until now.

Brennan Elliot and wife Camilla Row with their children 2

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Cami Elliott’s cancer diagnosis

Fans of Brennan Elliott were shocked when the news regarding Cami Elliott’s cancer diagnosis became public in 2018. Prior to this, Cami suffered from ill-health.

The Canadian native bravely fought a battle with stomach cancer and also gained victory over it. According to reports, Cami Elliott is completely cancer-free and is in remission.

Cami is currently enjoying perfect health and has not had any other medical issues since her 2018 cancer diagnosis.
Undoubtedly, Cami leads quite an active lifestyle and follows a healthy diet to further aid with her improving health.

Brennan Elliott has always been vocal about the mental toll that cancer can have on families. In addition, the Canadian actor has constantly complimented his wife’s immense strength and bravery.

In honor of World Cancer Day 2019, Brennan tweeted, “Today is #worldcancerday2019 & I cannot stress enough the importance of prevention & early detection. More importantly, I am so proud of my wife who beat #stomachcancer last year. She’s a true warrior. #CancerSurvivor #CancerAwareness.”

Additionally, Brennan also posted another tweet honoring his wife on the occasion of World Cancer Day 2020. He posted a photo of his wife standing on a balcony with her back faced to the camera and looking at the streets.

Even though Cami’s face was not shown to the camera, she looked healthy and seemed to be doing well after a long and hard fight with cancer.

Cami Elliott taking selfie after  cancer diagnosis
Cami Elliott taking selfie after cancer diagnosis

Cami Elliott career

Many of Brennan Elliott’s fans are curious about Cami Elliott’s profession. Unlike her actor husband, Cami is not involved in showbiz.

Cami Elliott is a homemaker. She is currently enjoying her family life. In addition, Cami is focusing on supporting her husband’s career and is very much involved in raising her two kids properly.

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Recent news and controversies

Owing to Cami Elliott’s reserved nature, she usually does not remain in the news much often. However, the media seems to be very curious about each and every move of the celebrity.

Cami Elliott’s 2018 cancer diagnosis made a lot of headlines in the past. Similarly, the news of Brennan Elliott spending time with his wife and children during the Covid-19 pandemic was also covered by the media.

Brennan expressed how he was able to make up for the lost time he invested in work by hanging out with his family during the lockdown. In fact, he even uploaded a cute video on Twitter, where was trying to do his daughter’s hair.

Apart from this, Cami Elliott has not been in any controversies up until now.

Cami Elliott and Brennan Elliott

Since Cami is the wife of Candian actor Brennan Elliott, she is mostly associated with him. Brennan was born on 24th March 1975. He is known for his roles on Strong Medicine, The 4400, Cedar Cove, and UnREAL.

Brennan is also known by the nickname Big B. The actor had a difficult childhood and is an only child. While his
father worked as a bank manager, his mother was employed in a finance company.

Brennan Elliott with his son and daughter

However, Brennan’s parents divorced when he was very young. As a result, Brennan had a strained relationship with both his parents. His childhood was spent mostly with his paternal grandmother.

Before making it big in the acting world, Brennan Elliott went through a lot of struggles. Despite getting educated from the prestigious Actors Studio at the Juilliard School in New York City, Brennan Elliott had to work as a waiter to support himself.

Best known for his portrayal of Dr. Nick Biancavilla on Strong Medicine, Brennan Elliott has acted in several other movies and TV series. Some of his notable performances include Curse of Chucky, Dream House, Kiss at Pine Lake, Dirty Teacher, and First Wave.

On countless occasions, Brennan Elliot has expressed his love and appreciation towards his dear wife. In an interview with Ruth Hill, Brennan talked about how Cami has selflessly taken care of him and his kids.

Furthermore, Brennan said that due to Cami’s dedication towards their family, he can go off for months at a time and work. He also credited her for being his inspiration and source of support.

The actor also emphasized that Cami’s undying support has helped him to pull off his characters and difficult projects with ease. Finally, Brennan added, “Behind every strong man is a strong woman.”

Cami Elliott's husband Brennan Elliott
Cami Elliott’s husband Brennan Elliott

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Net worth, income, and lifestyle

Cami Elliott’s estimated net worth is about USD 1 million. Her husband Brennan Elliott also has an impressive net worth of USD 3 million. Together, the power couple boasts a remarkable USD 4 million net worth.

Owing to their net worth, Cami and Elliot lead quite a luxurious life. They are able to not only meet their own needs but are also able to provide very well for their kids.

Cami Elliott social media

The Canadian celebrity leads a notoriously private life. Due to this, fans wishing to get a glimpse of Cami’s day-to-day activities through social media will probably be disappointed. This is because Cami is not active on any major social media platforms.

Although there exist a few accounts using Cami’s name on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, they are not her official accounts. Nevertheless, people can get an insight into the lives of the Elliotts through Brennan Elliott’s
Instagram and Twitter accounts.

On Twitter, Brennan is active under the username “brennan_elliott”. He has 27.3 followers on Twitter and the actor often posts pictures of his adorable children and his beloved wife.

Likewise, on Instagram, Brennan is active under the handle “brennanelliott2”. The actor is followed by 36.5k people on the social networking platform.

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