Camila Mendes is preparing to leave the world of Riverdale behind her.

She has starred in Veronica Lodge since The CW series premiered in 2017. However, Camila Mendes looks forward to challenging herself with new roles when Riverdale ends after its upcoming seventh season. 

“There’s so much more I want to experience, there’s still so much more I want to achieve, and I get a small window to do that between seasons,” she told InStyle on Sept. 15.

Added, “I want to have other things under my belt. I don’t want it to just be Riverdale.”

Camila said Riverdale’s increasingly kooky episodes aren’t why she’s looking forward to this new chapter, rejecting the idea that she and her co-stars dislike it. 

“Everyone’s always like, yeah, ‘Free the Riverdale actors’ or whatever, but I think ultimately, we’re all going to be sorry when it’s over,” Actress said. “Any sort of creative artist seeks ongoing challenges, and there’s a point in time when something ceases to be challenging.”

She continued, “I think everyone’s just ready for that next chapter. It’s like we’re outgrowing the show in a way.”

However, the Riverdale stars have not outgrown each other. On the contrary, Camila, Lili, and Madelaine Petsch become even closer as the series ends.

 “They’re like my sisters—we’ve all seen parts of each other that no one else has seen,” Camila noted. “It’s like family—you don’t choose them. So maybe these aren’t people that I would’ve been friends with had I just met them once at a party, but we’re bonded by this experience.”

Moreover, Camila mendes pledged to keep the joint TikTok account @blondebrunetteredhead active, adding, “I will not let it die.” So we won’t miss them.

A new season of Riverdale will premiere next year on The CW. 

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