Candy Samples: Bio, Career, Affairs, and Net Worth

Who is Candy Samples?

Candy Samples is an adult film actress whose name has been synonymous with huge-breasted vixen throughout her decades-long career. During the 1960s, she appeared in numerous black and white magazines in ‘cheesecake’ positions.

Candy Samples is also a model and an exotic dancer. She became a fan favorite through her numerous features and constant personal appearances.

Candy Samples began as a dancer, but her career took a turn when a photographer saw her and asked her to collaborate with him as a model. She accepted the offer two weeks later.

The 5ft 4 beauty started her career as a nude model when she was already in her 40s. This in itself is remarkable since many girls involved in this field are not more than in their early 30s. However, Candy’s voluptuous body and large chest made her look quite desirable despite her age.

Candy Samples Biography
Candy Samples Biography

Candy is often described as a sweet, fun-loving woman who is quite an extrovert and enjoys being around people. That is why she became a quite loved and established face of the adult-film industry in relatively less time.

Though Candy enjoyed a reasonably successful career, she wasn’t as fortunate regarding love and relationship. She was married many times, but none of her marriages lasted long.

Candy believed in God and wished to be guided by his life. Sadly, she passed away at the age of 91. However, Candy always said she was happy and satisfied with her life.

Though a famous porn star, Candy lived a relatively anonymous life during her last years. She often changed her name and preferred to stay away from the media attention.

However, this article has collected some of the most shocking facts about Candy Samples. So, to know more about it, scroll down. We promise you won’t be disappointed!

Quick Facts

Full NamePatsy Ruth
NicknameCandy Samples
BirthdayApril 12, 1928
TraitsAries female traits Positive- Determined, Passionate, and Bold Negative- Irritable, Procrastinator, and Impatient
BirthplaceLincoln, Nebraska, USA
Marital StatusDivorced
ChildrenOne son
ProfessionAdult actress, Model
Age at the time of death91
Net WorthUSD 600 Thousand

Interesting Facts

1. Candy picked up this name for her adult pseudonym.

Though she is now widely known as Candy, this is not her real name. Her real name was Patsy Ruth. She picked up this name as her adult pseudonym because she had a sweet tooth.

3. Candy Samples did private sessions for her fans.

Candy would sometimes pose for private photographic sessions for fans who she encountered when dancing in clubs around the country.

4. Samples also wrote columns for magazines like Juggs.

After her retirement, the beauty queen remained active- writing columns in the 1990s. Similarly, she had an online fan club where she would have chat sessions with fans.

5. Candy’s husband had been killed in a car accident.

Candy occasionally talked about how her husband had been killed when a tractor hit his car. This made her life as a single mother very difficult.

6. She had a breast reduction in her later years.

Samples was most famous for her big breasts. However, after she disappeared into anonymity, she had breast reduction surgery. As she laughingly mentioned,

“I had the breast reduction when I started bending over.”

Early life and Childhood

On April 12, 1928, Candy was born in Lincoln, Nebraska, USA. Her mother was staying in a boarding house there. But they later moved to Kansas City, Missouri, to be close to her family. Her real name is Patsy Ruth.

Candy Samples photo
Candy Samples photo

She had a luxurious childhood, as her grandfather owned a large farm and her step-father also was reasonably well-off. However, Candy felt she lacked the emotional support she needed growing up. As she said,

“I didn’t have the emotional things that I needed. You know somebody closer, kinder. I grew up by myself.”

She grew up being quite conservative. Candy didn’t smoke and drank like other girls of her age. She also attended church and loved talking to God in her way. In addition, she liked going to school and dancing. She graduated from high school in the mid-1940s. She later graduated from college with a degree in arts.


Candy never knew her birth father, and she lived with her stepfather. Her stepfather owned a dry-cleaning store.

Her mothers had ten sisters, and she was very close to them.

As per Candy, her grandfather was quite strict, while her grandmother was a sweet, gentle woman who loved everyone and whom everyone loved. Samples also state that she always thought men were not as nice as women because of her relationship with her grandfather and stepfather.

Romantic Relationship and Affairs

Candy Samples was in a relationship with many men. Unfortunately, she had a string of bad relationships with men. The rumor is that she was married eight times!

Candy Samples Adult model
Candy Samples Adult model

Pat Romano (Ex-husband)

Candy met Pat when she was still modeling. However, she stopped hardcore modeling after she met him. He became her manager, bodyguard, and business partner. Pat was the one who forced her to return to hardcore films in her mid-50s. Sometimes, he would even insist on appearing on some of them.

Romano took much of her money. He even set up a fan club in the name of Candy. However, he ripped off the members by taking the money but not sending the merchandise.

Pat was arrested twice for selling drugs. It is rumored that he committed suicide while in prison.

Other relationships

After she left the industry, she married again and moved to Texas. Unfortunately, however, that relationship didn’t end too well for her.

Then, she moved to Arizona and married a former cop. However, he was physically abusive and took all of Candy’s money. So, she decided to move on.

In 2007, she married again, which ended up in a divorce in 2009. Then, in November, she was married to the same man who drained all her bank accounts.

Luckily, she was taken care of by her former fan and friend John who was with her till her last breath.

Candy Samples Son

Candy had one son with her first husband. She always took good care of her son and ensured that he remained away from her modeling career. He didn’t know that his mother was modeling until he was in college. Candy shared the incident his son found the explicit picture of his mother in a magazine. She recalls,

“One day, he called me and asked did you know you had a picture of you in the magazine? I said no. And he goes like, ‘Everybody is talking about that picture, and here you are!’ I still don’t know which picture it is, but it must have been crude.”

So, Candy slowly started losing interest in her work and slowed down. However, sadly her son passed away in a car accident.

Candy often wondered if it was her that caused her son’s death. She never knew her son was doing drugs, and she wondered if that was what caused the accident. Samples always regretted that she was too far away to help her son when he needed her the most. So, it bothered her that maybe she didn’t do the right thing for her son.

She also has three grandchildren.


Candy Samples joined an import/export company after completing her college studies. She traveled to many places while in her job, which she enjoyed.

She then started working for a modeling agency in California. As per Candy, she was paid for the modeling and received commissions for the clothes sold.

Young Candy Samples
Candy Samples Modeling

Later, she started working as a nude model in her 40s. A photographer, Dick James, approached her, saying she had a magnificent body. During her initial days as a nude model, she thought it wasn’t a good thing as she grew up in the conservative society of Missouri. However, slowly she gained confidence and enjoyed her work too.

She then appeared in pornographic movies and some B-movie campy roles. She also took part in some “sexy wrestling” short-footage films, mainly for Triumph Studios and Ron Dvorkin’s Bellstone. Candy has shot almost 96 adult movies.

Candy Samples movies

Movie NameRoleYear
The Breast of Russ Meyer 2001
Cock Robin 1989
Bigger the Better 1988
Bouncin’ in the USA 1986
40 Plus: The VideoThe Mistress/ Girl with Fruit1986
The Taste of CandyWidow1985
Down and Dirty 1985
Inside Candy SamplesDr. Candy Cox1985
The Best Little Whorehouse in San FranciscoFanny Mae1985
Electric Blue 19 1984
All the Way in!Candy Keen1984
Candy’s Big Black MasterLady in Red1979
Hey! There’s Naked Bodies on My TV!Mayor’s Wife1979
Beneath the Valley of the Ultra-VixensMary Gavin1979
Fantasm Comes AgainFrances1977
Oriental Ecstasy GirlsHoney1974
Bust OutMrs. Brown1973
Window of PassionVoyeur1971
Mother Knows BestFlame Fletcher1971
Candy Samples
Candy Samples

Health Issues

Candy was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s and Dementia. As a result, she had difficulty remembering specific details of her decade-long career, and her memory deteriorated.

She became disoriented and even went missing from her house. Eventually, with the help of police helicopters and dogs, Candy was found and brought back.

Candy Samples Death

Sadly, Candy passed away on September 26, 2019, in Virginia, USA. She was 91 at the time of her death.

Candy Samples Net Worth

Candy Samples’ net worth at the time of her death is around USD 600K.


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