Cara Delevingne’s close friends say that the English model is going through a rough time and is facing many issues beyond substance abuse problems. However, it is increasingly evident that they are desperate to help her.

Cara Delevingne's friends want her to get therapy and rehab
Cara Delevingne’s friends want her to get therapy and rehab

A close friend of the model, Margot Robbie, was distraught when she left her L.A. home of Cara this week.

According to sources, there is a good reason Margot’s emotions came tumbling out on that day. Several reasons are at hand.

Reports have been circulating that Cara has been experiencing mental health issues for quite some time. But now, the people closest to her believe she needs rehab too.

Margot and other friends of Cara have reportedly advocated for her immediate entry into a mental therapy and substance abuse treatment program to help her recover.

In August, Cara and Margot went on vacation together, traveling together to Spain with other friends in honor of Cara’s 30th birthday. Since then, Cara’s public appearances have become increasingly chaotic.

She looked messy and confused when she embarked on one of Jay-Z’s private jets in Los Angeles last week. However, she exited the flight 45 minutes as it failed to take off.

The day Margot came to visit Cara, she had her own New York Fashion Week event to attend. But unfortunately, she never made it to New York City.

Various sources indicate that Cara does not hinder the treatment of any situation. However, there is no conclusive answer, but she is taking her time, and reports suggest that her struggles are worsening.

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