Offset was treated like a king on Father’s Day, thanks to Cardi B and his kids, who showered him with a morning buffet worthy of IHOP.

Four of the rapper’s five children were present for breakfast in bed, Kody, Jordan, Kulture, and Wave Cephus. A tray of tasty dishes was laid out by Cardi, though Offset had to turn it around so he could eat it.

Eggs, chicken, bacon, pancakes, fruit, and some kind of porridge were all available as food options.

As a good dad, Offset obliged his children’s requests to read their cards and open their gifts downstairs, so it’s unclear if he had time for a bite. By the way, their house was decked out for Father’s Day with flowers and balloons.

His kids seem to think their old man is a hoot, since Offset took it all in stride. It’s nice to see the whole family together on such a special day.