Carla Cotterli Edad: How Old Is The Designer?

Carla Cotterli Edad: How old is the designer? Join us and let us unveil this famous designer’s age, including other interesting details about her.

Carla Cotterli, an accomplished influencer and designer, commands an impressive follower count on her Instagram profile.

Featured on ‘Telecinco’s El Programa del Verano,’ images of Carla were showcased, accompanied by assertions of her degree in Psychology.

However, she has meticulously steered her professional trajectory toward the dynamic realms of marketing and communication.

Her specialization centers on orchestrating events and managing public relations, all within the vibrant sphere of the fashion industry.

Remarkably, she established her very own brand, The Cotton Brand.

Beyond that, Carla’s entrepreneurial spirit is further demonstrated through her roles as co-founder and president of a communication agency, engaged in fruitful collaborations with diverse corporate entities.

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Carla Cotterli Edad: How Old Is The Designer?

Carla Cotterli’s age has sparked curiosity among many. To provide an answer to this query, she stands at 35 years old.

However, the veil over her birthdate remains intact due to insufficient information.

Originating from Madrid, she carries her native roots with pride.

With an active presence on social media, Carla shares many posts that offer a window into her social activities with friends, allowing us to catch glimpses of her various interests.

Her deep affection for animals, notably her dog Manuela, can be seen through the photos where they journey together, even to destinations as exotic as the Balearic Islands.

Carla Cotterli edad
Carla Cotterli with her cute dog, Manuela. (Source: Instagram)

The allure of the beach holds a special place in her heart, motivating her to frequent visits to the Balearic Islands, with a penchant for Ibiza and Formentera, maximizing these escapes whenever her calendar permits.

However, it’s without a doubt that her Instagram account primarily shines a spotlight on her fashion choices.

With an adept eye for style and trends, Carla showcases her impeccable taste in clothing.

She effortlessly harmonizes the latest fashion movements with comfort and elegance, a synergy further elevated by her meticulous selection of accessories that perfectly complement her overall look.

Carla Cotterli relationship 2023

The romantic relationships of public figures have consistently held a captivating allure for the masses, leaving people in a state of constant curiosity about the current dating status of these individuals.

In a notable instance, Semana magazine unveiled a series of photographs featuring Carla alongside a companion, unmistakably portraying her as the genuine romantic interest of none other than Albert Rivera.

Carla Cotterli Relationship
Carla Cotterli’s alleged boyfriend is Albert Rivera. (Source:

Caught by the lens of paparazzi, the couple’s rendezvous unfolded at various locations, including the Ibiza airport and multiple beaches within the Balearic island.

Carla’s Instagram account offers a visual journey of her experiences in Ibiza.

However, it’s worth noting that there is no visible presence of Rivera in any of Carla’s Instagram posts, which starkly contrasts the candid images showcased in Semana magazine.

These images beautifully capture moments of intimacy and joyful moments shared between the two.

While the connection between the two is discernible, it’s essential to acknowledge that the couple has not made an official public declaration about their relationship.

In light of this, exercising caution and avoiding speculative assumptions seems wise as we await an official announcement from them directly.

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