Carola Julio Wikipedia And Edad: How Old Is The Journalist?

Explore Carola Julio Wikipedia: Learn about the accomplished journalist’s career and contributions to travel writing and editing.

With a remarkable career spanning over two decades in audiovisual media, Carola Julio stands as a seasoned producer, journalist, and consultant.

Her expertise shines in digital journalism, where she has honed her skills to perfection.

However, Carola’s journey transcends the confines of a newsroom, as she has spent the last eight years traversing the globe with her pioneering project, “Traveling Journalists.”

Through this venture, she has combined her passion for journalism with her love for exploration, bringing captivating narratives from the far corners of the world to audiences everywhere.

Carola Julio is a true storyteller of our time, seamlessly blending her professional acumen with her wanderlust spirit.

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Carola Julio Wikipedia and Biography

Carola Fernandez Moores is a multifaceted professional whose career spans over two decades, encompassing journalism, travel blogging, and media production.

With a remarkable 21 years of experience in audiovisual media, she has established herself as a prominent figure in the industry, excelling as a producer, journalist, and consultant.

Carola’s expertise is particularly pronounced in digital journalism, where she has honed her skills to deliver compelling narratives to global audiences.

One of Carola’s most notable endeavours is her pioneering travel journalism project, “Traveling Journalists,” which has taken her on an extraordinary eight-year journey worldwide.

Fluent in Spanish, English, and French, she seamlessly connects with diverse cultures and communities, enriching her storytelling.

Carola Julio Wikipedia and bio
 Journalists and travellers Carola Julio and her husband have been travelling the world together. (Image Source: LinkedIn)

In addition to her journalism pursuits, Carola Fernandez Moores is an avid enthusiast of emerging technological trends, which she leverages to enhance her work.

Her role as the General Producer of the HacksHackersBa Media Party and her membership in Chicas Poderosas (an organization empowering women in technology) highlights her commitment to innovation within the industry.

Carola’s dedication to education is evident in her role as a television and journalism teacher, sharing her extensive knowledge with aspiring professionals.

Since 2012, she has been an independent content creator, sharing her travel experiences and insights on her blog,, in collaboration with her husband, Marcelo Borrego, a journalist.

Together, they have embarked on an incredible journey, visiting 90 countries and publishing four captivating travel chronicles books, leaving an indelible mark on travel journalism.

Carola Julio Edad: How Old Is The Journalist?

Carola Julio’s exact date of birth remains undisclosed, making it challenging to ascertain her age.

However, she has left a notable mark in journalism and travel writing, mainly through her collaboration with journalist Marcelo Borrego.

Carola played a significant role as the editor of the book “I drink and I know things. Stories from Europe,” authored by Marcelo Borrego, which offers a captivating blend of travel chronicles, journalism, and history.

As an editor, Carola Fernández Moores demonstrated her editorial prowess by curating and enhancing the narrative that takes readers on a captivating journey through ten European countries.

Carola Julio Edad
Carola Julio was enjoying her time in Istanbul Turquia. (Image Source: Vimeo)

Together with Marcelo, they embarked on numerous adventures, following in the footsteps of iconic historical figures and exploring intriguing stories from France to Germany and beyond.

Their book, “I drink and I know things. Stories from Europe,” offers readers a unique and engaging perspective on the lives and legacies of famous personalities such as Napoleon, Sherlock Holmes, Rasputin, and many others.

Carola’s skilful editing allowed for the seamless intertwining of travel experiences, journalism, and historical accounts, creating a compelling read that kept readers engrossed until the end.

While Carola Julio’s age may remain a mystery, her contributions to travel journalism and her ability to craft captivating narratives are undeniably praiseworthy.

Her work alongside Marcelo Borrego is a testament to her dedication to storytelling and her role in bringing the adventures of “Traveling Journalists” to a broader audience.

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