Catherine Rusoff: Bio, Husband, Children, Career, and Net Worth

Who is Catherine Rusoff?

Catherine Rusoff is a Hollywood actress. She has acted in several works like ‘The Whereabouts,’ ‘Married…with Children’. She is married to a famous comedian and actor, Ed O’Neill, known for the series ‘Modern Family.’

Catherine lives in a mansion with her husband and has a daughter, who is also an actress.

Catherine Rusoff: Childhood

Catherine was born in the year 1954. Her childhood years have been quite ordinary. Then she had no background in movies or the entertainment industry.

She was born in Teaneck, New Jersey, in a simple Christian family of white ethnicity.

She went to Teaneck High School from where she graduated in 1972. Catherine spent most of her teenage years in Teaneck itself. After her high school graduation, she applied to the University of Teaneck.

Catherine has kept her family and her early life hidden from the media. She has not disclosed her romantic life in Teaneck too.

Catherine hasn’t disclosed how she was during her teenage years.

Catherine Rusoff: Relationship

Catherine is a married woman and a mother of two daughters. She married an actor and comedian Ed O’Neill.

Catherine’s fame in the media is only due to her relationship and marriage with Ed O’Neill. Ed is a successful and followed actor.

The only relationship the media is aware of is her relationship with Ed O’Neill.

They started dating around 1984-1985. Catherine and Ed decided that they were perfect for each other, and in the year 1986, they tied the knot.

Their marriage has lasted for more than 33 years now. And though they’ve had a bit of difference, they have sorted it out.

They had broken up three years after their marriage. But, they realized that they were the best partner for each other. Thus, they decided to get back together in the year 1993.

The couple has two beautiful daughters. They are Claire O’Neill and Sophia O’Neill.

Catherine Rusoff’s Daughter: Sophia O’Neill

Catherine’s daughter Sophia is an actor as well. She possesses several talents under her belt.

Sophia has appeared in series and movies back from 2010. She appeared in the film ‘On the Block II’ in the year 2010. She had appeared in a cameo in a famous sitcom Modern Family. in which her father starred.

Similarly, she also acted ‘An American Funeral,’ which got released in 2017. She is also a hand balancer.

Sophia has her mother’s gene and her father’s charisma. She’s sure to be a successful figure after she grows up.

Catherine Rusoff’s husband: Ed O’Neill

Catherine’s husband has been a prime figure in the field of sitcoms and entertainment. He’s always been an influential figure in the show business.

Ed was born as the eldest of five children to parents who worked very hard to make their children’s life easy. He was a talented and smart kid who was very good at sports. That sportsmanship won him a scholarship to join the University of Athens.

He said that there he flunked his classes and only went to college to play football. He started performing dramas during that period but didn’t get much from that. He did odd jobs and even taught social studies classes as a substitute teacher.

He went on to do various dramas, but he didn’t succeed in his early days. He finally got his breakthrough when he got selected for a Broadway play. This play called ‘Knockout’ kickstarted Ed’s career.

Ed got roles in movies and TV shows. He was first offered a co-starring position in the film ‘Cruising.’ This movie featured big stars like Al Pacino.

Then he got a supporting part in ‘The Dogs of War.’ It was an action movie about war. This movie gave Ed Hollywood exposure and led him to many other roles.

He started appearing in guest roles on TV. He appeared in ‘Miami Vince,’ ‘Spencer: For Hire,’ and other guest appearances.

His breakthrough role though, was in a sitcom that established him as a comic actor. This sitcom has the title ‘Married…with Children.’

It ran for almost a decade with excellent records and made Ed a household name. This series follows the story of a dysfunctional blue-collar family in Chicago. Ed played the role of Al Bundy, who often drinks beers after work and watches TV.

Ed O’Neill went on to so some other movies like ‘Dutch,’ ‘Wayne’s World,’ and ‘Little Giants.’ He did ‘Dutch’ in 1991, ‘Wayne’s World’ in 1992, and ‘Little Giants’ in 1994.

He began to diverse out his roles and started doing different characters every time. Ed did the detective drama ‘The Spanish Prisoner,’ released in 1997. He also did a thriller, ‘The Bone Collector,’ in 1999.

After doing a few movies, Ed returned to TV by doing ‘Big Apple’ in 2001. He also participated in the remake of ‘Dragnet’ in 2003.

Jay Pritchett in ‘Modern Family’ was Ed’s most famous role. This sitcom has a very amusing and unique story. Ed’s performance in it got appreciated by viewers and critics alike. Ed made it to the nominations for Emmy Awards due to his performance in the series.

Aside from all these movies and series, he finds time for doing voice-overs in animated films.

Catherine Rusoff: Career

Catherine’s career rose to stardom only after she married Ed. Her husband made her path more manageable. She got roles more comfortably due to her husband’s influence.

Catherine has had quite a few and notable roles in the film and TV industry.

She’s known for her roles in ‘Married…With Children.’ She had two different parts in that series. Catherine appeared as Mona Squab in season 2. For the second time, she played the role of Betsy in season 6 of the series.

And, she’s also known for appearing in ‘Adam 12.’ It is a cop show with seven seasons starting from 1968. In the storyline, two policemen patrol the streets and experience several incidents.

She had other roles too. She acted in NBC TV’s ‘Highway to Heaven,’ which started in 1984. ‘Highway to Heaven’ is a drama series with five seasons altogether.

‘Midnight Caller’ was another of her series in which she worked. A guilty ex-policeman becomes a radio host to help troubled people, in this series.

Catherine Rusoff has also been in TV movies like ‘The Whereabouts.’

Catherine Rusoff: Net worth

Catherine Rusoff hasn’t had a big success than other actresses of her generation. However, she has accumulated a net worth of $500,000.

Her husband’s case is not the same. He’s a very influential and successful man in Hollywood. Over the years, he has garnered the net worth of $65 million.

The couple often visits exotic places for holidays and outings.

They live in a mansion that costs $3.05 million. And it’s worth that much money. It has all the luxuries one needs at home.

This mansion is located in Los Angeles and designed by architect Cliff May. This mansion in LA is not the only fancy property that they own.

They’ve got a villa in Hawaii too. They bought this 4,204 sq feet villa in 2019. They paid 6.25 million dollars for this property.

Following are some quick facts on Catherine Rusoff:

Full Name: Catherine Rusoff O’Neill
Age: 65 years
Birth Date: 1954
Birth Place: Teaneck, New Jersey, USA
Nationality: American
Education: University of Teaneck
Marital Status: Married
Spouse: Ed O’Neill
Children: Two
Profession: Actress
Active years: 1974-present
Net worth: $500,000

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