Who is Chandler Belfort?

Chandler Belfort is the daughter of The Wolf of Wall Street, Jordan Belfort, and model Nadine Caridi. Chandler practices mental health counseling in New York. As a result, her personal life is as healthy as expected.

This movie based on Jordan Belfort’s life may have contributed to Jordan Belfort’s daughter’s internet popularity. 

The life story of her father was a hit in Hollywood. “The Wolf of Wall Street”: a memoir and a movie successfully covered Jordan Belfort’s life events. 

In addition, the film gave an inside glimpse of some parts of Chandler’s childhood.

Chandler Belfort Biography
Chandler Belfort Biography

Quick facts

Full name             Chandler Ann Belfort
Birthday               July 29th, 1994
Age28 years old
Birthplace                           Los Angeles, California
Nationality            American
EthnicityA mix of German, American, English, and Italian
Parents               Jordan Belfort (father)
Nadine Caridi (Mother)
Siblings            Carter Belfort (Brother)

Frankie Macaluso, Nicky Macaluso, and Allie Macaluso (step-sisters)
Spouse          Connor (Fiance)
Children           None
Sun signLeo
EducationVistamar School (2002-2012),
Muhlenberg College: Bachelor of Arts, Psychology and Spanish Language Literature and Culture (2012-2016),
Steinhardt College, NYU, Masters in Mental Health Counseling/Counselor (2017-2019)
Occupation              Mental Health Counselor
Net worth                Unknown
Eye Color Hazel
Hair ColorBrown
Height5 ft 2 inches

Early life

Chandler Belfort was born on July 29th, 1994. Her father, Jordan Belfort, is an American author, motivational speaker, and former stockbroker. On the other hand, her mother, Nadine, is a Licensed Marriage and family therapist.

Chandler is always smiling, and positive vibes flow around her. She is the eldest child of her parents. She has a brother, Carter Belfort, who is one year younger.

“The Wolf of Wall Street” shows that Chandler had a traumatic childhood. Despite a luxurious life on the outside, she didn’t have emotional security. A child would experience a great deal of trauma in a drug user and abuser’s family.

Her parents’ toxic relationship is what she witnessed growing up. Chandler saw her parents arguing over petty issues.

According to the movie, one night, after a terrible fight between Chandler’s parents, her mother warned her father about leaving him and taking the children away.

It provoked Jordan. He took her in the car. Since her father drove under the influence of angst and drugs, he crashed the car. It was, by far, the most disturbing scene in the movie.

Imagine how hard it must have been for Chandler to go through the phase.

On a positive note, Chandler was lucky enough to experience a normal childhood after her parents’ divorce. She lived an ordinary life with her mother and siblings. 

She did her schooling at Vistamar School from 2008 to 2012. Jordan Belfort’s daughter attended Muhlenberg College and received an undergraduate degree in Arts, Psychology, and Spanish Language Literature and Culture. 

Chandler has her master’s degree in Psychology from New York University. She is currently a mental health counselor. 

Nadine’s daughter’s traumatic childhood shaped her choice of profession. Today, she works with those struggling with psychological problems.


Jordan Belfort (father)

Jordan Belfort, also known as The Wolf of Wall Street, is an author, a motivational speaker, and a former stockbroker. He shot to fame for all the wrong things he did as a stockbroker.

Jordan wrote books such as The Wolf of Wall Street (2007) and Catching The Wolf of Wall Street (2009). Leonardo DiCaprio played the role of Jordan in the movie adaptation of the original publication.

At present, Jordan is also a motivational speaker. He still gets into controversies. But, over the years, things have changed for good.

chandler belfort's father Jordan Belfort
Chandler Belfort’s father, Jordan Belfort

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Nadine Caridi Macaluso (mother)

Chandler is the firstborn of Nadine Caridi, now Nadine Macaluso.
She was renowned as the second wife of Jordan Belfort and the “Duchess of Bay Ridge.”

Nadine was a model and an actress. She was married to the former stockbroker for 15 years.

After the divorce, she married John Macaluso. Today, Caridi is a licensed marriage and family therapist living happily with her new husband and children.

chandler belfort's mother Nadine Caridi
Chandler Belfort’s mother, Nadine Caridi

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Carter Belfort

Carter is Chandler’s only sibling. However, he is a year younger than Chandler.
Like his sister, he completed his high school at Vistamar School and his higher studies at Muhlenberg College.

However, his career path changed, and he attained an undergraduate degree in Arts, Entertainment, and Media Management from Los Angeles Film School.

He was also interested in being a stockbroker and worked as the Vice President of Brand Development at Global Motivation Inc. However, that also changed.

He is now an aspiring rapper and goes by The Drunken Poet. Unlike Chandler, Carter has appeared in Jordan’s podcasts.

Carter Belfort brother of chandler belfort
Carter Belfort brother of Chandler Belfort

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Chandler Belfort step-sisters

Apart from Carter, Chandler also shares her childhood memories with three other sisters: Frankie Macaluso, Nicky Macaluso, and Allie Macaluso.

The Macaluso sisters are the kids of their stepfather, John Macaluso, who plays a significant role in Chandler’s life.

Chandler Belfort parents

Nadine Caridi with her first husband and her daughter and Son
Family photo of Chandler Belfort when she was young

Chandler’s parents met at a friend’s party. Both of them were with someone else when they met each other.

While Jordan was still married to his first wife, Denise Lombardo, Nadine’s mother was dating Alan Wilzig.

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It was Nadine’s ex-boyfriend who introduced them.

The ex-couple tied the knot in 1991. For the first few years, everything was picture perfect. They built a family; one can only wish. Two children, an attractive fortune, and growing fame.

Chandler’s father was a drug addict and an alcoholic. Time and again, he would abuse her mother. The problems like infidelity, addiction, abuse, and a few others resulted in countless fights and disputes with Nadine Caridi. The marriage was heading for failure.

Jordan and Nadine legally divorced in 2005. However, their relationship was going downhill long before their divorce.

Their divorce was one of the most famous divorces. Allegations were an unforgettable part of it. Chandler’s father showed his angst against her mother, and her mother did the same.

Chandler’s mother, Nadine, has been married to John Macaluso since 2011. Jordan Belfort married Anne Koppe in 2008.

Chandler and her brother, Carter, still share a great relationship with their father, despite the differences in the past.


Chandler Belfort has found love in her fiancé, Connor. Unlike her parents, she did not rush into marrying.

Chandler met Connor on the East Coast while she was away from her family in 2012. Their love grew, and finally, in December 2019, they decided to take their relationship to the next level.

Chandler and Connor got engaged in December 2019. Chandler’s face in the picture showing off her ring showed her happiness. Her mother congratulated her daughter and to-be-son-in-law through her social media.

Chandler and her fiance were tested positive for COVID 19

When the world was suffering the chaotic terror of COVID 19, Chandler and her fiancé, Connor, faced it closely. Both of them turned out to be COVID 19 positive.

Nadine Caridi, the mother of Chandler Belfort, let this news out through an Instagram post on March 13th, 2020.

Chandler, Connor, and her mother still asked people to think positively and get help whenever needed. PERKS of being mental health experts.

Connor fiance of chandler Belfortr
Connor fiance of Chandler Belfort

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After completing high school in 2012, Chandler did not waste any more time and went on to follow the path of her dreams. She enrolled at Muhlenberg College in Allentown, Pennsylvania, in 2012.

She chose to study Bachelor of Arts: BA in Psychology and Spanish Language Literature and Culture.

After three years at the college, Chandler had already started learning about helping people with mental health issues. She worked remarkably well as a Workshop Facilitator at the One Love Foundation of her college.

Her role was to increase awareness about violence in relationships and help people know how to safely address relationship problems.

She worked there until she graduated in 2016.

In 2017, Chandler joined the Steinhardt School of Culture, Education, and Human Development at New York University. She completed her Master’s degree in Mental Health Counseling/Counselor in 2019.

While she was doing her Master’s degree, she worked as a Mental Health Counseling Intern at Berkeley College.

Finally, after graduating in 2019, she became a licensed mental health counselor. She has been a private practitioner since July 2019. Her specialties are anxiety, depression, and relationship issues.

Adolescents and adults are her general clients. She charges from $100 – $150 per session.

Net worth

Chandler has just started her professional ventures. At the moment, she is not a very popular mental health counselor but certainly is on the right track.

Usually, a mental health counselor makes $40k a year in the United States of America. So, we can assume that Chandler has a net worth of around $100k.

But, being the daughter of a millionaire, she is an heiress to a million-dollar worth empire. Her mother has an estimated net worth of around $2 Million.

However, her father has an estimated net worth of -$100 million. Jordan charges $30k-$75k for speaking appearances.

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Social media

Chandler could have a life filled with controversies and immense attention. Her mother acted smart and did not let the media and public eye invade her children’s privacy.

Chandler is exceptionally fond of her privacy. Even at this age of social media, she keeps it minimal.


She is on Instagram but with a private account.

Her mother, Nadine Macaluso, is highly active on social media. You can find Nadine as @drnadinemacaluso

She usually posts throwback pictures and recent images with Chandler and her other kids.

Chandler Belfort Instagram Account
Chandler Belfort Instagram Account

Chandler Belfort Linkedin

You can also find Chandler on Linked In


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