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Charlise Castro: MLB fame George Springer’s wife, bio, career, net worth

Who is Charlise Castro?

Charlise Castro is a fitness instructor and former softball player. She knows what makes her special.

A fit body and a dreamy lifestyle are on the wish list of many people. Reality check: both of these don’t come easy without paying the price. In this article, you’re going to read about one such personality who turned these wishes into reality.

Charlise’s enthusiasm and dedication towards fitness make her one of the most successful fitness experts.

Besides her accomplishments, people know Charlise Castro for her marriage with the American professional baseball outfielder, George Springer.

Charlise’s husband plays for the Houston Astros of Major League Baseball (MLB). When her husband is playing, Charlise instructs clients to get a toned and athletic figure like hers. She is as dedicated to guiding her clients as she is towards her fitness.

Honestly, Charlise is one lucky lady. But, aside from the luck factor, her passion and hard work are worthy of all the respect. Hereon, you are going to read some entertaining professional as well as love-life facts of the fit and gorgeous, Charlise Castro.

Charlise Castro quick facts

Full nameCharlise Kristine Castro
Date of birthMay 13, 1992
Age29 years old
Sun SignTaurus
TraitsPositive: gentle, kind, patient, and loyal

Negative: blunt, possessive, and stubborn
BirthplaceSaugerties, New York
ParentsAngel Castro (father), Jenelle Castro (mother)
SiblingsAndre Castro (brother)
SpouseGeorge Springer (professional MLB outfielder)
Height5 feet 10 inches
Hair colorDark brown
Net worth$500k
Social mediaFacebook (Charlise Springer), Instagram (@charlisespringer)
EducationKingston High School (2010), BA in Communications-University of Albany, Master’s Degree in Business Administration-University of Saint Rose in Albany
ProfessionFitness Instructor, Former Softball Player

Charlise Castro interesting facts

1. Charlise Castro had a supportive family

Charlise was born to Angel Castro and Jenelle Castro. She grew up with her younger brother, Andre, in Saugerties. New York.

Her parents gave her complete freedom to choose her passion. Thus, she went on to become an incredible athlete at a young age.

2. Charlise Castro holds a Masters degree in Business Administration

Even after being an athlete, she didn’t leave her studies. She completed her bachelor’s degree with a major in Communications from the University of Albany. 

Later, she received a Master’s degree in Business Administration from the University of Saint Rose in Albany. Charlise indeed is a beauty with a brain.

3. Charlise used to be a softball player

Charlise has won several softball championships such as “Section 9 Championship” and “America East Conference Player of the Year.” She has also played for Puerto Rico’s National Team. She was a catcher and the first baseman of the team.

After saying goodbye to softball, she started training hard at the gym. Then, after her wedding, she got invited to try SWEAT 1000. 

Today, she is the official member of SWEAT and helps other people in their fitness journey.

4. Charlise is the wife of an American professional baseball player

Charlise has been married to George Springer since 2018. She met George through her friend, Nicole.

Charlise dated George for three years before getting hitched.

5. Charlise and George Springer have a child

Charlise and George Springer recently became parents. The Springers welcomed a baby boy on March 2, 2021. However, they haven’t disclosed his name yet.

Charlise Castro’s childhood and family details

Born on May 13, 1992, Charlise Castro grew up excelling in everything she tried her hands on. She is the only daughter of her parents, Angel Castro and Jenelle Castro.

Charlise’s middle name is Kristine. She shares the memories of her childhood with her younger brother Andre Castro. Growing up in Saugerties, New York, Charlise had complete freedom to choose whatever she wanted to do.

Her parents were very supportive of her choices and never let their daughter feel any sort of discouragement.

As a result, at a young age, Charlise proved herself as an incredible athlete. Before she made her way to softball, Charlise Castro started with tee-ball at the age of five.

Charlise Springer

She went to Kingston High School, where her journey to becoming a professional softball player started. Charlise was the captain of her school’s softball team in 2010.

Along with being great at sports, Charlise was equally diligent and hardworking. She even received a Division-I scholarship in her high school.

In short, Charlise is a perfect example of “Luck favors to those who work hard.”

Charlise Castro education

Charlise Castro holds a Master’s Degree in Business Administration from the University of Saint Rose in Albany. After achieving the milestone in her academics in 2015, Charlise became fully aware of the impact she could make on people’s life.

Through her athletic skills and educational background, it was easier for her to transform her passion into a profession.

Charlise completed her Bachelor’s Degree with a Major in Communications from the University of Albany. The communication major, however, was not her first choice. She had first enrolled to study Psychology and later changed the major.

The three years that she spent at the University gave her a fruitful softball career. She even earned the title of”American East Conference Player of the Year.” Before coming to the University of Albany, Charlise Castro had joined the University of Maryland Eastern Shore.

Before getting the transfer, Charlise won the title of “Freshman of the Year” in the University.

Charlise completed her high school in 2010 from Kingston High School. She led her school’s softball team as a captain. During her schooling, she excelled in basketball, volleyball as well as softball. But, her inclination towards softball won, and she became unstoppable.

Charlise Castro personality traits

Charlise Castro, a brunette who hails from the north, is equally talented and beautiful. At a young age, she polished her athletic skills and later became a fitness enthusiast.

Even though her fame as a softball player did not stick to her forever, she made her way to gain recognition as a great fitness instructor. As a partner of a successful baseball player, Charlise loves her personal space.

Her love for freedom and privacy wins over the need to become available in the media.

Besides that, Charlise is an achiever. She excels in everything that she initiates. Whether it is her love life or professional life, her dedication results in a great outcome.

Charlise Castro is a Taurus and is known for her loyalty as well as patience.

Charlise Castro relationships

Charlise played softball with her husband’s sister, Nicole, for two years. In the meantime, she became acquainted with Nicole’s family. However, she had only heard about her current husband but never met him until 2014.

Their love story began just like any typical love story. A guy sees a girl’s picture and gets hooked by her beauty. He makes a move, and then things start to progress slowly.

The couple met in New York City for their first date. The first date was not awkward at all. Charlise still remembers how George made her laugh. For her, it was love at first sight.

Charlise Castro with George Springer
Charlise Castro with George Springer

As to when they started seeing each other remains a question, but in 2015, Charlise moved to Houston, and their love story began to flourish.

After dating for a few years, Charlise and George took their relationship to another level. The way George proposed the athletic beauty was one of a kind.

Not many times do guys write the question on the sand and get on one knee. George popped up the question to Charlise Castro in a surprising way when the couple was on vacation in Mexico in 2017.

The mood couldn’t get more romantic while they were walking on a beach in Cabo San Lucas.

The love and companionship of more than three years were enough for Charlise to see George in her future. But, when the MLB superstar wrote “Will You Marry Me?” on the sand, she could not hold her joy.

Charlise opened up to say that she jumped with joy after seeing the gesture of her then-boyfriend. As she recalls her first date, Charlise kind of knew that George was the man she wanted to be with.

The happiness was only to grow when the couple left Mexico after being engaged.

Looking at how happy they are together, the decision to go out seems to be one of the best decisions they ever made.

Charlise Castro George Springer wedding

In early 2018, Charlise Castro and George Springer finalized a date amidst their busy schedule for their grand wedding. They marked the day on the calendar, confirmed the destination, and took time off their busy schedule.

The fate that had brought them together was finally all set to see them say “I Do.”

Charlise and George spent a week-long vacation with close family and friends before the wedding. They resided at a resort located in the beautiful seaside community of Newport Coast in Orange Country. The area was on the sunny side of the sea.

Dated January 20, 2018, the main event of their wedding was a lavish one. Decorations were jawdropping. The tables were set so that the guests could enjoy the beauty of the ocean whenever they wanted to take their eyes off the beautiful bride and groom.

Everything at the wedding was one of a kind as Charlise wanted.

The dreamy wedding event started at sunset. The breezes of the ocean as the sun slowly bid farewell for the day only made it even more special. While the decorations were just out of the world, the bride and the groom did not fail to impress.

George had worn a tuxedo jacket made from authentic royal cloth. The inside of the jacket had photos of him and Charlise through their courtship. On top of that, his entry was memorable.

George, who is the “Game of Thrones” fan, made an entry on the title track of the series. Everyone present was all “smiles.”

Then came the bride clad in a fitted gown with a lace overlay. The cathedral veil complimented her.

Charlise looked like an angel at her wedding. The eyes around just could not get over her. By the time the sun finally set, Charlise Castro and George Springer were vowed to be husband and wife for their life.

They shared the joy with their close friends and family.

The couple has been married for more than three years now. Most importantly, the undying love and support for each other make them a power couple.

Charlise’s husband, George Springer

George Chelston Springer III; a native of New Britain, Connecticut, is an American professional baseball star. He plays as an outfielder for the Houston Astros of Major League Baseball (MLB).

From his six years of professional career, Springer is famous for his outstanding achievements.

George made his debut through the Astros on April 16, 2014. Since then, despite some injuries and some disciplinary verdicts, Springer has only gone uphill in his career.

George is known for his accomplishments since his college days. He played college baseball at the University of Connecticut. The Big East Conference Baseball Player of the Year Award at the University was the gateway to his professional achievements.

To name a few, he is the recipient of the following awards and recognitions:

  • MLB All-Star- (2017, 2018, 2019)
  • Silver Slugger Award- (2017, 2019)
  • World Series Champion, 2017
  • 2017 World Series Most Valuable Player

270 batting average, 160 home runs, and 426 batted runs make him one of the most valuable players in the Astros.

George has a stutter. With time, George has learned to accept the speech disorder, which no longer bothers him.

Charlise Springer baby

Charlise Springer gave birth to a baby boy on March 2, 2021. They have kept their son’s name a secret.

However, Charlise makes sure to post cute photos of her son on her social media.

Charlise Castro career from Charlise Castro from Athlete to fitness instructor

Charlise Castro softball

Charlise Castro was a sports standout from Kingston High. Out of many girls her age, she was the one to lead her high school softball team in 2010.

As a leader of the group, she has won the Section 9 Championship in the same year.

Later, when she got into college, Charlise went on to earn the title of America East Conference Player of the Year Title in 2012. Well, she was indeed the most deserving after she racked up 33 home runs for Albany.

Charlise Castro playing softball
Charlise Castro playing softball

Aside from that, she was also one integral member of Puerto Rico’s National Team. It should be one of the most significant accomplishments of hers throughout her softball career.

Charlise was a catcher and the first baseman of her team.

By the year 2014, Charlise had already taken part in Olympics. But, further details of this endeavor of her career remain missing.

After learning a lot from the sports, Charlise ended her professional career as a softball player later in her life.

Saying goodbye to softball was not in any way her farewell to sports. Even though she stopped hitting runs, she kept herself busy training hard at the gym.

Just after her wedding, Charlise Castro received an invitation from her husband’s team’s sideline reporter, Julia Morales, to try SWEAT 1000. It was a high-intensity fitness concept from South Africa.

In November 2018, Charlise walked into the studio tall and proud. The co-owner and the lead instructor of SWEAT 1000, Ana Strouse, recognized the athletic beauty right away, and the rest became history.

Charlise became regular at the studio, and soon after that, Ana proposed to her to become the official member of SWEAT. Charlise was more than happy to do what she loved.

Even more exciting for her was the fact that she was going to earn doing what she thrived on doing.

Charlise Castro considers herself lucky to be able to teach people and set them on a fitness journey. The year 2020 is Charlise’s second year with the team. And, she is already a favorite.

Charlise Castro controversies

As said earlier, Charlise Castro is a person of her own. She is self-made and credits her success to her hard work and the family.

Impressively, Castro is away from controversies personally. She is independent, strict about discipline, and mostly a very great woman. So, controversies and scandals have never touched the 28-year-old.

On the contrary, we can say the same for her husband. George Springer directed an anti-gay slur at the umpire, Ángel Hernández, on May 1, 2019.

The cameras recorded the incident. George was disciplined for the action by Major League Baseball.

Charlise Castro net worth

As a successful fitness instructor, Charlise has undoubtedly made a fortune for herself. But the actual record of her earning is not available on the internet. Her net worth is estimated to be around $1 Million. She resides in Houston with her husband.

Talking about her husband, George Springer, he is one of the highest-paid American MLB stars. His annual salary is $512,900. As per Celebrity Net Worth, he has earned a massive fortune of $8 Million as of 2020.

Charlise Castro social media

Charlise’s social media presence is a treat for all fitness enthusiasts. She posts deadly workout videos and inspires so many people through her social media account.

Charlise Castro is on Facebook and Instagram.

Charlise Springer Instagram

She has a verified Instagram account with over 52K followers. You can gain inspiration for working out through her Instagram profile.

Her profile is under the name @charlisespringer.

Charlise Springer Instagram account
Charlise Springer Instagram account

Charlise Springer Facebook

Likewise, you can search her on Facebook as Charlise Springer.

Charlise Springer FB Profile
Charlise Springer FB Profile

Charlise Castro Springer F.A.Qs

How did Charlise Castro meet George Springer?

Charlise Castro met her husband, George Springer, through his sister, Nicole.

Nicole and Charlise were friends for two years, and even though Charlise had heard of him, she had never met him until 2014.

Charlise and George had their first date in New York City, and it was love at first sight for her.

When did George Springer get married?

George Springer married his athlete girlfriend, Charlise, on January 20, 2018.

Is George Springer still married to Charlise Castro?

Yes, George Springer and Charlise Castro Springer and happily married. They recently welcomed their baby boy on March 2021.

Does Charlise Castro have a baby?

Yes, Charlise Castro gave birth to a son on March 2, 2021.