Chase Mattson: Bio, net worth, career and family

Who is Chase Mattson?

Chase Mattson is a well-known name in the world of modeling. While it can be difficult for most models to establish their foothold in the industry, Chase Mattson has been able to leave his mark and also become an inspiration to other aspiring male models. Chase Mattson is also an actor and a social media influencer.

Quick facts

Full nameChase Mattson
Birthday3rd June 1994
BirthplaceOntario, California, USA
Sun signGemini
Father’s nameEdward Mattson
Mother’s nameLaurie Galal
Marital statusDivorced (ex-wife Devyn Jackson)
Height6 feet 2 inches
Weight75 kg
Currently engaged toKelianne Stankus
Children2 (Hazel Mattson and Nora Mattson)
Hair colorBlack
Eyes colorGrey
ProfessionModel, Actor, Social Media Influencer
Net worthUSD 900,000 to USD 1 million

Chase Mattson birthday, early life, and upbringing

Chase Mattson was born on 3rd June 1994 in Ontario, California, USA. He was born in an upper-middle-class family. His father’s name is Edward Mattson who is a businessman. His mother’s name is Laurie Eskine who is a homemaker.

Chase Mattson has five siblings. He has four brothers. Their names are Kyle Mattson, Cameron Mattson, Brandon Mattson, and Teddy Mattson. Similarly, Chase has one sister. His sister’s name is Peyton Mattson.

Chase’s family moved from Ontario to Orange County when he was 16 years old. His parents got separated from each other and later remarried other people. Edward Mattson married a woman named Teresa and Laurie Eskine married another man and took his surname, hence becoming Laurie Galal.

Chase was very close to his mother growing up. Even to this day, he continues to express his appreciation and gratitude towards his mother for making him the man he is today. According to Chase, his mother is his best friend who has taught him everything that it takes to be an adult.

chase mattson with his wife Kellianne Stankus and two daughters

In addition to his mother, Chase also has a good relationship with his sister Peyton. He has described his sister as strong-willed, determined, and loving.

Overall, Chase Mattson had a normal childhood and a good upbringing which have had major positive influences even in his adult life.

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Chase Mattson horoscope

Since Chase was born on 3rd June, his horoscope is Gemini. People with this sun sign are known to be quick-witted, friendly, outgoing, and intelligent. Geminis are able to juggle a variety of passions, hobbies, careers, and friend groups making them the quintessential social butterflies.

Ethnicity, nationality, and religion

Chase Mattson is of Caucasian ethnicity. He is an American citizen and he follows Christianity. Chase’s family is Christian and their religious upbringing definitely shaped him to be who he is today.

Chase Mattson educational background

Chase received his early education from Colony High School located in California, USA. After graduating from high school, he completed Sign Language Interpretation and Translation course from Irvine Valley College.

Chase Mattson height, weight, and appearance

As a model, Chase has a very well-maintained body and extremely attractive features. He is 6 feet and 2 inches tall. Likewise, he weighs a total of 75 kilograms. He also has a tattoo on his left hand.

Chase has black-colored hair and attractive grey-colored eyes. He follows a strict diet and a rigorous exercise regimen to maintain his good looks and his incredible physique.
Hobbies and Interests

Chase Mattson is not only passionate about his modeling career but also has other varied interests. He is enthusiastic about sports. In fact, he was even spotted on the field during a Steelers Game.

Furthermore, Chase is interested in vintage cars. He owns a stylish 1974 corvette and a 1976 Camaro.

Chase Mattson relationships and dating history

Marriage and divorce with Devyn Jackson

Although Chase is quite young, he has already been married in the past. He married Devyn Jackson at a young age. However, they chose to separate from each other due to some unrevealed problems in their marriage.

After her separation from Chase, Devyn recently got engaged to another man named Tyler Grammar. Chase Mattson and Devyn Jackson share two children together.

Current relationship with Kelianne Stankus

After separating from Devyn, Chase found love again when he met Kelianne Stankus, a popular gymnast, and TikTok star. Chase and Kelianne got engaged on 12th December 2020 after dating each other for about a year.

chase mattson with his wife Kellianne Stankus

Kelianne is a member of the Acrobots, a dance group that specializes in performing complex dance routines on hoverboards. Kelianne gained popularity after performing the dance routine to Justin Bieber’s song “Sorry” on The Ellen DeGeneres show along with her group.

She is extremely popular on TikTok where she often posts dance videos and complex acrobatics. Moreover, Kelianne also sometimes features Chase on her account. She has a total of 9.5 million followers and 380.4 million likes.

Chase Mattson and Dylan Albino

Chase Mattson is often associated with fellow model and Instagram star Dylan Albino. Like Chase, Dylan too worked at Hollister before becoming a model. Dylan was born on 8th November 1995.

Chase Mattson children

Chase Mattson has two young daughters from his previous marriage with Devyn Jackson. Their names are Hazel Mattson and Nora Mattson. Hazel is about six years old and Nora is around three years old.

Chase is a doting father and loves spending time with his children. He considers Hazel and Nora to be the biggest accomplishments in his life and often talks about them on his social media.

Hazel and Nora have made countless appearances on their dad’s Instagram page. According to Chase, his oldest daughter Hazel is interested in modeling just like her dad.

Chase Mattson pets

After his daughters requested him to get them a dog, Chase brought home an adorable German Shepherd named Achilles in 2019. Chase occasionally likes to post photos of Achilles on his social media accounts.

Chase Mattson career

Modeling career

Chase was interested in modeling from an early age. He started his modeling career in his high school days. This enabled him to get gain a great deal of modeling experience. Apart from this, he also gained a lot of confidence which tremendously helped him in his later career.

When he was a high school student, Chase used to work at a Hollister store. Chase left the store to go to the nearby Starbucks and on his way, he was spotted by a well-known modeling agent named Mark Mendez who scouted Chase.

Chase started his acting career at the age of 20 when he signed with the acting agency called Luber Rocklin Acting. Chase Mattson has worked with agencies such as Models Direct Management, LA Models Runway, Independent Men Milan, and Mega Miami Agency.

Currently, he is signed with Next Models LA/ London.

Acting career

Chase Mattson has not just limited himself to modeling but has also ventured into the world of cinema. He has acted in the Hollywood comedy film titled Rosé All Day which has been directed by Marla Sokoloff. The film has not yet been completed and is currently being filmed.

Chase Mattson in the Ellen DeGeneres Show

Chase Mattson briefly appeared in two episodes of the Ellen DeGeneres Show. In a 2015 episode, Chase appeared alongside the star host and singer Ariana Grande in a hilarious scene. Similarly, he also made an appearance in 2017 along with other male models. In this episode, Chase and the other models stripped to their underwear in front of the audience.

Lifestyle, net worth, and income

As one of the leading male models, Chase makes a good income from his modeling assignments. He is able to generate a good deal of income from his modeling campaigns and from the sponsored posts on his social media.

As a result, Chase lives a lavish lifestyle and is able to provide well for his two adorable daughters and himself. His net worth is estimated to be around USD 900,000 to USD 1 million.

Chase Mattson social media


Chase Mattson is not just a popular model but also a huge Instagram influencer. He has a total of 517,000 followers on his Instagram account which exists under the username chasemattson. He follows 496 people and has made 282 posts to date.

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Chase often posts pictures with his mother, his beautiful fiancée,  and his children. He also shares many photos from his modeling gigs and other candid shots.


Chase also has a YouTube Channel with 50,000 subscribers. In the channel, Chase uploads daily vlogs, interactions with his fans, and videos with his family. Additionally, he has also uploaded the video of his proposal to his girlfriend Kelianne Stankus on his YouTube channel.


As a top model, actor, and social media personality, Chase Mattson also has his own Facebook Page. The page has a total of 5.2k followers to date. It is under the username Chase A Mattson.


Chase Mattson is active on Twitter under the username ChaseMattson”. He joined the social networking platform in October 2012. He follows 99 accounts and is himself followed by 5,839 others.


TikTok is emerging as one of the biggest social media platforms in recent years. As a result, Chase too has joined TikTok and has been able to generate quite an impressive following there.

His account is named “chasemattson” which has 2.2 million followers. Similarly, Chase has a total of 80.4 million likes.

He usually likes to post viral challenges, dance videos, and clips from behind the scenes from his modeling work. Likewise, Chase also joins his TikTok star girlfriend for adorable challenges and duet videos which gain a lot of likes and views.

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