Meet Chef Pepe Moncayo Wife Aishah Moncayo, Kids And Family

While Pepe’s cooking enthusiasm has been widely recognized worldwide, his personal life, including Pepe Moncayo Wife, Aishah Moncayo, remains out of the spotlight.

Chef Pepe Moncayo is one of the most prominent figures in the culinary world.

In 2013, Chef Moncayo moved to Singapore to open BAM!, his first solo venture.

Pepe has been featured in various publications and media outlets, such as The Straits Times, Channel News Asia, and Michelin Guide Singapore.

He is also a frequent guest speaker and judge at culinary events and competitions.

However, the chef’s preference for privacy has caused little information available about his love life.

Continue reading as we delve into the personal life of Aishah, the chef’s wife and their kids.

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Meet Pepe Moncayo Wife Aishah Moncayo

Pepe is a well-known Spanish chef who loves what he does unconditionally.

Besides cooking, Moncayo is in love with his wife-turned-girlfriend, Aishah.

It’s a no-brainer that Aishah is one of the lucky wives who get to taste the magic of Pepe’s hand daily.

Aishah Moncayo is the wife of Chef Pepe Moncayo and a successful hospitality professional who has been in the industry for over ten years.

She started her journey in Singapore, where she met Pepe at a Spanish tapas restaurant. 

Together, they opened Bam!, an Omakase restaurant that received rave reviews.

Pepe Moncayo Wife
The duo hopes to continue sharing their love for food and sake with everyone who visits BAM! (Source: Instagram)

Aishah loves champagne, spending time with her family, and exploring new restaurants.

She is a driven and passionate professional who brings her skills and enthusiasm to every project she works on.

However, Aishah is relatively private and not in the spotlight like Pepe.

We shall update the site if we gain any new information on Moncayo’s romantic life.

They intentionally keep their presence out of the public eye, allowing Pepe to take the forefront regarding media attention and public appearances.

Mrs. Moncayo remains private, seemingly to protect her personal space.

Aishah’s absence from the public eye only adds to the curiosity and intrigue surrounding their partnership.

However, her chef husband does some aspects of their relationship, experiences, and milestones through his Instagram handle.

Pepe Moncayo Family and kids explored

Chef Pepe Moncayo is not only a master of Spanish-Japanese fusion cuisine but also a devoted husband and father.

He is the owner and head chef of BAM!, a restaurant that showcases his innovative and creative approach to cooking with sake.

Moncayo’s journey to becoming a successful chef and restaurateur started in his native Spain, where he grew up surrounded by food and family.

He learned the basics of cooking from his grandmother, who taught him how to make traditional dishes with fresh and seasonal ingredients.

Pepe also developed a curiosity and appreciation for different cuisines and cultures, especially Japanese, which he discovered during his travels worldwide.

He describes his food as “fun, playful, and surprising,” with dishes showcasing the two cuisines’ harmony and contrast.

Moreover, he also pays attention to the presentation and ambiance of his restaurant, which he designed to be cozy, casual, and inviting.

Pepe Moncayo Wife
Pepe’s son is supposedly in his early teens. (Source: Instagram)

Chef Moncayo’s family is his most significant source of inspiration and support.

He met his wife, Aishah, in Singapore, and they have a son whose name is not disclosed.

Moncayo considers Singapore his home forever. He loves the diversity, vibrancy, and opportunity that the city offers.

In 2018, they moved to Washington DC with their kids and opened Cranes Spanish Kaiseki, which earned a Michelin Star in 2020.

Their second restaurant, Jiwa Singapura, opened in 2023, showcasing their love for Singaporean cuisine.

Aishah is the General Manager of Jiwa and the Director of Service for the group, ensuring every guest has a memorable experience.

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