Chicken memes collected from the internet

Do you love chicken? Is it the best food for you that overwhelms your taste buds? Is it chicken that you will choose for every opportunity you are given?

We know just how much you all love KFC. For it’s our favorite too! We all agree chicken is the best food that tastes perfect! So it goes for every occasion. The variety of mouth-watering dishes that can be made of chicken is countless.

On the other hand, chickens are also hilarious animals. For example, they have a strange way of walking that looks hilarious. Similarly, the equally funny clucking sounds they make are enough to crack us up!

However, animal activists are firmly against eating chickens. They believe that chickens can feel emotions like love and pain just like humans. According to them, chickens are the most abused creature on earth. So, they constantly urge the public to stop eating animals and turn to veganism.

There is another group of people who don’t believe all this. They say chickens are the best source of nutrition that is beneficial to human health. Power-packed with protein and various other nutrients, nutritionists say it is the best diet to lead a healthy life.

This is a discussion that will most likely continue for a long time. We can say that humans have different natures, and they also have the liberty of making their own decisions. However, in protecting our rights, it would be better if we could think about other creatures inhabiting this planet.

Anyways on a lighter note, we have collected some of the funniest chicken memes for your fun. So if you are looking for a little dose of laughter, search no more. Here are some of the funniest chicken memes we have compiled just for you. We hope these memes make your day a little more cheerful! Also, please don’t forget to share these memes with your loved ones and have a good laugh together!

So, want to see it for yourself?

Chicken memes
Chicken memes on the internet

As they say, “Do it like a boss!”

Like a boss
Like a Chicken boss

Maybe this will help KFC rethink its dishes?

Chicken memes
KFC Chicken memes

The choice is all yours!

Chicken memes
Chicken memes for you

I hope she finds it cool.

Chicken memes
When your crush walks in

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You know how I hate foul play!

Chicken memes
I suspect fowl play

I’m in a very foul mood. So you better not mess up with me!

Chicken memes
Funny Chicken memes

So, it’s better if you mother clucker get out of here!

Chicken memes
Hilarious Chicken memes

What took you so long to answer such a simple question?

Chicken memes
Chicken memes

That is the harshest punishment I could think of!

Chicken memes
No fried chicken for you

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Did you?

Chicken memes
Oh No Chicken meme

I hope you understand what is being said!

Chicken memes
Crazy Chicken memes for you

Come on, say you are busy!

Chicken memes
Fried Chicken

Just enough of your nonsense!

Chicken memes
Chicken memes for you to laugh

Please that’s not what I want to be when I grow up!

Chicken memes
I don’t want to be a Chicken nugget

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This question requires a lot of brains to answer!

Chicken memes
Chicken memes to make your day

So many ways to have fun!

Chicken memes
I am bored

Oh god! What’s going on?

Chicken memes

I never knew we smelled this good!

Chicken memes

Is it only me who saw fried chickens, or did you see too?

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What else would I choose to be?

What a waste of time and resources!


Aww.. I never thought this was how they crossed it!

Crazy meme
Crazy chicken meme images

No, what did I just do?

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This is what we call god-level power!

Why don’t you ever understand when I speak softly?

Hilarious chicken memes
Hilarious chicken meme on the internet

She was a Mathemachicken!

You know how addictive smoking can be!

chicken memes
chicken memes

I don’t give a damn, people!

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Say no more, here I come!

Sorry, better luck next life!

How to catch a chicken?
How to catch a chicken?

You think you can scare me? I was born fearless!

chicken memes

You know, I believe in eating healthy and living healthy!

Fried chicken memes
Fried chicken meme

Just a reduced size of chicken, you know.

chicken memes
Hilarious chicken meme

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He is what you call an all-rounder!

Fried chicken memes
Fried chicken memes

You know who the boss is, don’t you?

Fried chicken memes
Fried chicken memes

As they say, what goes around, comes around!

Funny memes for you
Funny memes for you

What was I even thinking about?

Chicken memes
Chicken memes for your entertainment

Why don’t I ever get the pair when I’m in a hurry, though?

Chicken memes
Funny Chicken memes for you

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