Choking memes to make you laugh till your tummy hurts

Choking memes

Choking means having difficulty breathing that may be caused by blockage of the airway by food or other objects. So, always make sure that you are careful in these internets. Also, choking others for fun is not a very good thing to do. But, as you know, accidents can happen at any time.

However, on a lighter note, the Internet is flooded with many choking memes that are hilarious! The meaning these memes carry is too funny for us not to crack up. Also, some of them are so relatable that it makes us wonder how that is even possible.

Moreover, Naruto’s Sasuke choke memes are even more popular and relevant today. The meme was taken from the unique Naruto series scene in which Sasuke tries to fight his sibling, Itachi. Today, many innovative minds have taken that one scene and turned it into a series of rib-tickling memes.

On January 13, 2019, a Twitter user posted two images that combined to produce an image of Sasuke being choked by a cat. This tweet gained a lot of popularity in a few days. Then the initial posts followed more photo-combinations and edited images in which various characters appeared to be choking Sasuke.

It is incredible how people can turn a seemingly ordinary scene from a movie or a normal picture into funny memes and simply savage! So, today in this article, we have collected some of the funniest choking memes for your enjoyment. We hope you enjoy these memes and have a good laugh. Also, we would be happy if you shared these memes with your close friends and shared the laughter!

Well, what if they think I have the virus. I can’t spend two weeks isolated from the human race!

Choking memes
Funny Choking memes collected for you

Okay, so you know what I mean?

Choking memes
Funny Choking memes on the Internet

I can’t believe I am the murderer of myself! Somebody help!

Choking memes
Hilarious choking memes

What if I will never catch my breath again?

Choking memes
Choking memes images

How many times am I supposed to say this? Are you dumb, Sasuke?

Choking memes
You’re weak, Sasuke.

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Dear parents, I am sure this will make you see just how sick I am!

Choking memes
Choking memes images on the Internet.

There is no one home. What if I die alone? Is this how my ending is written?

Choking memes
Crazy choking memes are available on the Internet.

Do you guys do this on purpose, or are you just annoying me?

Choking memes

I need a prufesonal doktor!

Choking memes
Funny choking memes collected for your fun

If this is what makes you popular, why should I not do it too?

Choking memes
I guess I’ll choke Sasuke then.

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I should not disturb the class. The professor will surely remember the assignment I didn’t submit if he hears me!

Choking memes
Images for Choking memes to share with your friends

Umm..okay, you know if you know.

Choking memes
Crazy choking memes for your laughter

I think you forgot that no one crosses the Queen!

Choking memes
Funny Choking memes for your laughter

Why Sasuke? Why is it always this way that you have to be taught?

Choking memes
Choking meme image

No one knows your daughter as intimately as I do!

Choking memes
Hilarious Choking meme, if you can understand.

Don’t worry, Sasuke. We are always there for you. But, look, we have taken your revenge!

Oh god! Help me complete my words first!

Let me complete my word first.
Let me complete my word first.

As they say, Embrace death like you are meeting an old friend!

Choke meme for you
Funny images for choking meme

It’s not my problem if you don’t want the secrets getting out of your mouth! Keep it to yourself.

All right then keep your secrets
All right then, keep your secrets.

And here I thought it was me making these stupid decisions all these times!

This is the idiot who ruined my life.
This is the idiot who ruined my life.

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