Chris Frangipane- biography of Father of Halsey

Who is Chris Frangipane?

Chris Frangipane is a hardworking sales manager and a father to an American singer and songwriter, Ashley Nicollette. His daughter has won multiple awards, including MTV Europe Music Award, People’s Choice Award, Rising Star Award by Billboard Women, etc.

Moreover, Chris Frangipane attended the Grammy Awards in 2017 as his daughter’s date.

Aside from that, Chris Frangipane is a married man with three children.

Chris Frangipane
Chris Frangipane Biography

Quick facts

Full nameChristopher “Chris” Frangipane
NicknameChris Frangipane 
BirthdaySeptember 25, 1972
Age51 years old
Sun signLibra
TraitsPositive: Diplomatic, social, and clever
Negative: Indecisive, self-pitying, non-confrontational
BirthplaceEdison, New Jersey, USA
Currently residingGreater Los Angeles, California, USA
ParentsJames Frangipane,
Marital statusMarried
SpouseNicole Frangipane
ChildrenAshley Nicolette Frangipane, a.k.a Halsey,
Sevian Frangipane,
Dante Frangipane
EducationDegree from Fairleigh Dickinson University (Year of dropout 1997)
ProfessionAutomobile Sales Manager
Net worthUSD 200,000
Social mediaInstagram,
Eye ColorBlack
Hair ColorBlack
Height5 ft. 5 inches (1.65m)

Early life

Chris Frangipane with his family

On September 25, 1972, Chris Frangipane was born in Edison, New Jersey. Based on his date of birth, he is a libra. A libra man is diplomatic, social, and clever.

As per online sources, he was born into a middle-class family. James Frangipane’s father was a car mechanic.

His father was James Frangipane, who passed away in 2011. James’s grandchild Sevian shared the information through his Facebook post. He was in his late eighties during his death.

His mother was an elementary teacher.

Unfortunately, there isn’t much revealed about Chris’s mother yet. However, she is said to live in New Jersey as Halsey; her granddaughter often visited her for shelter after quitting college.

Chris Frangipane played football, basketball, and soccer at Fairleigh Dickinson University. However, due to his girlfriend’s pregnancy, he had to leave school, but he earned his degree in 1997.

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Chris Frangipane family

Nicole Frangipane (Wife)

Chris Frangipane with wife Nicole
Chris Frangipane with his wife, Nicole

Nicole belongs to Italian, Hungarian, and Irish ancestry. However, she belongs to an American nationality.

Nicole Frangipane worked as a hospital security worker. But unfortunately, she has bipolar disorder. It is a mental illness that her daughter Halsey also has.

Nicole met Chris at Fairleigh Dickinson University. Both were students there. They dated for about three years before Nicole became pregnant with Chris’s child. 

As a result, they both dropped out and took care of the baby. They also got married. 

Chris and Nicole moved from place to place in search of better jobs to provide for their basic needs. However, it must have been challenging as they had three small kids and an unstable job and house.

So even though the couple is still married, it was hard to maintain the relationship from time to time. 

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Ashley Nicolette Frangipane, a.k.a Halsey (Daughter)

Halsey with her father in an award show
Chris Frangipane with Halsey

Halsey is an American pop singer who instantly won many people’s hearts. She is their first child and the only daughter of Chris.

Chris welcomed his daughter on September 29, 1994. Halsey’s birth name is Ashley Nicolette Frangipane, but she goes by Halsey as her stage name.

She moved along with her parents and even changed schools six times. She completed her high school at Warren Hills Regional High School, Washington. In addition, she also attended community college but eventually dropped out.

Halsey was even kicked out due to this decision and lived with friends and her grandmother in New Jersey. Her relationship with her parents, Chris and Nicole, began to degrade.

But fortunately, over time, they all figured out ways to give each other second chances. Chris even began to support Halsey’s decision as a musician. As a result, Halsey soon began to do her recording and started to get recognition.

Halsey has always been open about her physical and mental illness struggles. In addition, her fans have been very supportive of her.

Due to this, Halsey mentions Chris as a big supporter. Additionally, she posts about Chris on her Instagram account, with almost 30 million followers.

Sevian Frangipane (Son)

Chris and Nicole had their second child Sevian in May 1998. Sevian is Chris’ first son. He is very active on social media and strongly resembles his father.

He then attended Hackettstown High School and later went to California State University to get a degree in Business Management. Sevian graduated from the university in 2020.

Sevian is also an activist and often talks about racism. He is involved in many fights and protests against racism. His sister Halsey usually posts about how proud she is of her little brother Sevian.

Dante Frangipane (Son)

Dante Frangipane was born in March 2005 and is the couple’s youngest child. There is almost a decade of age difference between Chris’s first and last child.

Chris Frangipane career

Due to an unexpected pregnancy and the sudden decision to drop out of college, Chris worked many jobs. He moved around a lot and did a variety of positions.

However, he gained stability in his job after starting a salesman career.

Chris Frangipane family

Car dealership

In December 2003, Chris worked as a sales manager for the car dealership of Ayers Chevrolet. Moreover, he worked in this company for nearly a decade. However, he finally left the company in 2013.

Fortunately enough, he regained the same position for Prestige Volvo. He worked there from November 2013 to March 2015. 

In April 2015, he grouped himself with Chevrolet dealer Rossi Chevrolet Buick GMC. In April 2017, he then decided to leave the company.

After that, it is still unknown about Chris’s current profession.

Net worth

As of 2021, Chris’s net worth is $200,000. However, his daughter Halsey has 12 million dollars of net worth.

Halsey owns two houses in the USA. In June 2017, Halsey bought a $2.23 million home 2017 and a $2.4 million place in 2019.

However, it is unclear if Chris resides in either of Halsey’s houses. Moreover, according to Halsey, Chris and Nicole finally bought their house in 2015. However, the exact location is yet unknown.

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Chris Frangipane Social media

Chris has a private Instagram account. It has over 262 followers.

In addition, he has a LinkedIn profile but is not on any other social media.

However, his celebrity daughter, Halsey, has more than 25 million followers on her Instagram account. In addition, Chris’s son is also active on his Instagram account and has over 60k followers.


How old is Chris Frangipane?

Since the complete birth date of Chris Frangipane is still not disclosed yet, we can’t be sure of his age. However, thanks to his daughter Halsey’s post about her father’s birthday, we know it is September 25. The Instagram post of Halsey wishing her father was a throwback picture. She mentioned in the caption that Chris’s birthday is four days before her own. In addition, she also teased her father about being closer to the age of 50.

Where does Chris Frangipane live?

Chris Frangipane is from Edison, New Jersey, America. He spent most of his time there. But, unfortunately, he had to move places a lot due to his job. Moreover, his mother lived in New Jersey and was accompanied by Halsey after leaving college. However, after being successful, Halsey was able to buy two houses. 

Per his LinkedIn profile, he has kept his current residence as Greater Los Angeles, America. In addition, he may have moved to Los Angeles with his wife to be near his daughter Halsey.

Who is Halsey’s father?

Halsey’s father is Chris Frangipane. He is an Afro-American sales manager who lives with his wife and children. He was first seen publicly at the 2017 Grammy Awards as the singer’s date. Halsey described his relationship with her father as rocky at first but later showed significant improvement.

She has described Chris as someone who always had her back and helped her a lot in the early days of her music career. In addition, she has shared several pictures of her father and her on her social media account.

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