Chris Hemsworth complains that his body can’t handle it if he skips a day of exercising.

In March 2021, the 37-year-old Marvel star said, “My body shuts down when I don’t work out.”

Hemsworth continued, “I just don’t feel good. I like it for a couple of days; then everything just starts to hurt. I get achy, and there’s inflammation, my back’s stiff. I’m just well aware that in order for me to live healthier and happier, I’ve got to keep moving.”

Hemsworth said, “I don’t run. I do a lot of different things. You’ve got to be an explorer in the world of fitness and exercise and constantly be on the lookout for something fresh.”

The Aussie actor said he enjoys changing his workout routine instead of sticking with one form of exercise.

Hemsworth, best known as the God of Thunder in 2011, has displayed his physicality over the years, from his roles in Marvel films to the Netflix action flick “Extraction.”

Natalie Portman has previously referred to his body as “otherworldly” because of his ripped physique.

Hemsworth’s passion for achieving a healthy lifestyle led him to launch the fitness website and app Centr, including exercise routines, recipe ideas, and meditation.

Hemsworth is in Australia filming Thor: Love and Thunder and says he’s feeling even more pressure to perform better. The actor said, “We’re shocking the body beyond where it’s been shocked before,”

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