Chris McCallum Murder Update 2023: Where Is Patricia MacCallum Now?

Chris McCallum Murder Update 2023: Chris McCallum McGee, 36, was killed three days after being attacked on Friday, November 5.

Two men have appeared in court in private in connection with the alleged murder of a man in Hamilton.

On November 5, Chris McGee McCallum was discovered injured on the grounds of his home on Hill Street in Burbank. On Monday, November 8, the 36-year-old died in hospital.

A woman accused of assisting a Medford woman in the murder of her husband during a Northern California camping vacation has been sentenced to three years in prison.

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Chris McCallum Murder Update 2023

Patricia MacCallum murdered her husband, Chris MacCallum, four years ago at the Applegate campground.

Her murder will be featured on Oxygen’s Snapped. Patricia MacCallum and her former stepsister, Amber Lubbers, are accused of murdering Christopher MacCallum after he fell asleep in his tent.

The body of the missing guy was finally discovered, and the two ladies were accused of his death. A body was found at the bottom of a cliff at the Applegate Creek campground.

The victim, who had been shot several times, was discovered inside his sleeping bag. According to MTShasta News, the body was later identified as Chris MacCallum, a man from Medford, Oregon.

Chris McCallum Murder
Chris McCallum was a family man and an outstanding father to his children. (Source- Yahoo news )

According to Snapped, Patricia MacCallum, the victim’s wife, informed detectives that her husband went missing while on a camping vacation.

The detectives could not uncover a reason for his murder or any past foes who might have wanted him dead. With this in mind, detectives investigated his marriage to his wife.

However, the marriage did not end in happiness. Detectives discovered that Chris MacCallum was having marital issues and that his wife, Patricia, eventually packed her belongings and left him.

Police constructed a picture of a wicked lady who got her husband drunk and plotted his murder inside the tent while he slept, along with Amber.

Patricia then took the revolver from the car and shot the father of her children many times. Patricia then threw the body off a cliff before abandoning the scene and returning to Medford.

By all accounts, Chris was a family man at heart and an outstanding father to his children. He was devastated by their loss and worked tirelessly to reclaim them.

Where Is Patricia MacCallum Now?

Patricia MacCallum, 26, faces a first-degree murder allegation, and her trial is set to begin on August 1.

Patricia, of Medford, was sentenced to 50 years to life in jail on Tuesday for the murder of her husband, Chris.

After a two-week trial, Patricia was convicted guilty of shooting and killing Chris in Siskiyou County in 2013. 

Amber Lubbers, her former stepsister, testified that she and Patricia intended to murder Chris while on a camping vacation.

In 2012, his body was located at the base of a cliff in the Applegate recreation area. He’d been shot several times.

Patricia and Chris’s families were both present in court on Tuesday. Mike, Chris’ father, and other family members read letters to the court.

Patricia MacCallum
The victim’s wife, Patricia MacCallum, told detectives that her husband went missing while on a camping trip. (Source- inquisitr)

As Mike read his letter, he requested the judge on behalf of the family for a life sentence for Patricia.

Patricia also addressed the courtroom, claiming Amber Lubbers duped them all by claiming she did not murder her husband. She even referred to herself as a victim of the crime.

MacCallum and Lubbers are still being held at the Jackson County Jail, awaiting their transfer to Siskiyou County to face murder charges.

MacCallum’s mother, Sarah Ramirez, has established a trust fund account for MacCallum’s two small children, who are currently cared for by Tricia, his sister.

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