After her recent performance at Disney World, Christina Aguilera feels her career has “completely circled.”

A former Mouseketeer, the 40-year-old singer, compares her performance at Disney World’s 50th Anniversary Ceremony to “going home.”

“That is, my first Disney experience was at Tokyo Disneyland when my dad was in the army, where I lived there for three years, so it was always embedded in my child’s roots, but then I got to work at Disney from The Mickey Mouse Club. When I was my son’s age. “

Christina Aguilera

Taking her children to Disney World is an experience the chart-topping star enjoys. She still has nostalgic memories of the company and its impact on her career.

She explained: “I’ve brought my daughter here for the first time at Disney World with my kids.”. She’s been to Disneyland, but she’s back where she works, so her daughter will inherit it. Is great. Kids. “

Christina, on the other hand, previously admitted that she was always guilty of taking time out of her career. The singer revealed that finding fame as a child was a “strange” experience.

“There are a lot of guilty feelings I feel when I’m not working. It’s been embedded in me since I was little. You’re embarrassed if you don’t want to keep up.

Christina Aguilera

“As children (stars), you are all angry with each other, and all the other children are about the saw. It’s a strange space to grow.”

Christina Aguilera

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