Clinton Brown: Father of the American Singer Chris Brown

Who is Clinton Brown?

Clinton Brown is the father of the renowned famous American Singer Chris-brown. He became the father of the legendary Singer Chris Brown on May 15, 1989.

Today we will have a descriptive look at Clinton Brown’s life. His lifestyle, education, family, siblings, affairs, net worth, and lifestyle.

Let us get into it.

Clinton Brown Biography
Clinton Brown Biography

Quick Facts

Full NameClinton Brown
Age62 years old
ParentsCharles Randolph Brown (Father)
Mary Elizabeth Baylor (Mother)
Marital StatusDivorced
SpouseJoyce Hawkins (Ex-Wife)
ChildrenChris Brown (Son)
Lytrell Brown (daughter)
ProfessionCorrection officer
Net WorthUSD 1-2 Million
Social MediaTwitter

Early Life and Childhood

Clinton Brown is born around the 1960s. However, his actual birthday is still unknown. As of 2023, he is 62 years old.

Clinton Brown is the father of legendary American Singer-songwriter, dancer, and actor Chris Brown. In addition, he holds American nationality and is of Afro-American ethnicity. He follows the Christian religion.

Clinton Brown Bio
Clinton Brown

Talking about his physical appearance Clinton Brown is bald and has ordinary height and weight. He worked as a correction officer in prison. Correction Officers are responsible for enforcing laws and regulations in the office.

Clinton Brown Family

Clinton Brown was born to his father, Charles Randolph Brown, and his mother, Mary Elizabeth Baylor. He was married to his wife, Joyce Hawkins. They divorced when Chris was just six years old. The couple has two children together.

There needs to be more specific information about his siblings. We researched and found that he has a brother named Kevin Brown and a Sister-in-law, Christine Brown. They have a son named Desean. In addition, Clinton Brown has also relatives named Keeis, Rob, Austin, and Aaron.

Clinton Brown’s Relationship with His Children

Clinton Brown loves his children very dearly. He has an excellent bond with each of his children, who also seem to love and respect him very much. Clinton maintains a profound relationship with his children even after the divorce.

Chris Brown with his Mum & Dad and daughter
Chris Brown with his Mum & Dad and daughter

He supported Chris Brown in his career and often played soul records for him. Even though Chris went to live with his mother after the divorce, Clinton remained in touch with him. They love spending time with each other and have an excellent bond.

Joyce Hawkin’s Relationship with Her Children

Joyce Hawkins is Chris Brown’s mother. Before divorcing Chris Brown’s father, Joyce used to work in a daycare center. After divorcing Chris Brown’s father, Joyce married a man who turned out to be an abuser, and Joyce often became the victim of domestic violence. He often beat her, treated her, and constantly abused her; Chris experienced this and sometimes exhibited the same violent behavior.

Chris Brown shares a good bond with her mother. She took care of him and raised him to be the person he is now. Joyce also helped her son during his career-building phase.

Chris Brown with his mother and daughter
Chris Brown with his mother and daughter

She made her participate in local talent shows and made him sing in the Church Choir. His mother always believed in him, saw his potential, and knew he would do something big.


Chris Brown, his son, is a millionaire. Clinton Brown was not wealthy. He was a middle-class man. He worked as a correction officer and made minimum wage from it. While his son can have anything he wants now, Clinton lived an average life. He couldn’t afford those and lived an ordinary life.

About Clinton Brown’s Son Chris Brown

Christopher Maurice Brown widened as Chris Brown is the legendary American Singer-Songwriter, Actor, and Dancer. The renowned American Singer was born on May 15, 1989, in Tappahannock, Virginia, United States.

Chris Brown is 34 years old. He was taken to his father, Clinton Brown, and his mother, Joyce Hawkins. Chris Brown lived with his mother after their parents got divorced. He has one biological sister whom he loves dearly.

Chris Brown
Chris Brown

Chris Brown Interesting Facts

  • Chris Brown said he had witnessed a family member attempt to suicide when he was just six years old.
  • He had an abusive father who used to threaten and beat his mom.
  • Unlike other celebrity kids with high school degrees, Chris dropped out of high school.
  • Chris Brown has produced a movie and is also an actor.
  • Being born in a middle-class family, Chris’ parents didn’t have much. After Chris rose to fame, he bought his mother a house worth USD 1 million.
  • Chris Brown was inspired by Michael Jackson when he was just a kid. He idolized him. Michael Jackson telephoned Chris. Michael Jackson also said he was a fan of his song Shortie like mine. What could great honor be more to Chris Brown than this?
  • Chris is a tattooed person with over 50 tattoos on his body.
  • Chris Brown has won one grammy award. Even though being nominated numerous times, Chris has just one grammy award.
  • Chris, besides being a singer, also has a business line. Chris is the owner of a clothing line.
  • Chris sang in a Church when he was just a kid. His mother saw potential in him and made him participate in several local talent shows. His mother always believed in him.
  • Chris Brown has always been on and off with his girlfriend and famous singer Rihanna. In 2009 Chris and his girlfriend had a heated argument which landed him in physical violence. Several visible injuries were seen on Rihanna’s face, for which she was hospitalized. Chris was arrested for his abusive behavior, and because of this, several companies dropped him out. Several commercial ads dropped him and pulled his music from several radio stations.
  • Even after being abused by her boyfriend. Rihanna forgave him, and in 2013 they started dating again.
  • Chris Brown is the only singer to have a number one on the billboards despite being in jail.

Clinton Brown Net Worth

As of 2023, Clinton Brown’s Net worth is USD 1-2 Million. On the other hand, his son, Chris Brown has a net worth of USD 60 Million.


Why was Clinton Brown famous?

Clinton Brown is famous for being the father of a legendary American Singer-Songwriter, Actor, and Dancer, Chris Brown.

 Is Clinton Brown still alive?

Clinton Brown is healthy and alive.

Who is Clinton Brown’s Mother?

Clinton Brown’s Mother is Mary Elizabeth Baylor.

How many kids does Clinton Brown have?

Clinton Brown has two children: a son, Chris Brown, and a daughter, Lytrell Brown.

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