Colorado Christopher Abeyta Missing Update: Is He Found Yet?

In 1986, when Christopher Abeyta was only seven months old, he vanished from his crib in Colorado Springs. Learn more about Christopher Abeyta Missing case.

In November 1985, the Abeyta family welcomed their seventh child with open arms. However, the infant unexpectedly vanished from his crib months later, leaving them with more concerns than answers.

The first of two instances highlighted in Investigation Discovery’s ‘Still a Mystery: Missing Blue Eyes’ is the disappearance of Christopher Abeyta.

So, if you’re interested in learning more about Christopher and the latest updates in the case, here’s what we know!

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Colorado Christopher Abeyta Missing Update

Christopher’s parents could not contact their son early on July 15, 1986. They’d put him to bed at midnight and discovered his crib empty the following day.

Their garage door opener had gone missing, and a basement window had been left open. Christopher has been waiting to be heard from since.

Christopher Abeyta Missing
Christopher Abeyta went missing on July 15, 1986. (Source- KKTV )

His parents called the police around 6:30 am. Officers arrived and found no evidence of forced entry, but the front door was unlocked on the night of his abduction.

Christopher’s relatives appeared to be potential suspects in his case at first.

His parents had split but were reconciling before Christopher’s abduction, and the night of Christopher’s disappearance was the first night his father had stayed in the house since the separation.

Is Christopher Abeyta Found Yet?

According to officials, it has been 36 years since 7-month-old Christopher Abeyta was discovered missing from his crib in Colorado Springs.

The child was never seen again. It happened on July 15, 1986, near the 3300 block of Ashwood Circle, just west of Quail Lake on the city’s south side.

Officers said they received a call about a missing child around 6:30 am that day and found little Christopher was last seen in his crib at 12:30 am. His family members claim that when they awoke, he was gone.

In February 2019, the CSPD analyzed and received findings from three DNA samples from people who suspected they were the missing youngster. DNA samples were tested between August and October that year, but none matched.

According to Colorado Springs Police, Christopher’s disappearance is suspicious. If you have any information, don’t hesitate to contact the police at 719-444-7000.

Is Christopher Abeyta Dead or Alive?

No one was home at the time to hear a break-in throughout the night. In addition, nothing inside appeared to be disturbed.

Although they spoke to the neighbors and searched the surrounding lake, the authorities were unsuccessful.

Despite being kidnapped, no one knew where Christopher was. Gil confessed to having an illicit affair with Emma Bradshaw during his initial police interrogation.

According to the program, Bernice and Gil had previously split up but were getting back together around the time of Christopher’s abduction.

Christopher Abeyta Missing
Bernice Abeyta, Christopher’s mother, died of gallbladder Cancer last year at 73. (Source- The Sun )

However, the lawsuit saw little to no progress as the years passed. Bernice pursued every clue that came her way while working at the National Centre for Missing and Exploited Children.

She worked to keep Christopher’s story in the media throughout time. But despite the effort, none of the received tips resulted in a case breakthrough.

However, the family thought Emma had abducted Christopher. She had previously prevailed in a slander case against the Abeyta family, and yet the police have never named her as a suspect.

The family continued their quest, and in 2018, DNA testing eliminated three men who claimed to be Christopher.

Gil, Christopher’s father, suffered a heart attack and died in August 2020. Nevertheless, according to current sources, the issue is still under investigation.

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