Columbus Ohio Fair Ride Accident: Footage Gone Viral On Reddit

A lasting sense of loss and tragedy was left in its wake after the 2017 Columbus Ohio Fair Ride Accident, which sent shockwaves through the country.

The catastrophe captured the public’s attention with a sense of anticipation, inspiring a desire to learn more and comprehend the full significance of the tragedy.

You’ve come to the right place if you need to become more familiar with this terrifying incident and want to learn more about its eerie story.

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Columbus Ohio Fair Ride Accident

A deadly accident caused by a ride malfunction occurred on July 26, 2017, at the Ohio State Fair in Columbus, Ohio.

A famous spinning pendulum ride, The Fire Ball, suffered a catastrophic collapse that separated rows of seats and sent riders plummeting to the earth.

Tyler Jarrell, 18, died due to the incident, and seven other people were hurt, some of them seriously.

Following an inquiry into the occurrence, the Ohio State Highway Patrol concluded that the corrosion and subsequent snapping of the support beam were to blame for the seat detachment.

Columbus Ohio Fair Ride Accident
The Ohio State Fair accident was a grim reminder of the potential dangers associated with amusement rides (Image Source: Kare11)

The Fire Ball ride, produced by Ohio-based KMG Manufacturing, came under immediate fire.

The manufacturer committed to cooperating with the investigation and expressed profound grief about the mishap.

Consequently, the Ohio State Fair was shut down for the remainder of the day, and when it reopened, all rides underwent thorough inspections. The Fire Ball ride, however, was permanently shut down.

The tragic Ohio State Fair incident served as a sad reminder of the risks that can be involved with amusement rides.

It was the nation’s first state fair fatality since 2010 and Ohio’s first fatal amusement ride disaster in nearly 40 years.

The Ohio Department of Agriculture made efforts to improve amusement ride safety in the wake of the event. 

Columbus Ohio Fair Ride Accident Video Viral On Reddit

A video of the Ohio State Fair ride accident, posted on Reddit on July 26, 2017, quickly went viral.

The bystander-shot video shows the Fire Ball ride spinning as it should have. The row of chairs, however, abruptly separates from the building when it reaches its highest point and falls to the earth.

The video gained over 1 million views on the r/WTF subreddit alone as it gained rapid social media traction. After its publication, there was a lot of debate over the safety of amusement rides.

Some people expressed alarm over the absence of restrictions, while others supported the sector by pointing out how uncommon such incidents are.

Along with discussions regarding amusement ride safety, the viral video raised more general concerns about social media’s role in disseminating news and information.

An aerial photograph of the Fire Ball ride at the Ohio State Fair on July 26
An aerial photograph of the Fire Ball ride at the Ohio State Fair on July 26 (Image Source: CNN)

Some people claimed that posting the footage online was improper because it would distress those directly impacted by the disaster.

On the other hand, backers thought that spreading the video would help stop similar instances.

While the video increased calls for better safety rules and attracted attention to the Ohio State Fair disaster, it also sparked a discussion about the function of social media in disseminating news and information.

The incident ultimately highlighted the need for improved safety measures and ongoing public awareness and served as a sobering reminder of the possible risks connected with amusement attractions.

Columbus Ohio Fair Ride Accident Cause 

Excessive corrosion on a support beam was found to be the root cause of the Ohio State Fair ride accident. Rust-weakened, the beam broke, causing a row of seats on the Fire Ball attraction to come loose.

They were produced by Ohio-based KMG Manufacturing, who expressed their profound sorrow over the collision and assisted the Ohio State Highway Patrol (OSHP) inquiry.

According to the OSHP study, the ride’s age, exposure to numerous weather, and poor maintenance all contributed to the significant corrosion.

The Fire Ball had been used in moist and humid environments for 18 years, accelerating deterioration. In addition, the ride had yet to go through the legal requirements inspections.

The inquiry also revealed gaps in the operators’ instruction. They ignored warning indicators signaling potential ride problems since they were unaware of them and did nothing to prevent the accident.

A catastrophe, the Ohio State Fair accident, resulted in fatalities and critical injuries.

To increase the safety of amusement rides, the Ohio Department of Agriculture responded by enacting stronger regulations that included more frequent inspections and improved training for ride operators.

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