Conan O’Brien smoked a joint with “Pineapple Express” actor Seth Rogen in his show on TBS. As there are only a few shows left for Conan on TBS, he invited Rogen on Tuesday.
During the talk show, he asked Seth Rogen for suggestions on what to do to pass the time, and Seth advised, “Try smoking a lot of weed for a time.”.

Despite rarely smoking weed, O’Brien sounded curious about the plant. As a result, he asked Rogen if there was a particular type of marijuana that he should try, and that’s when he pulled a joint out of his shirt pocket and gave it to O’Brien. There is no legal prohibition on recreational marijuana use in California, where the show is filmed.

As Seth Rogen suggested, “I think you should take one hit of that weed. And I think you will have a really good time.”
Having heard that, Conan responded, “Do you have a light?”
Eventually, Conan figured out how to hold a joint, and that’s when the show became more entertaining.
The 58-year- old TV show host then amazed all his audience by lighting up the joint, took a puff, and blew it out. He then passed the joint to his guest Seth Rogan and co-host Andy Richer.

We all have seen Rogan smoking marijuana in movies such as “Pineapple Express,” “Neighbors,” “Knocked Up,” “The 40-Year-Old-Virgin” and many more.
Seth Rogen, who is 39 years old, has already established himself as one of the most influential individuals in Hollywood comedy. Conan O’Brien, another of comedy’s most prominent names, believes there’s a connection between Seth Rogen and marijuana.

Twitter users praised Conan for smoking weed on TV by commenting, “Conan smoking weed on tv when he knows he’s only got a few shows left is why he’s the best.”
In particular, one viewer appreciated Conan’s awkwardness when he was unsure which end of the joint to light and how he became self-aware of the effect the joint was giving.
Then the TV host jokingly asked,”When does this thing that’s going to happen, happen? I’m driving a school bus in an hour.”

In addition, actor Seth Rogen took to Twitter with his excitement, saying that it was an unplanned moment, and he feared getting Conan too high .
O’Brien eventually tried to pace the interview, but Rogen wasn’t able to contain his excitement.
He said, “I’m so happy with what just happened.”

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