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Originally from Brooklyn, New York, Reggie Sergile, stage name Conceited, is an American rapper and actor. He was a battle rapper in the SMACK/URL circuit. Likewise, Conceited was one of the recurring cast members since Season 5 of the show Wild ‘N Out on MTV, VH1, and MTV2.

Around 2009, Conceited was a newbie in the rap battling scene. During a rap battle between Jesse James and Conceited, Conceited was seen clearly impertinent as Jesse James was rapping. When Jesse James tripped up over one of his words during the rap battle, Conceited made a pursed-lips reaction which ended up becoming a viral GIF around early 2015.

In 2016, the comical reaction from Conceited started circulating as a popular meme template and started being popularly known as Conceited meme. If you are a fellow Conceited meme lover, look no further! We have collected some of the best memes on Conceited available on the Internet for you to enjoy. Scroll below for our top picks of the finest Conceited memes!

Conceited Memes
Conceited Memes

Snapchat really seems to have a personal vendetta against our phones. Why does it have to drain our batteries so much?

Conceited Memes
Funny Conceited Memes

This one is really hilarious. Honestly, this is our favorite Conceited meme out of the lot.

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Conceited Memes
Conceited Memes images

White people seem to be in denial of racism. However, when being given the option to trade skin with a person of color, this is always their exact reaction.

Conceited Memes
Crazy Conceited Memes

This has to be one of the most awkward moments for a person to ever be in. How have you overcome the dilemma during such a situation? Let us know!

Conceited Memes
Some Conceited Memes

Now, that is a plot twist none of us expected. Pro-lifers might not be too pleased with this one!

Conceited Memes
Hilarious Conceited Memes

Have you ever bought an item of clothing thinking that it’ll look amazing on you but it ended up looking horrible on you due to your belly? Yes, us too!

Conceited Memes
Conceited Memes for you

If you wouldn’t date me, don’t ever say this to me. It’s clearly offensive.

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Conceited Memes
Conceited Memes on the internet

This one has us in splits. Send this to your friend who really loves Conceited memes.

Conceited Memes
Funny Conceited Memes on the internet

If you think God has someone special waiting for you, you’re in for a surprise. He is probably making this face in heaven right now.

Conceited Memes
Conceited Memes for your entertainment

How hilarious is this one? The humor in this one is really top-notch.

Conceited Meme just for you

Society will never be pleased about the choices you make. Word of advice from us: do what makes you happy!

Best Conceited Memes found on the internet

You know all too well that you’re lying to yourself. Who are you even trying to fool?

Funny Meme for entertainment

Obama is seriously mistaken if he thinks so. Don’t you agree?

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All office-goers will relate to this meme. Have you ever checked your watch to check the time during a long day at work only to see the watch make this face at you? Yes, us too!

Dogs will attack you in the most unexpected times. Be careful, kids!

We are sure that all gamers will appreciate this meme. Honestly, we can’t stop laughing at this one.

Conceited memes

All school-goers will relate to this meme. Isn’t this the worst situation to be in?

Conceited memes

Your social anxiety is probably making the legendary Conceited face as you are making plans to meet your friend. We suggest you cancel all plans beforehand.

Conceited memes

Everyone loves Conceited memes. This even includes Winston Bishop from New Girl.

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Conceited memes

Girls, God has already given you a sign. Stop ignoring all the red flags!

Even God can’t save us from Trump. Trust us!

Conceited memes

We really are huge Conceited fans. However, if we ever met him in real life, we’d probably ask him to make this face before bringing up any of his other work.

Conceited memes

Well well well, look at how tables have turned. Now, that is a plot twist none of us expected.

Conceited memes

This really is the best drawing ever. Leonardo da Vinci must be quaking in his grave.

Conceited memes

Was it really the Christian thing to do? Jesus seems to disagree!

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